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Monday Motivation : How We Fuel

What a glorious weekend we have had! Sunshine is good for the spirits 🙂 This week I’d love for you to consider ​how you are fueling your body and the time you take to do it.   ​A lot of our clients are under fueling.  Our InBody system give us a very accurate baseline amount of […]

Transformation Tuesday : Dori’s Story

Hey Boot Campers! I hope everyone is doing well and experiencing the success they deserve. I’m always excited to share stories with all of you because I know you understand how a commitment to better health can change your life. I also like to recognize (give a shout out) to campers who see the results […]

Monday Motivation : The Tough Stuff

For those of you who are new to the blog, every Sunday I do a Sunday Pep Talk. My suggestion is that no matter how busy you are (and how many emails you get) aim to read the Sunday Pep Talk every week.  I write it in real time (usually the day of) touching on […]

Transformation Tuesday : Peggy’s Story

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you happy and healthy!  Have you ever met a person that just seems to bubble; who brings happiness just by walking through the door? I have, and today I’d like to tell you about one of those amazing people. Her name is Peggy M and she’s one of my […]

Monday Motivation : Your 1%

I sat down at my computer and started writing the Pep Talk and ended up with 3 different potential pep talks coming out. Wowza. :p It seems there are a lot of things rolling around up in my head that I want to convey.   I’m not surprised. I’ve been up in the middle of the night […]

Transformation Tuesday : Pam G’s Story

I hope this finds you well and on your way to meeting your goals for the day, because I’m sure motivated! I’ve just heard another inspiring story and want to get it out there to let more people know about MPower Fitness. Before I get to my story, let me fill you in a bit […]

Monday Motivation : Balance and Perspective

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend is enjoying a happy Labor Day! I know many of you are struggling to balance the “fun and festivities” of the summer season: BBQs, patios, tempting treats and beverages. It is ok to take your focus off of things and celebrate a bit but there is also a […]

Transformation Tuesday : Kae’s Story

Just under 280 lbs. and two bridesmaid dresses soon to be bought. But this gal didn’t want to buy those dresses yet. She was tired of the way she was feeling and looking and decided it was time to get her butt in shape, LITERALLY! Meet Kae. She is an amazing lady that found us […]

Monday Motivation : Is More Exercise Better? (no)

Happy Monday- I hope this message finds you well!  I get asked frequently if it is beneficial to work out twice in one day or if more exercise can deliver faster results.  This is a tricky topic for many people because we are a society that has been conditioned toward thinking that more of a […]

Transformation Tuesday : Lynette’s Story

Lynette was able to tell her own AMAZING transformation story in her own words, we are so excited to be sharing this with you today! “When Amanda  asked me to do my poster and story, I  panicked. All I could think was “I’m not done, I’m not ready.”    But in all reality, I will never be done. […]