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Rachael’s Story

As you know, all of us at MPower Fitness have become more like a family than a fitness boot camp. Every once in a while, there are people who transform their lives and love being hereso much, that they decide to join our professional staff. Every story is different, but today, I’d like to share Rachel’s story with you. […]

Monday Motivation : Scheduling Your Week

Happy Monday Fit Fam- My experience with March has been that before you know it, it is gone and you’ve either gone forward toward your goals or not 🙁 Some people stall out at this time of year. What one thing can you do today to move toward your goals?  Have you set up your […]

Why High Intensity Workouts are More Effective

Why High Intensity Workouts are More Effective If you’ve ever spent hours trudging along on a treadmill and still haven’t lost weight… If you’ve been running, walking, counting calories or points and your belly fat still won’t budge… If you’ve hit a weight loss plateau and nothing seems to be working… HIIT just might be […]

Monday Motivation : 3 Areas of Discipline

Last week I was on a quick trip to San Diego to be with other top Boot Camp owners. Three to four times a year, I spend a few days with other owners so that we can support/educate each other as we work to become better business owners and better people.  Business ownership can be […]

Motivation Monday: Sustainability

Happy Monday! This week I’m coming to you with a Motivation Monday post about sustainability. Sometimes we can be drawn in by the flashiness of BIG goals and BIG change.  It might seem really exciting. And without a doubt, we want what is on the other side of the big change, but then reality hits. […]

Barbara F’s Story

Several years ago I met out dear client Barbara when I was teaching a workshop at another facility. She signed up to learn about a style of training where the main focus was on listening to your body.Following the workshop she became a client with me at that facility.  She had a variety of physical aches an […]

Monday Motivation : Strength Training Myths Debunked

Megan K here with your Monday Motivation Pep Talk. Sometimes it is helpful to know why something is beneficial so that we can continue to remind ourselves to get after it!  Today I wanted to debunk some common strength training related myths. There is some bogus info circulating about strength training and if we buy into […]

Transformation Tuesday: Tamara’s Story

I hope that you are all doing well and working diligently to meet your goals.  I want to talk to you about something important to me. I often hear that clients are intimidated to start with MPower Fitness because they feel that they just couldn’t keep up. They are scared because they “think” they are in […]

Monday Motivation: “Have to Vs Get to”

A quick word of encouragement for the week ahead.  Do you remember when play was heading outside to run around the block, ride bikes, jump rope, play tag or go to the play ground? Wasn’t it fun.  Movement- as adults- can and ideally should be fun too. Sometimes we can talk ourselves out of exercise because it […]


Testimonial Tuesday: Michelle’s Story

Working in the fitness industry we meet a lot of people that have been exercising for years at different facilities and yet they tell me they’re either not happy with their results (if they get any at all) or they simply get bored and quit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this. […]