It is easy to stay on track with fitness when we are feeling great but it becomes a lot tougher if we get injured. The pain and the recovery time are setbacks that can completely derail us if we let them.

Before Boot Camp, Jon was kicking butt and attending his favorite classes at LifeTime for almost 20 years. Then he tore his meniscus and it all stopped.

Jon tried to resume his activities but the pain was too much, so for roughly 3 years he did nothing extra physically. In the summer, they tried to ride bikes but it wasn’t consistent and each winter he returned to inactivity.

Jon’s wife Julie found MPower Fitness and one of our shorter term programs and they decided to come in and work out together.  He says his motivation to get in and stay in great shape is his wife and family.

“We chose to do Boot Camp together. After recent major health events in our families, I don’t want these issues to affect us for our future or the longevity of our family. What we learn and the activities we do will definitely trickle down to the others in our family and it will help them be stronger and healthier too”.

Shortly after joining, Jon and Julie came to love their sessions and to make it a priority.  He says, “I have decided that time at Boot Camp is very important. So besides work during the day, it is just the next thing on the schedule to go to class for the day. If there needs to be a change, MPower Fitness has given the options of different times on different days for classes.  Then, for the weekend, I can be satisfied to go to our cabin and not be stressed. Working out has just become a part of my life. It is close to home. It is convenient. The coaches and staff are awesome to know. Love the smiles. Makes me smile. I like interacting with all our classmates. It’s fun getting to know them”

Since joining, Jon is down 25lbs.

He says, “My body functions better.  I have a better attitude towards everything, and SMILES. Smiles all around. I feel good after classes.  Doing physical activities don’t hurt as much. Julie and I are trying to go biking more on our off training days. I eat better. I’m more conscious of what choices to make. I am learning to eat healthier foods and smaller quantities all the time.  When there is an eating mishap, I am willing to adapt and change that habit without the internal struggle.”

Congratulations Jon on all of your progress!  

We are excited to see your success and are grateful to have you and Julie as a part of our #fitfamily- smiles and all.  🙂

Lately I’ve been connecting with a lot of you about “doing what you can”, “aiming to do 1% better in times when things aren’t going well”.  We have touched on “finding joy in the journey” and “making the process as fun as possible”. 

These are important reminders and I’ll keep circling back to them as needed.

But today I want to talk about the cruddy stuff. 

  • ​Frustration
  • Despair
  • Fear
  • Longing 
  • Shame
  • Self-Doubt

These are the tough emotions that can come with seeing a goal ahead of us and not being there yet.  To pretend that these things don’t come with the journey would be neglecting a part of reality. 

Whenever we are working toward something we may be faced with self-doubt, fear that we can’t do it, fear of what things might look like if we do it, shame about any part of it (current/ past ‘failures’), frustration with a part of it etc. 

These tough emotions are a reality and we all go through these emotions from time to time. 

Why? Because we are human. 

Sometimes fear can be fuel. 

Sometimes frustration can be fuel.

Sometimes self-doubt can be fuel. 

Any of it can be turned into fuel…

We can get fed up with these things and decide that no matter what we are going forward to “best”/ “overcome” the emotions. 

Sometimes though,  these feelings can be paralyzing. 

All that I want to say about all of the negative feelings is that you’re not alone. 

Every person I’ve ever met has had these times of “darkness” on their journey. 

On the other side is something beautiful…

If you’re in the struggle right now, keep going. 

Always keep your eyes focused on what you want and trust that doing the work you’ll get there. 

We believe in you and we know you can do it! 

With much love and gratitude, 

Megan K and the team 

We have all heard that exercise has an impact on mood AND that if we like what we are doing not only does the exercise go much better but also our mood improves too! Exercise is a critical part of our self care. Not only because it improves all of our physiological functions but also it is a big factor in better mental health.

Prior to joining Boot Camp, our client Cat, was definitely in a slump with regards to fitness. She says, “For years I had been a member at LifeTime—had joined a Bootcamp, but the prohibitive cost of their program, and the lack of community, forced me out the door. Because I didn’t have a regular routine, I was feeling low, depressed, tired, and frustrated with myself. I had recently moved to Plymouth, so I knew no one in the area. After stuffing my feelings with popcorn at the movie theater, I walked into MPower Fitness and met Rachael. My selective memory has me kicking ass the next morning at a session. Rachael has reminded me that it took awhile before I actually showed up…for REAL. I thank her for her patience and support. Fourteen months later, I write these words.”

Cat’s inspiration to take care of herself comes from her late father. She knows when she prioritizes herself and her health she can show up better in all areas of her life. “My dad died almost ten years ago. My mom spoke at his funeral, as did my three siblings and I. People wrote to us later that they left the service vowing to be better husbands, better fathers, better men. Before my dad died, he said to us, ‘In the end, NOTHING matters besides WHO you loved, and who loved YOU.’ The love we learned growing up—the love we continue to give each other—is what inspires me, guides me; it sits at the center of my gratitude and is what keeps me motivated to constantly strive to be my best version of daughter, sister, aunt and friend.”

From the outset of joining Boot Camp my goal was to lose 10lbs, feel empowered/ proud of myself so I could be a better Catherine to others. Looking back of the year, Cat did lose the 10lbs but she did more than that because she also dropped 5% body fat, added lean mass and lost 2.25 inches from her waist. She says, “My new goals center around keeping the weight off- creating a new normal- also learning how to prepare and cook great food. I want to continue to push myself in different races/runs/active events. I want to be a Coach at MPower Fitness, but need to figure out when I’m going to study for the test. Gulp.”

For Cat, her biggest challenge is the “balancing act called life” She says she has noticed that, “A new pattern in my life is that each day begins with me asking myself, ‘Which session are you going to go to today?’ I know that other commitments will have to jockey their way around this main commitment.”  

Throughout her life, Cat is constantly focusing on new behaviors vs falling into old behaviors. She is prioritizing avoiding happy hours, events that revolve around drinking, and her greatest nemesis: nicotine. “I am genetically ripe for cancer, heart disease, depression, alcoholism; therefore, I have a constant focus (often struggle) to keep helping my chances to avoid these diseases. How do I get through it? By continuing to move forward—by continuing to ask myself, Who do you want to be?”

This is HUGE! Congratulations Cat. When we make and keep the commitments to ourselves it is that much easier for everything else to fall into place…

Cat says that it is more than just a physical transformation that has occurred for her at Boot Camp.  Her overall experience is “a journey/transformation from unfocused to focused; from self-negation to self-affirmation; from feeling lost to feeling centered. The best thing that has happened to me since joining MPower Fitness is the community that I have built, which truly is the center of this organization. One of the mornings this week, I drove up for the 6:00 am session and saw four women walking together from their cars. I smiled and felt a tangible sense of happiness and strength. What’s most amazing about MY STORY is that it’s everyone’s story who is a Boot Camp member. We all had reasons we walked in the door. We all have reasons that we continue to walk in the door—some days with our fears and our sadnesses; other days with our smiles and our laughter. Megan and Team have created this safe haven for all of us to gather and support each other. I feel extremely blessed to be connected to such an amazing group of strong, beautiful women. The journey has just begun…”

Cat you’ve been client of the month. You’ve been a smiling and welcoming face to new Boot Camp members. You’ve inspired others on their journey and yet the journey has just begun…

In your time with us you’ve learned much about prioritizing yourself and your health and we are so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished.

Thank you for being an amazing, loving, welcoming and inspiring member of our Fit Family!

I think it is safe to say that spring is finally here, which for a lot of us means we can be outside and we get to start growing plants outside or tending to our yards. 

For many of us also, it means we do some spring cleaning. 

Today I want to talk to you about both spring cleaning and gardening- but in your mind. 

We make a conscious effort to get things out of our closets that no longer fit. 

We choose to toss or donate food items that won’t be used.

We take time to clean the garage and to let go of children’s items that they have outgrown. 

But do we make a conscious effort to check our mental space and toss out ideas and belief systems that no longer work for us?

You tell me. 

I know I could do a better job of it.

I’m pretty careful with my headspace. Meaning, I’m selective about what I let in and what I repeat to myself but I know I still have some old cruddy negative, self-limiting (doubt filled) beliefs. 

Just this last week in a client meeting, I asked the client if she had ever stolen something as a little kid.  A lot of little kids have. And then we learn that it is not ok and we don’t do it anymore etc. But what if she had spent her whole life telling herself she is a thief? Awful right.  Completely untrue. Likely very damaging and limiting. 

So why would anyone spend time telling themselves ANYTHING other than what we ​want to be true of ourselves. 

​Perhaps because we don’t know better or are not yet in the habit of doing the reverse. 

If you have some things, beliefs, attitudes etc. that you are repeating to yourself that are harmful, limiting or no longer help you perhaps this spring you could intentionally work on releasing them. 

Join me in it? ​

​On to gardening. 

​When we plant a seed or a plant, we care for it. We water it. We make sure it gets sunshine and then we let it grow. We don’t tell it off for not growing fast enough. We don’t poke it daily and wonder why it isn’t different. We let it do its thing. 

We need to do the same with our bodies and our minds. 

When we plant new seeds of kind, loving and appreciative thoughts for all that our remarkable bodies do for us and then we focus on all the new, great things we are asking of them, we then need to then be patient and kind. 

And continue the process with care. 

Nutrients (productive food choices)



And Kindness

Spring is here. 

The sun is out. 

The time of transformation continues. 

To truly transform we let go of what no longer serves us and we move forward with what does.

What are you going to spring clean out of your mental house? 


What are you planting there instead?

With much love and committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team 

Several years ago I met out dear client Barbara when I was teaching a workshop at another facility. She signed up to learn about a style of training where the main focus was on listening to your body.
Following the workshop she became a client with me at that facility. 

She had a variety of physical aches an pains that we needed to work around to keep her moving…
My goal was to get her moving in all the ways that she could that didn’t hurt. This included a few variations on the squat that to the untrained eye probably looked quite bizarre. In fact if you had seen her squatting you might have wondered why I let her do it “wrong”. Remember the key was she was doing the squat in a way that fit her body, at that time and was pain free. 

Fast forward about a year, and she had regained several ranges of motion and was able to squat “normally”. 

When I left the other facility, Barbara came and joined us here at MPower Fitness.

Boot Camp can have a stigma associated with the name:
it is tough
it is hard
it might make you throw up
a person could be too xyz for it…(insert your limiting adjective here: I’ve heard out of shape, in shape, young, old, achy etc)

But Barbara knew that our philosophy was different and that we were going to keep aiming to get her to do all the things she COULD do, 
letting go of the rest. 

Barbara has continued to train 3-4 times a week for the last 6 years here at our studio. 
She says “I get all the senior discounts and legally a senior long past. I have been working out at FBBC since the beginning and I don’t feel like a senior. I have strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. I am and have been committed to working out 3-4 times a week at FBBC because I love the 30 minute workouts and my body loves it too”.


If you are with us for the 8:30 or 9am session you’ll likely meet Barbara. If you had to guess, you’d never know that she is one of our longest Boot Camp members nor would you know she is a few years above 65. 

Doing what we can do is really all we can do. 
The best part about Barbara’s journey is that she has never given up. Nor did she ever let limiting beliefs dictate what she could do. 

Congratulations on all your success Barbara! 

I still tell her she looks more vibrant and energetic now than she did 7.5 years ago when we met.

This week I wanted to write you a quick note about meal prep.  I know for some of you this is second nature.  For others, this is a thing you know you’d benefit from doing but you aren’t doing it. Others still do it, but dislike it. 

You may have heard that “Abs are made in the kitchen”.  This isn’t an exaggeration.  When we have a fitness goal and in particular a fat loss goal we need to be sure to pay attention to how we are fueling ourselves.

Meal prep is a BIG part of success because when we have healthy, nutritious foods prepared and accessible it makes it easier to choose them 🙂 Just like when we have junk food on hand we can more easily choose that…

To make meal planning simple thing about the following:

1- Batch Prepare Cooking chicken thighs or breasts?  Make 8-10 or more and put the extras in the fridge or deep freeze. ** Short on time, try grilling or baking more than one protein at a time.**

Try the same for your root vegetables or tubers.

sweet potatoes, potatoes, turnips, parsnips etc Can all be prepared ahead of time by baking or grilling and can kept frozen or in the fridge to be quickly re-heated. 

**Short on time, roast 3-4 veggies at the same.**

2- Wash, clean and possibly even chop veggies to have on hand ready to use.  Trying to hit 5-6 servings of veggies per day?  GREAT!  Prepare cauliflower, celery, broccoli, carrots etc. ahead of time so that the veggies are clean and ready to eat. 

3- Invest in some good quality knives for chopping/ cutting.

4- Invest in good storage containers.  Coach Megan B says Amazon currently has a great deal on multi compartment storage containers 🙂 ->here<-

Whether you love to meal prep or not, fueling yourself for success is critical. 

Have fun with it! 

What are your favorite meal prep tips? 

Megan K and the team

Anyone approaching that magical number soon? You know the one I’m talking about…the half a century mark. 

Half a century! Wow, that sounds crazy to some, but 50 is the new 30, right? It’s the new 30 if you’re doing the right things to maintain that lifestyle. 50 can be scary for some people but honestly it doesn’t have to be. You can be the best you can be. You just need to make that choice.

Meet one of our fun and energetic members, Louis V. He’s one of those guys that was approaching the magical number and knew it was time he change his sedentary lifestyle before things got worse.

You see Louis wasn’t always energetic and quite frankly his mood wasn’t where it should be as well. In fact, his words precisely were,

“Before MPower Fitness I wasn’t doing anything. I would go home from work and spend my time on the couch. I was a couch potato! Emotionally I was apathetic, had zero confidence and was very self-conscious because I was overweight and tired.”

Louis also suffered from Type II diabetes. As I said, 50 was coming and he needed to make a change. He joined boot camp and made that change and now he is such a different person.

“I have way more confidence and feel so much better about myself both psychologically and physically. I feel incredible like I did back in college! I’ve even rediscovered my passion for biking.”

This was the “couch potato” guy that either sat on the couch or attended too many happy hours (in his words). And now, he is rediscovering his old passions and feels like a strong, healthy young man again…all at the magical number of 50.

He is maintaining his diabetes and getting stronger and improving more each day.

I asked him how he feels now about boot camp and what his overall experience has been and this is what he had to say.

“The hardest part initially for me was getting the courage to walk through the doors on day 1 but I’m so glad that I did.

My overall experience has been fantastic. I immediately felt like I belonged, like I was welcomed and included and like this was my second home.

I love that I can get a workout done in about 30 minutes after work. I like training my upper body because it helps regain my strength. BUT, I have to admit I hate doing burpees. Sorry!”

I kind of laughed at the burpees part because not too many people love them when first starting, but it is interesting to see how people push through to get them done and then eventually like them. Louis will too J

In closing he said to me,

“The best thing since joining has been my results but more so the friendships and the nice problem of needing to buy new clothes!!”

I seriously have the best job in the world. I get to see and work with people like Louis every single day. I get to see his wardrobe change, his attitude change and him living life at 50…the new 30!!

This week’s pep talk is all about vacations. 

We get asked a lot about what to do to stay on track while on vacation. 

The truth is there are a lot of ways you can do this. 

1- Is this a rare and special vacation?

If so, don’t worry about it. Stay active. Drink plenty of water and just enjoy. ​Rare vacations are just that- rare. 

You can get right back on track when you return. 

2- Are you taking regular vacations?

If so, plan ahead. 

Figure out when and where you might workout and find a few health spots to eat. Better still, if you can stay at a Vacation Rental or a place with a fridge or the ability to meal prep you have full control over eating healthy. 

3- Use this as an opportunity to rest, recover OR try something totally new. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn to windsurf try Yoga on the beach or, stand up paddle board. Vacations can be a great time to try new things OR to let your body rest from your current activities. 

4- Whatever you do or don’t do, let go of guilt. 

Vacations aren’t every week. If you eat a lot, just relax and get back on plan when you return. 

As spring comes, and many head on spring break, reach out if you need help making a plan. 

We are here for you. 

Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team 

Having a sense of belonging is HUGE.

And many of us only have a few places- if we are lucky- where we feel we truly belong. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t consider the GYM a place we feel comfortable, let alone belong.  Starting at a new “gym” or “fitness studio” can be really intimidating, particularly if you aren’t sure what to expect, are self conscious or are out of shape. 

Our client Michaela K, said she was “notorious for joining a gym, going for a few weeks, and then falling off the bandwagon”. She liked attending group workouts but never felt she really belonged.   She says she had no idea how much better she’d feel exercising regularly.  She is not someone who loves to exercise but she loves how much better she feels when she is consistent with her program. 

Knowing what to do, being held accountable and receiving consistent feedback and coaching has been a big part of Michaela’s success. When she belonged to a gym in the past she would “half heartedly do cardio exercises” and steer very clear of the free weights section.  She wasn’t sure what to do with the weights and didn’t want to injure herself or feel awkward.  

After joining boot camp Michaela has lost over 25lbs, 10 inches and 8% body fat and her family and friends have noticed her improved mood, happiness and passion for life. Michaela confessed that she still isn’t “jumping with joy” to get in her workouts but with the sessions being only 30 minutes, she plans out which days she’ll attend and then doesn’t make any excuses.

One of the most common things we hear (outside of a lack of motivation) is uncertainty about what to do and how to get results.  We are happy Michaela found us and that we were able to help her meet and exceed her fitness goals.  

While fad diets, fasting, and intense exercise can help you shed unwanted weight quickly, your goal is to lose the weight and keep it off for the long haul.

The healthiest, most effective, and long-lasting way to shed pounds is to do so at a rate of 1-2 pounds per week. In fact, studies have shown that losing weight too quickly can put you at risk for several health problems, including muscle loss, decreased metabolism, and nutritional deficiencies.

Worse, those who yo-yo diet and exercise inconsistently will often regain the weight they’ve lost–and then some–within one year.

The key to taking it off and keeping it off is maintaining a slow, steady pace.

Don’t Use The “D” Word

The problem with diets is that most are not sustainable. Are you really going to keep tracking points or drinking protein shakes three times a day for the rest of your life? Most of us who have tried usually fail. It’s not a character flaw or a lack of willpower. It’s just a simple fact…your body needs fuel to run efficiently, maintain energy, build muscle, and do all the other miraculous things it does.

Instead of dieting, eat smart. Eating smart is a lifestyle choice that doesn’t require protein powders or bars, points, or calculators. Making healthy food choices means cutting out junk (sugary, starchy, processed, and fat-filled foods,) and instead, eating reasonable portions of whole foods, such as cooked and raw vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, lean meats, and low-fat dairy.


One of the most effective forms of exercise for weight loss, decreased belly fat, and improved fitness is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT pairs brief, intense bursts of activity with even shorter rest periods in between. A HIIT workout incorporates a variety of exercises and might include jumping jacks, burpees, high-knees running, or pushups.  

What’s more, HIIT helps you build endurance, improves cardiovascular health, improves cholesterol levels, and can even help fight type 2 diabetes. Best of all, HIIT doesn’t require long, boring hours on a treadmill or expensive special equipment, making it one of the easiest forms of exercise to consistently perform.

More Tips

Getting fit and losing weight is a journey. You can increase your chances for long-term success by incorporating as many of these tips into your lifestyle as possible.

  • Get your sleep. People who are sleep deprived may experience spikes in hormone levels that increase hunger. When you don’t get enough rest, you may feel hungrier than normal, which could lead to unhealthy eating.
  • Drink your aqua. It’s common to confuse thirst with hunger. Drinking plenty of water throughout your day makes you feel full longer and even increases the number of calories burned. Experts recommend you drink half your weight in ounces of water, e.g. if you weigh 150 lbs., you should be drinking 75 oz. of water a day.
  • Find your peace. Stress levels may lead to over indulging, binge eating, or mindless consumption. Exercise, meditation, reducing caffeine intake, journaling, and even laughing are wonderful ways to reduce stress and improve your weight loss success.

Get Empowered at MPower

MPower Fitness offers you the strategies, exercise, nutritional guidance, coaching, and support you need to lose weight for the long haul. Best of all, when you enroll in our MPower 28-Day Challenge today, you get your first month at half price. Come join the fitness family at MPower. We’re here for you every step of the way to your long-term fitness and weight loss goals.