More energy and a zest for life is often one of the immediate benefits of exercise. As we age, these are valued and needed. Plus they contribute to a high quality of life.  

Our MPower for Life client Alan T says that he was missing these before he found us.  Prior to starting our program he says  “I was not moving very much and sitting in the chair watching TV Way too often”. 

​Alan says he felt older, slower and bored and now he has more energy and flexibility than he had even 10 years ago.  

Alan is a dedicated member of our 10:15am session.   He looks forward to it every day.  He says, “I’m much more focused on fitness and I look forward to it-  I’m usually early and waiting in the parking lot!” 

This is true. He is the first one through the doors M, T and Thursday for MPower for Life and despite  beginning his program with a serious knee injury and a surgery he is committed and doing the best he can.  

Alan says his initial goal was “…to build strength and flexibility – I’ve accomplished both! I’m moving on to losing weight now and building up my strength. I have a whole new community of friends and an amazing Coach Amanda that keeps me on my toes and straightened out on my eating! No more doughnuts for me!”

If you are ever around the MPower SLP/ Studio during the mid morning be sure to say hi to Alan.  You can’t miss him, he is one of our 3 very dedicated men who workout at that time of day.  

We are excited for your progress Alan and we can’t wait to see if you can out lift Rod.  😉

Megan K and Team

Today I want to remind you to set intentions or goals that are framed positively.

A lot of times, when people first begin to work with us they set goals that surround not doing something or becoming more of something they think they are not already.

We can chase after a goal, but if we don’t believe we are already that thing – to some extent- we can end up self sabotaging. 
What do I mean by this?

If I tell you I want to be healthy. This assumes I’m currently not which may or may not be accurate.
If I want to be healthier that’s better because it acknowledges some health is currently present but if I aim to feel the best I can from day to day and moment to moment that’s even better. 
It isn’t that I abandon the goal to improve my cholesterol or drop my body fat but I focus on the daily actions that support getting me toward this goal. I begin from a place of assuming that I’m already to some extent the thing I want.

In Pep Talks of the past, I have written about how what we focus on we find. 

When you set goals write them as if they are already happening and as much as possible use language that acknowledges that the thing you want is already within you.

I’m getting leaner and leaner rather than I want to lose body fat. 
I’m increasing my savings 1% per month. 
At all costs avoid using any negative language: I’m not drinking wine every day is an example of what not to write. 
I honor my body by keeping alcohol to once a week is much better.

Hopefully this makes sense.

After you change up the language of your goals, then be sure to model the behavior of those doing and being what you want to have more of in your life.​ 

As you go forward these next few weeks, examine the language you are using around your goals.

Keep it positive. You can do it!

​Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team

Here at MPower Fitness we aim to cultivate three big things: results, relationships and community.

When our clients have been with us and seen great success we ask if they are willing to share their story.

Our client Ali is down 15-20 (ish) lbs, 9% body fat and 12 inches and she has been with us over a year.

We asked if she’d be willing to tell us more about her journey and she does so in her words below.

We are so happy for all of your success Ali and we are grateful to have you as one of our early morning regulars.

“I have been active my whole life. I was an avid runner before having children and now found a new love of walking. Along with walking, I went regularly to ‘workout’ at a big health club. At my club, I was intimidated by the weights so I stuck to the cardio machines. The only time I did strength training was when I payed extra money to hire a personal trainer.

Before joining bootcamp I had put on some extra pounds and was frustrated because I was working out all the time (cardio, cardio, cardio) but wasn’t seeing anything change with my body. While looking through Facebook one day, I noticed a friend had ‘liked’ MPower Fitness. I started seeing more things come through my FB feed about MPower Fitness which included a 21 day challenge. I decided to sign up for the challenge. I was curious what this place could do for me. After the first week of workouts,  I was hooked with MPower Fitness. I loved the variety with the workouts and it was only 30 minutes. The part that I LOVED the most was the built in strength training and the fact that we basically had a personal trainer/coach with us during that 30 minute session. And in that short 21 days, I saw results. I signed up to be a member of boot camp right after the challenge was over. I continued to do about 2 more challenges after that first 21 day challenge and saw huge changes in my body. In about a year time, I had lost around 20 lbs (ok, maybe only 15 right now) around 12 inches or so, and close to 9% body fat lost. (I haven’t had an assessment in a while so those might not be exact). Clothes were fitting differently and people were noticing. I felt strong and healthy and I still continue to feel that way!

When I first joined MPower Fitness, it was in the summer during my summer break (I’m a teacher). I was going to the 8:30/9:00 session and then I would go home and go for a long, brisk walk. I was a little nervous when I had to go back to school because I knew that I would need to go to the early morning session and wouldn’t be able to get in that long walk I was doing most days after the fit body session. I was nervous that the 30 minute session wasn’t going to be enough. To my surprise, putting in just the 30 minute boot camp session 4-5 days a week was and is enough to keep me feeling strong and healthy. Going to MPower Fitness is just part of my morning routine and gives me the boost I need to get through a day teaching young children.

Since joining MPower Fitness, I have met a wonderful community of people…many who have now become my friends. I enjoy starting my day off with energizing people who make me smile, laugh and push me to be my best. All the staff and coaches have been great! I love when the coaches push me and make me workout to my full potential. The coaches always know when I should be lifting a little heavier, moving a little faster…haha!

Not only have I gained a new workout family but going to MPower Fitness has encouraged me to maintain a pretty healthy diet. I’m definitely more conscious of what I need to fuel my body with and I definitely notice when I’m not fueling it in the right way. And I love that I can always ask a coach for help with my diet or join a new challenge if I feel like I’m off tract.

I can definitely say that since joining MPower Fitness I’m the strongest that I have ever been.  Fitness will always be part of my life and I’m glad that I found MPower Fitness….THANK YOU!”

Thank YOU Ali. A lot of times people don’t think 30 minutes 3-4 times a week couldn’t possibly be enough but the reality is, combined with sensible eating it is enough.  
Kudos to you Ali. We are glad you found us that now you get to do cardio for fun, not just to try to shed a few lbs 🙂

– Megan K and Team

I have a dear friend in Calgary, AB who owns a couple of fitness studios. Inside them they don’t have scales.  In fact when they made the switch they had a scale breaking party…

I really like this idea. 

The scale can be so misleading and so frustrating on a fitness journey. Especially one that surrounds fat loss. 

At our MPower Fitness studios we teach our clients that the scale is only one part of the fat loss puzzle.  There are actually metrics that are more important like body composition (fat mass, lean mass) and how our clothes are fitting…

But all of this is even less important than the way in which we approach the journey. 

You see when we are caring for our bodies and moving them well because we LOVE ourselves we tend to automatically gravitate toward better choices. 

We choose to get in bed earlier for more sleep out of respect and care for our bodies.

We choose to eat our veggies and drink our water because we feel better and we are honoring the flesh and blood “machine” that takes such good care of us.  

We eat less treats and drink less alcohol because we are aware that too much sugar and alcohol is toxic for the body. 

Making the shift in mindset toward a journey of self love and self improvement can be tough…especially if we are feeling less than great about our current physical condition.  

Don’t get me wrong it isn’t easy to skip playfully to the gym when stuff hurts and our stomach is spilling over our pants…we want results and we want them yesterday. 

But it doesn’t work like that…when we focus on what isn’t going right and what isn’t happening yet it always seems to take longer…

So this week, I ask you to reframe your journey the best you can, to look at it in the most positive light. 

I’m moving my body because I love myself. 

I’m eating wisely because I feel better when I do. 

I’m choosing fruit over desserts because …

What else might you reframe? 

What else could you see more positively? 

We believe in you and we are here to help. 

Remember, we are all in this journey with you.

Committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team

A lot of times clients come to us with a history of being out of shape and having weight to lose. It is common for us to hear, “I’ve been overweight since xyz grade”.

Many times, these same clients have had a lot of people tell them that this is how they will always be, that it is genetics and that it can never change.

We have found that for many clients the thing that must change first is their belief that they can do it and that they can feel better at all stages in the journey.  

When our jovial, friendly and kind client Terri first started with us at MPower she was one of those clients.

She says she used to believe she couldn’t do things. She has realized that she isn’t as limited on movements as she thinks she is.  “My body is in better condition than I thought. I try to to give myself positive self talk. I also open up to the coaches that I most often work with” so that they can provide me encouragement too.

Terri got started with us at MPower Fitness, in order to “keep Type 2 diabetes off my medical record”.  Now, she finds continued inspiration “seeing people that I work out with succeed in the changes they are making”.

Unlike many of our clients, Terri doesn’t have an issue making it to sessions. She says her schedule is flexible and she easily makes time for her workouts.  

But she wasn’t without her own challenges…

Her biggest challenge was in her mindset and with negative self-talk.

She says she still finds herself doubting her ability to do things and wanting to talk herself out of exercise.  She frequently doesn’t feel like going to Boot Camp. She never lets the negative talk win though, she gets herself into the car and through the doors. Occe that happens she succeeds.

Despite frequently not wanting to go she says once she gets started she always has fun.

Terri tells us she is normally an introvert. This is a surprise to us because we frequently see her welcoming new clients, introducing herself and trying to make them feel welcome.  She told us she loves Boot Camp so much that she wants to see others have that same good experience.

“I want people to be able to enjoy their lives. If you’re overweight and feeling like crap you won’t be able to enjoy your life”.

She still experiences some negative self-talk but she says she is “proud of the work I have done and that is a good feeling”.

WE are so proud of you Terri. Keep up the belief in yourself and congratulations on your success!

– Megan K and Team

Happy Monday Fit Fam,

When it comes to fat loss the temptations to stray from a consistently healthy path can come from anywhere: ​

-family events
-the break room at work
-the sample aisle at grocery stores
-convenient fast food options
-and even well-meaning friends.

One of the most common situations we hear about is the temptation to indulge on the weekends, especially in alcohol and desserts.

As a reminder, the Center for Disease Control states that Heavy Drinking for women is 2 alcoholic drinks or more in a day and for men 3 or more per day.

In general for our health, mild or moderate alcohol consumption (or less) is best.If you have a fat loss goal, alcohol will only slow the path.We realize though that this change may feel like a sacrifice and may not be something you want to do.

Here are some tips:

1- drink at least one glass of water preferably 3 after any alcoholic beverage.
2- try switching to sparkling water after a cocktail
3- plan non alcohol involving events with your friends
Ie: instead of happy hour go for a walk

Change takes time.For change to work, we must want it and be bought into its merit.We must also be prepared for some set backs.Any steps toward a healthier you are progress, so just keep at it.

Committed to your success, 

Megan K​ and the team

Sometimes we know we need to “do the thing” but we aren’t sure exactly how to make it happen. This was the case for MPower client April C.

Before our studio came into her life, she says “ I was busy working and raising family.  I knew I needed to take some time for self care but was unsure of how to fit it in. Now I put my workouts on the family calendar. With 30 minute, intensive workouts offered at a variety of times of day, I can always find a way to squeeze it in”.

Her inspiration to get in better shape is her mom.  Growing up, April had a great example of exercise and healthy eating.  She says her mom has been attending fitness classes and eating right for over 20 years!  Go Mom!

Since joining April has hardly looked back. She says, “I love it! The studio is so close to my home. The 30 minute group session is a perfect fit for me. The workouts are always changing, the music is high energy and the instructors are AMAZING!

I look forward to my workouts and always feel great when I am done. I get frustrated if something comes up and I miss a planned workout but I know I can always find another option that week to get it in. “

When she first started, she set out to:

  1. Feel Better
  2. Show her kids the importance of exercise and hard work.
  3. Feel better in a swimsuit for a spring break trip.

She is down 3.3% bodyfat since March 2018

But she says that the best thing that has happened for her since joining MPower Fitness is “I have the piece of mind that I am making my health a priority and I feel stronger. My two daughters know the importance of making time for exercise and how good it makes you feel!”

April we are thrilled to hear about your progress and your passion for exercise! Thank you for being a great clients.

​Megan K and Team

We likely can all remember some defining moments in sporting/ schooling/ work related coaching situations. 

When either a boss or a coach gave us some feedback we didn’t necessarily want to hear. 

I have a few. 

Most of the big wake up calls for me came when I thought I should have been further along than I actually was. 

For whatever reason, I had gotten it into my head that the amount of work I had done would equate to a leaner physique and more bad assery. 

It was my missed expectations that was truly the let down. 

A Big Ah-ha moment happened early on in my martial arts training in South Korea. I wanted to do the cool stuff and yet anytime it seemed like it was time to progress to a seriously difficult move I was back working on the foundational kicks, throws and landings. 

Most recently this has happened a lot with tennis. I want to learn how to do a drop shot or to hit a backhand slice and apparently that comes at some future point down the road. To…Be…Determined 

It all clicked for me though when a coach said, “you’re all jacked up in your head about this. You are just looking at it the wrong way.  We practice the foundational moves not because you aren’t good enough for other stuff. We practice them because they never go away and you’re always refining them“. 

Of course, this makes sense right? I see it at Boot Camp with all of you too…sometimes we want to try something really cool but we have to ask ourselves why? It isn’t that I’m saying don’t. In fact a lot of the times the answer is yes! Give it a try. 

But sometimes it is no, or not yet.  And there is absolutely zero wrong with sticking to the basics.  The basics are what gets everyone going and the bottom line, the thing that really matters more than anything else is just that: to stay going.  

To really master something it can take 10,000 hours. Most of us don’t have that amount of time under tension in any physical pursuit- yet. But we are headed there. 🙂

Remember your body will let you do a lot of things if you are good to it in the process. 

This means listening to it. 

Listening to your coaches and falling (back) in love with the basics. 

You can do it! We are here to help. 

Megan K and the team