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What Have You Got to Lose?

Extra pounds? More than a few inches? Low Energy? Bad Eating Habits?

Lose them all at MPower Fitness and gain that body you’ve always wanted, greater energy, more confidence, better health, improved mood, and even new friends.

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  • Look Better

    Melt away the weight you hate while tightening and toning your belly, arms, and legs.

  • Feel Better

    Get more energy, greater strength, and new-found confidence that comes from killing it at the gym and fitting into those skinny jeans you love.

  • Eat Healthier

    Receive nutritional guidance that helps you choose metabolism-boosting foods that burn away pounds.

  • Save Time

    Choose streamlined 30-minute team workout sessions that fit your schedule and make the most of post-workout fat burning for up to 32 hours.

  • Save Money

     Enroll today and get over HALF OFF your MPower 28-day Challenge! That’s all the exercise, motivation, nutritional guidance, and group support you need for just $82!!

  • Meet New People
    Join a squad of fun, encouraging, like-minded peeps who share your fitness goals, sessions that fit your schedule and make the most of post-workout fat burning for up to 32 hours.
  • Love Your Body

    Because when you treat it right, it loves you back.

This Could Be YOUR Story!

MPower members rave about their results. From pounds and inches lost to strength gained; from more energy to fewer health challenges, the benefits of MPower’s empowering fitness program are undeniable.

This could be your story too!

Originally, I wanted to lose 35 pounds and now I’m down 44. I want to add some more activities to my week and hope to run a 5k this summer. I have never been a runner but want to try it now. For me it is really easy. I go to early morning sessions before work. This helps me avoid any excuses or conflicts after work. With the sessions only lasting 30 minutes, I don’t have to wake up too much earlier than I normally would.

Beth KDown 44 lbs!

Since joining MPower, I feel really strong. And I’m proud of myself for sticking with the workouts and good eating habits. I like looking in the mirror and even having photos taken of me whereas I couldn’t stand to look at myself before. I am a new person, and I love the new person I’ve become. The community at MPower is so warm and welcoming and supportive. It is a fun environment with absolutely no judgment. And the best thing–you see results if you put the work in!

Kristin G.Feeling Strong

I hadn’t felt this good in 15 years! And my challenge results were fantastic! I lost 14 pounds and 5.5% body fat. Amazing! MPower taught me how to make myself a priority. That half hour a day showed me that even in the midst of all the craziness, I can and need to pay attention to me. I am so grateful to MPower for inspiring me, challenging me, and truly making a difference in my life.

Beth KAmazing Results!