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Transformation Tuesday: Karie’s Story

A lot of times I hear people say that social media is having a negative effect on them but from time to time the effect can be positive. Our client Karie came to us because she was seeing friends, family and social media contacts hopping on the workout wagon.  They were getting in shape and […]

Monday Motivation : What’s It All About?

I was thinking about you this week and thinking about the mistake some of us coaches make when it comes to coaching. You see a lot of us coaches are a wee bit unusual in that we actually like to exercise. :p Some of us even like to eat clean and pass on dessert.  I know. It […]

Transformation Tuesday : Chelsea G’s Story

We often hear of our clients who had gym memberships but weren’t using them… It is a sad reality for many folks. They are paying monthly for their gym dues but not attending. Then when they do attend, they either aren’t sure what to do or get stuck using the elliptical or the treadmill.   […]

Monday Motivation : Destinations

Today’s Pep Talk is going to be short and sweet. It was one of those mornings where I had 3 thoughts in my head but I picked this one.   At the end of the last few orientations I used the analogy of driving a car.  How much time do we spend looking in the rear […]

Transformation Tuesday : Lindsay’s Story

Growing up in a fit and healthy household our client Lindsay developed a propensity toward good nutrition and an active lifestyle but even with positive influences in our lives we can fall off track… Before becoming a member at MPower Fitness, Lindsay was a runner, a volleyball player and a Zumba enthusiast.  But during a […]

Monday Motivation : You Can Choose A New Thought

A lot of success comes from repetition.  Repeatedly doing the things that are necessary to reach our goals.  Following a process.  Staying consistent.  But a BIG part of our success comes from our beliefs about ourselves as well.  What if you could choose to create different beliefs by practicing better thought patterns?  You can.  Do […]

Transformation Tuesday: Jon’s Story

It is easy to stay on track with fitness when we are feeling great but it becomes a lot tougher if we get injured. The pain and the recovery time are setbacks that can completely derail us if we let them. Before Boot Camp, Jon was kicking butt and attending his favorite classes at LifeTime […]

Motivation Monday : the tough stuff

Lately I’ve been connecting with a lot of you about “doing what you can”, “aiming to do 1% better in times when things aren’t going well”.  We have touched on “finding joy in the journey” and “making the process as fun as possible”.  These are important reminders and I’ll keep circling back to them as […]

Transformation Tuesday : Cat’s Story

We have all heard that exercise has an impact on mood AND that if we like what we are doing not only does the exercise go much better but also our mood improves too! Exercise is a critical part of our self care. Not only because it improves all of our physiological functions but also […]

Monday Motivation : Spring Cleaning

I think it is safe to say that spring is finally here, which for a lot of us means we can be outside and we get to start growing plants outside or tending to our yards.  For many of us also, it means we do some spring cleaning.  Today I want to talk to you […]