This week I’m going to share my story. 
I don’t do it all that often because it feels a bit awkward, but I felt like it was
time again to tell you from where I came and why. 

I moved here from Minot, ND in June 2010.

Prior to moving, I was teaching and training at several studios around that small town in North Dakota and
I loved so many things about it. 
I had great friends, great clients and fantastic co-workers. 

But my personal life was an absolute disaster. 
I was coming out of a completely incompatible marriage and I was in a dark place emotionally. 
I felt like a failure. I had made a lot of mistakes and didn’t know how to work through all of what was going on with a lack of life direction, a failed marriage and a few other big personal disasters. In addition, I was hanging out with some folks who were deeply into drinking and smoking. Not surprisingly, I was too. I was using alcohol and closet smoking to numb out the pain from other poor life choices.  

In February 2010, on a dark cold winter evening, I was at the home of several guy friends for a 90’s themed party. 
The party was really well attended a fun evening. 

But the night quickly became a disaster that I’ll never forget. 
I’ll spare you the gory details, but the long and the short of it is that a person I knew and believed cared about me raped me, beat me up, called me horrible names and threatened my life. With a promise to have me killed if anyone ever learned about this.  

I found myself running down the road in a borrowed coat with my shoes only barely on screaming and crying.  

There were a lot of things that came out of this personal catastrophe. 
A trip to the Emergency room, 
an invasive exam, 
statements to the police
Interviews with the Air Force police
the return of my still technically husband from Squadron Officer School
and on and on…

But if you’ll fast forward a bit with me what ultimately came was the realization that I’d never be the same AND
that I could not stay in Minot, ND. 

I was no longer safe.  I had to leave. 

This was confirmed when I found at that not only would the person who raped me NOT be going to jail, he would get to remain in the Air Force. 
Where he still serves, to this day…

This is all pretty dark. I realize.  
But it matters because it has shaped who I am and what we are today. 

When I moved to Minneapolis, I knew two people. 
One was Adam Glass (whom I loved dearly and trusted with my life) and the other was a friend who worked for Core Power Yoga. I’ve seen her twice since moving here. :p Basically, I knew nobody. 

But,  I knew what I wanted. 

I had a vision of creating communities of people who love and accepted each other regardless of personal struggles, dark times, difficult life choices etc. 
And I wanted this community to be focused on the pursuit of better. 
Whatever better looks like for the individual. 

I wanted people who didn’t know that many people to feel supported. I wanted people to feel loved and welcomed. 

And I wanted all of this to be centered around movement and exercise. 

I know when people move their bodies they feel better…and if I can just get someone who is in a dark place: whether it be a lack of self-esteem, fear about the future, financial, health or political concerns, family concerns, troubles with children or spouse just to move around a bit amazing things can happen.  The human body is really miraculous.  The human body wants to facilitate a beautiful life for you.
And when you start seeing accomplishments anywhere in your life (but especially physically) it can often seem possible again that other things can improve too…

Plus, when we put ourselves in a situation or an environment where those around us are wanting to get better too, it is remarkable what can happen.  The influence from other positive focused people is HUGE for us.  
We start to expect and demand better of ourselves. 
We start to elevate our standards for our lives and even better  we start to believe these better things and times are possible for ourselves. 

Stay tuned for part 2…

Perhaps you have had a time when you wanted to do something but weren’t sure you could? Our client Robin was in that position before she got started with us.

She says, “I kept seeing MPower Fitness pop up on my Facebook.  I drove by the SLP a few times, but didn’t think I could go in because of my shape and size.  The last time I drove by I saw a few ladies in their 60’s talking in the parking lot who were looking FIT and HAPPY, I thought if they could do it, I probably could to. So I did.”

Robin hadn’t always doubted herself.  

Just a few years earlier, she was traveling the world, running ½ marathons, doing triathlons, earning her masters degree and ‘living the dream’.

Then in her 30s, things changed. Big time.  “I became a mother of 2, worked full time, our roommate died of cancer, my best friend committed suicide at age 28, I lost my job 4 years in a row and I found myself eating just to feel alive and I fell into a deep depression.   I was drinking 1 or 2 liters of diet coke a day and eating non-stop carbs and sugar. I was fat, tired, and so depressed that I was on depression and anxiety prescriptions and addicted to diet coke. I gained 100 lbs over 10 years.“

Robin knew things had to change and she wanted them to…after she overcame her fear of what boot camp might mean, she signed up for our program and started to put herself as a priority again.  She says she schedules 3 sessions per week- in the evening, after work- and if she misses a night, she goes on the weekend. “The 30 minutes sessions are very doable to squeeze into my busy life.  I feel very strong, fit and mentally I feel alive again.

“In my almost 1 year of joining MPower Fitness, I am off all my depression and anxiety drugs, and stopped drinking diet coke.  I feel more alive and am starting to crawl my way out of the mess I was in. I also feel really strong and more fit, I am doing so much more with my husband and kids and truly loving my life and how I look. My goal was to lose a lot of weight.  That hasn’t happened like I thought it would, instead I have lost inches and regained my mental health. All of my clothes are loose and I have gone down 2 pant sizes. I realized I need to be nicer to myself and take this one day at a time. It took me 10 years to gain weight, it will take some time to lose this weight.  My goal for 2019 is to focus on my nutrition and continue the MPower sessions.”

I’m almost 40 and really looking forward to my next chapter.  Hope they are better than my 30’s.

Wow Robin! We are so happy you saw those women in the parking lot who inspired you to come in and we are so pleased to hear of your success! Life changing.  

We all have times when we doubt if we can do something… I’m not this enough, or that enough. The truth is you are enough, right now. Whatever you are aiming to do, you can achieve. It will take work. But you can do it.

We believe in you!

Megan K and Team

Did you know that one of the biggest predictors of the success of an infomercial product is how easily it can be stored in a closet or under a bed? 

In fact, most companies won’t even bring to market a fitness product (for ‘use at home’) unless it can be easily stashed away. 

While not in product sales, Jillian Michaels has sold just under 1.5 million copies of one of her at home workout DVD’s. I can see why, with a hit TV Show, an awesome physique and excellent marketing behind her. 

BUT, do you think all those people that purchased the DVDs continue to use them or ever used them in the first place?

You might be surprised to know that more than 50% of purchasers use a DVD a couple times and that’s it. This goes for all home workout DVD’s and programs, not just Jillian’s.

Ok, so what’s the big deal about this? Well I’ve had several members tell me they tried at home workout DVD’s but they get bored and stop, they don’t work or never really used them. Today I heard this again so I thought I’d write about it.

Many of you know Becky, not just as a MPower Fitness member but also as one of our junior coaches. Becky was one of those individuals that “worked out with Jillian” (not literally) but really didn’t stick with it.

I was tired all the time and frustrated about being tired. I made excuses for why I couldn’t’ get in a work out on any given day.”

NOW that I’ve been doing MPower Fitness for about a year and a half I KNOW I can make time for a boot camp session. I feel so much healthier because I am not doing it alone and wondering if I am doing the right exercises or in the right order or anything like that. I look forward to walking into MPower’s doors because I know I’ll be greeted with a smiling, helpful face vs hovering around a machine, waiting for my turn to do it at my previous gyms.

I think the big reason that I want to go to a boot camp session is because of the people I can expect to see there. I get excited to see Tracy, Jenny, Mara or whoever the coach might be for the day and that gets me out the door.”

Being surrounded by positive people that encourage and want the same thing as you really does wonders. Smiles are contagious. That’s a fact. And when you walk in the door and everyone is smiling and happy to be there, how can you not smile back and feel good?

Becky has learned a lot about health and fitness in her year and a half with us, more than she ever thought she would. Look what she had to say,

Since joining MPower Fitness my life has changed from thinking and reading about health and fitness and actually DOING the things that I’ve read about. I’ve gone from someone who was almost always on some form of a diet to someone who makes daily healthy choices as best as I can but who also doesn’t beat myself up when I slip up here and there. I have gained a better vision for what long-term health and fitness looks like.

When I was younger I had trouble sleeping, was anxious and put on an anti-depressant which I did not want to take. Since then, the work outs and the food that I put into my body have helped me deal with some of those symptoms of depression that still pop up. When I work out, I tend to sleep better and worry less which is a huge difference from how I used to deal with my stress.” 

Becky has not only reached her initial goals as a client but raised the bar more and became one or our newest fitness coaches and is sharing her knowledge with so many others. This is a win-win for everyone.

My goal from the beginning was to lose a few pounds and get back in shape. My goal now is not strikingly different, I still want to feel good but I also want to be able to do certain activities that stretch my fitness to the next level. My goal now is to maintain those “post challenge” results and honestly to feel comfortable in a swim suit. I think it’s something a lot of us dread and I’d like to change that!

My overall experience at MPower Fitness has been one of constant encouragement. Megan is such an inspiring speaker and person to be around. I would say I used to be intimidated by the smaller gyms with more attention put on you as you’re working out, but the way the coaches do it makes you feel like they have your best interest in mind 100 percent. Now that I have gone from client to coach, I am just excited to make other people feel the way the coaches have left me feeling after a work out with them.

I’m happy to be a part of the MPower Fitness family because they truly do want all good things for everyone who walks through those doors.”

Great times lie ahead with another awesome coach on board. Congrats Becky!

If you are like Becky and struggling to find the motivation to do a home workout, give us a call and we’ll get you in to try out MPower Fitness.

Let’s make it another great week! 

Megan K and the team

Hello Friends…

Today I’d like to tell you a story that starts with heartbreaking tragedy and ends in happiness and success. Lauri first found MPower Fitness about a year and a half after a life-altering tragedy. She had been addicted to heroin and one night, she overdosed and her boyfriend died. Wow…Things had to change. (*Yes Fit Friends, Lauri has given us permission to share her story *)

Before she found our boot camp, Lauri’s main focus was staying clean and sober. It wasn’t just her first priority; it was her ONLY priority. She had never had to exercise or watch what she ate in order to stay thin but that changed while she was recovering. She was also very unhappy.

“I was always tired and stood with no confidence. Physically I was starting to develop a “tummy” that my son even said was kinda sticking out. My clothes were not fitting me right anymore. Mentally, I was less alert and had less memory.”

Laurie needed to find a place that offered the emotional support and physical guidance that she needed in order to get healthy.

She started coming to MPower Fitness with her mom or with friends even though transportation was a real challenge for her since she didn’t have a vehicle. Lauri didn’t let that deter her, though. She figured out the complicated bus route that she needed to take to get here and she used it faithfully.

“I would often walk back home which is probably ten miles but it felt good. If I had a vehicle I would be there so much more!”

Lauri loved MPower Fitness right from the beginning.

“Jenny was the first coach and first trainer I had the first day I went and she made me feel so comfortable. She was genuine and caring and listened and just knew how I felt when I explained to her how I felt in my body at that time. Then she was my coach for the first challenge and SHE WAS UNBELIEVABLE ! She literally taught me how to eat. I would ask her questions and she would text me back right away with suggestions and solutions. She is awesome.”

Now Lauri comes with her mom or her friends on her days off and loves Zumba and working out in general. She’s also dedicated to eating properly.

“I have a passion for looking the best my body can and a passion for eating right. It’s borderline obsession. My friends are used to it now but in the beginning they were not used to me saying no to certain foods.”

Initially, Lauri just wanted her clothes to fit again. She lost 9 pounds and 7.5 inchesquickly and now wants to start kickboxing or martial arts to help her stay sharp and toned.

Lauri has also made a friend who feels like a sister to her and she has a new goal.

“Basically I am a miracle and many have been left behind. My goal is to change my life physically and emotionally and to be an example, a leader, or rather my inspiration is to INSPIRE those that are left behind.”

That’s a lofty goal, but in my opinion, she’s already met it and I have no doubt that beautiful things await her.

I wish you all success and good health!

Hi and thanks for taking time out of your busy day to take a peak at what I have to say!

Today I’d like to tell you about one of my star campers who has really turned herself around. Before Kristen started with MPower Fitness, she wasn’t really taking care of herself.

“I would yo-yo diet, and join gyms where I’d never attend a class or workout, or I’d start something and then quit pretty shortly after.”

She didn’t feel good emotionally or physically but that quickly changed.

“Since joining MPower,I feel strong (mentally and physically), really strong. And I’m proud of myself for sticking with the workouts and good eating habits. I like looking in the mirror and even having photos taken of me whereas before I couldn’t stand to look at myself. I am a new person, and I love the new person I’ve become.”

She had to make some decisions in her life and overcome her biggest obstacle.

“The biggest challenge was realizing that there really isn’t a magic switch, and that this will be a constant battle. In the past I’d lose weight, then fall of the wagon and gain back the lost weight, plus more. Now if I find myself slipping I ask for accountability and I get right back onto track.”

Accountability is a huge factor for all of us, regardless of its source.

But what motivates a person to make such changes when she hadn’t had much success before? “Individuals at MPower Fitness. I see the accomplishments they’ve made and I believe I can make them as well.“

I hear that a lot, and I believe that it’s part of the reason that so many people remain dedicated to the program; when you see the success of others for yourself, it’s extremely motivating.

Kristen seems to have found a home with FBBC, and we love to hear that.

“The trainers are wonderful and push you. The community is so warm and welcoming and supportive. It is a fun environment with absolutely no judgment. And the best thing: you see results if you put the work in! I have an instant gratification personality and you really see results pretty quickly on, and it motivates you to keep on going.”

One thing that makes MPower Fitness easier for many is that it only takes 30 minutes. Kristen has reorganized her priorities and now places herself at the top because, as she puts it, a happy mom and wife make for a happy family and she can certainly squeeze in 30 minutes a day to make that happen!

She’s gone from somebody who put very little effort into her fitness to a person who is serious about being healthy.

“I love working out. Seriously, I get mad when I can’t fit in a workout, or miss a class. My husband cannot believe the person I’ve become. I also pay a lot more attention to what I put into my body, and the balance of nutrients I have throughout the day. I have also found that journaling is critical to staying honest.”

That change in lifestyle is obvious in both her new attitude and in her appearance. Kristen’s initial goal when she joined boot camp was to be a size 8 because she’d never been smaller than that. She is now a size 4 and loving it! That’s great, but her change in mindset is even better. She now has faith in herself.

“I can do this, and I deserve to be fit and trim!”

Yes she does, and she’s living it! I wish you all the same success!

Megan K and Team

Do you believe your whole life could change for the better after six months of eating better and working out?

This is what happened for our client Sara A.

Before joining MPower Fitness Sara says she was working and spending time with her family. She wasn’t exercising at all and she felt terrible.

Six months into her program with us, she says “everything has changed: emotionally, mentally and physicall! I’m so happy with myself. Now I can say that I feel complete: I have more energy and confidence”

Most of us know we have some room for improvement in our health and wellbeing but sometimes we don’t know how bad it is until it gets dramatically better. Sara found us on facebook and joined us for a six week program.  She says before she got started she felt pretty bad about herself. “I was unhappy with my body, depressed because I wasn’t doing anything for myself. Most of the time, I was angry for nothing, no energy at all and complaining all the time because my clothes were too tight!!!”

As she was getting going, she had to take a leap and trust that it would work.  She was unsure about all of it the workouts, the program, the people. “I felt ugly, with low self-esteem and everything was new to me but I made new friends at Boot Camp and I’m so happy now”.

The tricky part for her is that she works the night shift and watches her daughter in the a.m. She knew she was going to need to make some sacrifices to get things going in the direction of fitness. aims to make it for 3 workouts per week and right now she is more than successful!

She has made adjustments to her eating: less sugar and carbs.  Before our program she was prediabetic but she recently learned that all of her numbers are on track and she is doing great healthwise.  

She says the best part of belonging to MPower is that it “feels like a second house for me; I love my Fit Family”.

Two of Sara’s goals- outside of preventing diabetes (which she did)- was to lose 17lbs and return to a size 4.  She has not only done that but also she is down 25lbs, 19.25 inches and 8.4% body fat! Holy guacamole that is a lot of inches, lbs and body fat.  

Hearing more about how unhappy and stressed Sara was before training with us and how things have changed dramatically for her since she got on a better path, makes us so happy and grateful to be able to do what we do!

Congratulations on all of your success Sara!

We are thrilled for you and excited to see your future progress.

Many of our clients come to us with busy schedules and our MPower for Life Client Rita is no exception.  She was in transition from a very busy schedule as a Realtor to a semi-retired schedule.

She says, “emotionally I was trying to figure out what this new life was going to look like and what I would do with it.  Physically, I went from a highly active life: walking/ running 5 miles on hilly terrain or biking 16 miles in the evening to being too weak to get up off the floor or chair without assistance”. 

She was “scared and discouraged with her declining physical condition and weight and she knew she wanted to get her life back”. Arthritis in her knees and shoulders as well as a rotator cuff issue were slowing her down and were the physical challenges with which she was coming into the program.  But Rita was full of determination.

She says that coach “Amanda watches carefully to make sure I’m not exacerbating the problem and modifies the exercise as needed”. Rita says her experience with MPower for Life has “been fabulous. The small sessions are as close to one on one training as you can get and yet you have camaraderie and friends within the group. Coaches are trained to work around and with the physical limitations of the individuals and the exercises are designed to help us manage our lives safely”.

Since joining MPower for Life Rita says she is “noticeably stronger with much better balance. I have my confidence back and my energy to find new things to do in my new life.The 6 week meal plan that was introduced has me eating better and my husband and I both love the recipes.  I have lost about 17 pounds and at last measure, 9 inches.”

Her goals at the outset of the program were to get her strength and mobility back and now her goal is to water-ski one more time this summer.  Our hope is that not only will Rita be water skiing this summer but that she’ll have many more summers of it…if she chooses. We are so proud of all that you have accomplished Rita and we are grateful that despite physical pain and limitations you took the steps to join the program, get coaching and “get your life back”.

We are thrilled to see what the next few chapters have in store for you!

Megan K and Team

Sometimes when clients find us they are in pretty rough shape…they aren’t feeling great about themselves, they are lacking energy or they are in pain. Other times things are going okay and there aren’t any problems to speak of but they know they really “should be exercising”.  

Our client Noa came to us feeling pretty good. She wasn’t actively exercising but nothing was out of hand: she had no health problems.  

Noa had been paying attention to what she was eating but she was not exercising- at all. She knew that to really feel great and be healthier she needed an exercise plan.    

She was inspired to exercise and stay healthy and fit by her mom who is a consistent source of encouragement and positivity. Noa says “my mom is always cheering me on and pushing me forward, even when I don’t feel like it”.  

Like most clients, Noa is a busy woman. She has a lot of things on her plate but she fits in her workouts by pre-scheduling them.  “Every Sunday night, I decide which days I am going to workout during the week. I don’t let anything get in the way of my scheduled workouts. Thanks to MPower I now have something that I do just for myself and I experience a lot of enjoyment in doing so”.

When Noa first started at MPower she needed to ease into things. She also felt a bit intimidated by the workouts and some of the exercises. She says, “My biggest obstacle was at the beginning when I wasn’t in as good of shape as I am now. I was hesitant to try all of the exercises because I haven’t done them before and didn’t want to mess up. Thanks to the great coaches though, they made me feel very comfortable and pushed me through it!”

In Noa’s time with us, she is down 13.5 inches including 5 inches from her waist and 4 from her hips. She is down 6.5% body fat and 6 lbs on the scale.  She says, “I feel much more energetic, comfortable in my body and I love buying new clothes. I am so proud of myself for getting to this point. I’ve found a new hobby that I love and I can’t see my life without it”.

We are glad you are proud of yourself Noa and we are proud of you too!  

Fantastic work.

Megan K and Team

When we are overworking, under exercising and generally not putting ourselves as a priority things can be very stressful.

When Amanda (the Panda) Christenson began looking for a fitness solutions she says she was “running infrequently and inconsistently”.  She says, “I was feeling sluggish, tired and constantly irritated. I worked 60-70 hours per week and had no time for myself. I was struggling in my own skin-I didn’t feel confident. I wasn’t sure how to fix that and I felt completely alone and lost”.

She was desperate to fit into her clothes again. “I hate shopping and it was either lose weight and fit back into the clothes I have OR spend a lot of money to buy a completely new wardrobe.  I chose my health and fitness!” You should also know that in addition to hating to shop she also hates to spend money so this prospect was really bad for her.

Amanda came in on a 4 session trial and she says part way through her first workout she said to herself, “YEP. This is for me. I love this place” and then she signed up.  

“Honestly, it wasn’t very difficult to add fitness back into my routine regularly. I was committing to 3-4 sessions per week and noticing that my attitude was so much more positive. My new routine inspired my then fiance to develop his own routine as well and eventually join MPower. Having 30 minutes to dedicate to myself is relatively easy to fit into my schedule. It still allows me time to devote to my family and friends as well.”

But Amanda’s journey wasn’t totally free from obstacles.  She says the “ biggest challenge I had to initially overcome was my nutrition. Growing up, I was never a person that ate fast food. As I entered into my first ‘big kid’ job after college, I quickly learned that I didn’t have much time to prepare meals nor did I have energy to even think about it. I turned to fast food for convenience quite often, and man did that cause even more issues with my body. I was gaining more weight, I was eating HUGE meals, and I was having digestion issues. After starting my first challenge at MPower, I realized that some of the meal choices I had considered marginally healthy, really weren’t healthy at all. I found new appreciation for fueling my body appropriately and learning exactly how to do so. It was tough, but I learned a lot and it made a huge difference in my results!

Amanda says that since joining MPower, “my life has completely changed, for the better! I am stronger, healthier, and I have found the BEST community to support me. I have gained so many friendships and muscles too! 🙂 I love exercising and I find that when I miss a few days for “life” reasons, my attitude definitely reflects that. My husband and I eat very healthy throughout the week, but still allow ourselves to indulge here and there-but we CAN because we are committed to our fitness and our health overall. Since commiting to eating better I am known for bringing the healthiest and most enviable packed lunches in the MPower offices.  🙂 I have also helped my mom become more aware of her health and fitness and she has lost over 50lbs since doing so! I have found a career that fits me, that pushes me, and that I have so much passion for!”

The best thing that has happened to be since joining MPower is finding a place where I truly fit in and feel comfortable being me-as a client and as a staff member! I can’t say enough about the focus on body positivity, the encouragement, and the relationships here.<3”

As a side note, Amanda was in a completely different role that she didn’t love, in an office environment where she didn’t feel welcome, happy or encouraged. She was working her part-time and I knew she wasn’t happy in her then full-time role. So when we needed to expand our team I was delighted to be able to offer her a similar salary with paid vacation and to bring her on full-time!  

We have been DELIGHTED to have her as a full-time member of our team. 🙂 And we wish her and her new baby daughter the best!

A lot of times people ask about the team and how the various team members got started. Sometimes clients mistakenly assume that the coaches have never had their own struggles with fitness, health or body image.  

The reality of it is that, part of what makes us good guides/coaches is that we have also walked the path of transformation.  

Our Director of Operations Roseanne Stephens has had her entire life change in the last 3 years. Her transformation is one that inspires most who hear about it.  

Behind that smile and warmth, is a strength and resilience most of us will never need to know and somehow despite ongoing adversity she remains kind, loving and mostly swear free. 🙂

**What I’m about to share is a lot of information but rest assured I have permission to share**

Roseanne got going with us in January 2016 on our very first ever program at the Maple Grove studio.  Her then boyfriend “forced her to do it”.

She says, “I was not looking for exercise. I just wanted to make some friends.”  

At that time, she felt like she didn’t have friends or a community and she wanted to meet people but she says, “I wanted to meet people at a healthy place not a bar”.  

Roseanne was convinced exercise was terrible because she had previously been in a different type of program where they work you until you want to cry, throw up and pass out.  

She says she actually told her then coach (at the other program)  to “go f*** himself” and that she was never coming back. That was how much she hated the program she had been doing.

Exercise was a definite NO on her list of priorities.  

The fellow she was dating though, promised her he knew of a program where it wasn’t like that.

That man had sold me a car once and ended up on my email newsletter list. Over the years, he had been reading the Thursday transformation stories and the newsletters about how “killing yourself” isn’t necessary to succeed.  

In December 2015, he brought Roseanne to the MPower SLP/ Plymouth studio to sign her up for the program that was about to begin at our Maple Grove studio.  

I remember it to this day because Roseanne was MAJORLY standoffish. I don’t think she smiled at me once during the entire 30 minute meeting (and I’m pretty funny :p ). Also, if you know Roseanne, the no smiling would take some effort because she is usually really warm. But she was crabby when she first came in. I’m sure being dragged there was part of it. I’m sure being worried that exercise was going to make her throw up was also a contributing factor but either way she didn’t really want any part of it.

Roseanne says the first six weeks were hard.  “I was super dialed in. Super committed. I worked out five days a week.   I went from eating Mcdonalds 4 days per week to clean eating and everything was made from home. I didn’t drink. It was hard.

I think because I was convinced the program wasn’t something I needed, I really didn’t feel any different.”  

At the end of the six weeks, her results were not much to speak of…and she told me

“This program is Bull Shit and A Joke”.  

Then she went home cried, ate 2 ice creams and a bag of chips and said to herself,

“Screw this. I don’t need this.”

She didn’t give up though, she spoke to me more and she says  “Megan told me to give it another 6 weeks. Trust the process and just keep going. Half way through the 6 weeks (so week 9) my body figured it out and I felt so much better, stronger. I dropped 3 % body fat.

At that point, I realized it actually worked.”

The results were coming for Roseanne but remember she wasn’t with us for fitness. Losing body fat and getting stronger weren’t really her goals.

She was here for friends.  Shortly after switching to the 6am session she met a woman who is now one of her best friends (ever) Jane W.

Roseanne says, “ I watched Jane workout. She was so driven. So focused. So competitive and I’m not that way about exercise, but I admired her.  Her focus drew me in. She pushed me to be better. She liked to cook. I hated to cook. She didn’t like to get dressed up and wear cute outfits, do hair or make-up and I live for that stuff.  And even though she was fierce in session, Jane had this shy side so I wanted to show her a good time and help her come out of her shell”.

Roseanne and Jane became inseparable and their crew of early a.m. friends began to expand.  

Fast forward a few months and Roseanne was becoming a fitness enthusiast.

I know.  Hard to believe. She even began to switch out her morning chocolate and sugar filled coffee (yes, that was what she would have for breakfast) for a protein shake and some water. Don’t worry the coffee is still there, every morning and sometimes she has chocolate with her protein shake. :p But changes were happening…

She was loving so many things at MPower (then Fit Body) that she kept telling me, “you know I live less than a mile away, if you ever need anything I’d love to run errands or help”.

Nikki and I gave her a “formal” job interview (from inside one of the dressing rooms during a Saturday a.m. session) and she was added to the team as Nikki’s assistant.  

A few months later, she took over billing from Jackson (then Director of Happiness) because he hated that part of the role. By the end of the first year we promoted her to the Office Manager.  

A lot of things happened over the last couple of years in Roseanne’s life.  Levi her youngest son took a liking to being at the studio and appointed himself to the role of official orientation assistant.  Kaytlyn came home from college to live with Roseanne again. A restraining order was issued against the boyfriend who dragged Roseanne to Boot Camp (for both her, me and protection of the businesses) and Roseanne made even more close friends- both on the team and off the team.

Roseanne says, “I feel like I rob myself when I don’t show up. I feel like I’m missing something from my day when I don’t go to Boot Camp”. Lucky for her, even on rest days she gets to be in the studio so she gets to connect with “her people”.  

I haven’t written much about Roseanne’s results because if you’d met her when she started you’d never have believed she had any fat to lose, but she is down 7% body fat and this season she will be with the run team running the Rugged Maniac and the Tough Mudder.  

I don’t often get emotional when I write the success stories. I’m always incredibly proud but I don’t often tear up…

Roseanne’s story is hard for me to write because I could have easily said goodbye and wished her well when she called the program “bull shit” and told me it was a “joke”.

I know the program works and I knew then that she just hadn’t given her body a chance to adjust so I argued with her. I insisted that she, “give it 6 more weeks” and I got the boyfriend’s permission to keep charging his card for her membership.

I’m glad I didn’t let her walk away.

Because if I had given up on Roseanne I don’t know where she’d be or what she’d be doing and I don’t know where we’d be without her either.

She is an institution. She is a big part of who we are and why we are successful and we are incredibly grateful to have her on the team.