Good morning my amazing fitness peeps! 

I hope that everybody is excited and ready for another great day of meeting goals and feeling great! I have a particularly inspirational story to share with you today. We all know what it feels like to look into the mirror and see things that we don’t like, but when I hear about somebody who is so unhappy that they’re actually experiencing depression, it breaks my heart. 

The journey to fitness and happiness for many people is often a roller coaster ride made up of extreme highs and lows caused by a lack of knowledge and support. That was the case with Andrea. 

“I was frustrated with myself; after losing 80 lbs a few years ago, I had gained 30 lbs back within the past year. All the clothes I had worked so hard to wear no longer fit. I was disappointed in myself and depressed. I didn’t like going out, I didn’t feel good in the “new” clothes I had to wear AND I went back to wearing SPANX.”

Just imagining how she must have felt to see all of that hard work go down the drain just killed me. She was a member of the YMCA but did mostly cardio; she wanted to use the machines but didn’t know how and there wasn’t really anybody to ask. She was just floating along, gaining weight and feeling miserable, until she found MPower Fitness!

She was motivated by the success stories and by the supportive trainers and was determined to get her own poster. She had some reservations at first, though. “Walking in the door was a challenge; the word ‘bootcamp’ was intimidating to me but I knew I needed to do something different. I was worried that I may not be able to keep up.” She suffered from asthma, which added to her worries.

It turns out that she was worried for nothing, though. Her trainers made her feel right at home and, along with her fellow campers, helped her to feel right at home. As a matter of fact, she’s now built up her stamina so much that she rarely needs to use her inhaler during or after workouts. Just knowing that MPower Fitness had helped her even that much made me feel amazing, but it gets better!

She’s down 20 lbs and several inches and the depression has gone away. “I feel sooo much better about myself and can fit into my old clothes again! YEAH!!!! I feel strong.  I love the way I feel after bootcamp – it’s the best way to start my day! Just within the last few weeks my friends have been telling me how jealous they are because I look so good!”

She hasn’t made it all the way to her goal yet, but I have a feeling that her very own success poster is most definitely in Andrea’s future! 

I love my job!

Happy Monday-

I’m just back from an EPIC trip to Chicago with some of my best friends in the world. These fellow Boot Camp owners and myself (7 of us and our significant others) had some time in the sun, seeing the sights of Chicago (even a Cubs game) and a lot of time in meetings sharing strategies to help get our clients better results.

While I was with them, it really struck me how valuable I find my time with them to be. These people bring me up. 

The encourage me. 

They push me to do better. 

The pour belief into me and they lead by example. 

These are the kind of friends I really love to be around. 

Not all of our friends are like this though…right? 

You and I both have crabs. 

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, I’m not talking about the kind of crabs that we learned about in sexual education. I’m talking about something different…allow me to explain. 🙂

One of my mentors told me a story a while back about how he and his family were on the East Coast in Maine for a beautiful family vacation. They were taking in the breathtaking coast line, the stunning lighthouses and each night they enjoyed first-class Maine Lobster and other seafood. 

One of the days, my mentor got to chatting with a crab fisherman about the work he does from day to day and his general lifestyle. While they were talking my mentor was watching him unloading crabs from his trap into a bucket. The man was wondering around doing his thing, tidying ropes up, putting away other odds and ends and all the while the crabs were in a bucket pretty well unattended. He was fascinated by this because he wondered if the crabs could get out of the bucket and if they did how costly it would be for the fisherman to lose even one crab. 

Sure enough as he watched, he noticed that one crab was indeed trying to escape the bucket. It was climbing on top of the other crabs and using all of its legs and strength to try to hoist itself out of the bucket to escape.

He pointed it out to the man but the man wasn’t concerned. He just said “wait, watch and see what happens”. Sure enough there was nothing for the fisherman to worry about. The other crabs pulled the ambitious one down and kept it in the bucket. The man told B, “I never have to worry about them escaping because they are self policing”. 

My mentor told us this story to illustrate a point- and that point is what I’m writing to share with you:

Every single one of us has crabs in our life.

They are the people who want to pull is down, drag us down or hold us back from our dreams. 

A dear friend called them “dream snatchers”. Some others have referred to them as “dead weight”. 

However you choose to look at them, recognize that there are going to be times when people do and say lousy things to try to slow you down or stop you from reaching your goals. 

It is up to you though to believe you can do it, take action and never let anyone stand in the way of what you truly want to do to better yourself and the world around you. 

In good health,

Megan K

PS: sometimes people wonder why I write the posts I do. 
I wrote this one because recently I saw that some people participating a fitness competition-where the purpose of the competition is to spread the love of fitness- were taking some heat for their check-ins on facebook at the gym. Wow. I could hardly believe it. What a classic example of crabs. A person is out there doing some wonderful for her health and her support system is giving her s*** for telling the world about her goals and accomplishments? What a pile of hot steaming dookie. Remember folks, “ain’t nobody gonna break your stride” unless you let them.

Good morning awesome boot campers!

I hope that everybody is awake, inspired and ready to meet the challenges of the day head on; I know that I am! Speaking of being inspired and enthusiastic, I’d like to tell you about a wonderful person that I’m extremely proud of. We all know how bad it feels to be disgusted by what you see in the mirror, but we often forget how much our emotions and behaviors, both good and bad, affect the people that we care about. 

Let me introduce you to Alicia. Her story is a true inspiration to me and makes me get out of bed when I’d like nothing better than to sleep in. 

Before she discovered MPower Fitness, Alicia was in a really bad place. “Emotionally I was a wreck. I was unhappy and it started to affect the people in my life.” She hated working out and couldn’t even make it through 10 minutes of exercise without giving up. She hated herself but was so down that she didn’t even feel like putting in the effort to change her situation. Her fiancé took note. “You were just not a happy person, you hated yourself and you took it out on our relationship.”

That all changed when she found MPower Fitness. She and her mom decided to make the lifestyle change together, and it’s been truly inspiring for her.

“Throughout this whole journey my inspiration is of course my Mom. I am so happy that she decided to join me in this new lifestyle change. During my workout she is my biggest motivation, if my Mom is pushing 30 lbs…I can! If my Mom can do 25 burpees I can do 30! It’s awesome!”

Instead of starting the day with dread, Alicia is now full of energy and eager to face the day. “I get boot camp done right in the morning. Not only does it propel me into a day of healthy eating and increased energy but then I can’t make up excuses throughout the day that allow me skip out on my workouts.”

Alicia has lost 20 pounds and more than 15 inches. She’s gone from a size 10 to a size 6 and is still excited about showing up to MPower Fitness in order to meet her goals. She’s eating right and using her Fitness Pal every day. “It really keeps me honest and aware of what I am putting in my body.”

Personally, I think that Alicia’s already overcome her hardest battle: she’s changed how she views herself and is happy. “You just have to get done what you can. One week we might make it 6 times and the next we only make it 3. Don’t beat yourself up about it. The days you can’t make it to boot camp, eat less and always eat HEALTHY!”

That’s what MPower Fitness is all about: teaching you how to do your best so that you can be healthy and happy with who you are!

Megan K and Team

Happy Monday, Fit Fam-

It is time for a Pep Talk.

I went back and forth about my topic this week and decided to do a double whammy: hydration and alcohol. 

With warm weather, patios calling, barbecues to attend, parties, weddings and such a lot of clients are reporting in that there is more temptation than usual with alcohol. 

We understand. 

Typically what we tell clients is that if you’re very serious about fat loss alcohol needs to be eliminated or drastically reduced. 

Now longer term that cutting alcohol out of your life may not be sustainable. 

If your life includes the occasional adult beverage then you need to have a plan that will allow for a little bit here and there- without impeding your progress. 

If you’re planning to have any alcohol please consider having one drink and then two or ideally three glasses of water. This will allow your body more time to process the alcohol and keep you hydrated.

Remember that alcohol is a toxin and that too much is harmful. Additionally alcohol is also very dehydrating and impairs all of your physiological processes- including judgement. 

You can see why outside of fitness and fat loss considerations it is important to limit alcohol. Your body is your home- so to speak- and you’ve got to take good care of it. 

Which also means that in caring for our bodies we need to keep them well hydrated. With the warmer temperatures be sure to be aiming to get in your water. The objective is /12 your body weight in fluid ozs. 

For more info on both of these check out the podcasts I’ve got for you:



We hope you have a fabulous week! 

Megan K and the team

PS if you’ve got something you’d love to learn more about, send me a message. I’m always open to covering topics YOU want to hear about.

Hello my inspirational campers!

I hope that this finds you in a great place and ready to move forward with your goals for the day! Making lifestyle changes is difficult and motivation is the key. The problem, though, is that getting started is the hardest part. 

We’ve all experienced rough spots in our lives, whether it’s professional, personal or physical. Sometimes it’s a combination of all three, and that’s when it’s toughest to turn things around. But in order to get healthy and happy, you have to dedicate yourself to making some changes. 

Today I’d like to tell you the story of Erin B. She was facing some big challenges when she found MPower Fitness, and I’m absolutely elated that we played a part in helping her turn her life around. It’s stories like this that make me proud to be doing what I do.

Erin weighed more than she’d ever weighed – almost 200 pounds – and had just lost both of her grandmothers. She was also separated from her husband of 12 years and had just lost her job. This all happened to her in the span of just 1 year! She was in a bad place mentally and physically but knew that she needed to get stronger both for herself and for her kids.

When she met with me, Erin wasn’t in the best frame of mind. “I was at about a 6 for motivation. I just didn’t have the confidence to make changes.  But Megan really saw something in me and stuck with me. I couldn’t be more appreciative of that.” She chose to reach a size 8 as her first goal but wasn’t too optimistic that she could actually do it. “We put a number down on paper and I thought that was laughable.”

Erin did know that she needed to change but started with the exercise portion of her makeover first. “I was very conscious at the beginning that I could really only handle the exercise. I was big into eating my feelings and therefore did not think I could focus on food and exercise simultaneously.” Once she finally did start working on both, the changes that she saw were dramatic.

She’s getting close to her weight goal and has met others as well. Erin can do a deck squat, she’s below 30% body fat and she’s now wearing a size 8. She’s excited to be getting closer to her poster. Those are great but they’re not the best things that she’s gotten from MPower Fitness. She’s gained a better perspective and a sense of belonging that she desperately needed.

I think it’s fabulous that she’s losing weight and getting healthy, but the one statement that Erin made that really warmed my heart and made me proud of my job was this: “I have more confidence now and I know that with a half hour intense workout a day, change can happen. I have more energy. I feel better in my own skin.  I know that achieving goals can be a reality.”

We always had faith in her, but now she has faith in herself and that’s what it’s all about, campers. May you all achieve that if you haven’t already!

Happy Sunday Fit Bodies-

Megan K here with your Monday Pep Talk.

It is no secret that I’m a die hard romantic. 

  • Mushy
  • Gushy
  • Lovey
  • Dovey

All of that stuff, I love it. 

But in truth I haven’t always had a very good romance with myself. Maybe you can relate? 

I love everyone else but can often be guilty of putting myself in last place– which can and has included getting less sleep than I should, not taking time to eat proper meals (string cheese and apple slices standing up in the kitchen…)

and even missing the occasional workout to work longer or do something for someone else.


But in 2019, I committed to myself to take better care of myself.

I decided to have a better relationship with myself- if you will. 

We’re just at the half way mark on the year and despite working more hours than I have in a long time, I feel better than I would have in the past because I am vigilant about getting proper sleep, eating well and working out. 

How about you? How are you doing with your relationship with yourself? 

If you’re like me me and it occasionally could use some improving, I’d suggest starting by making a list/ “love note” if you will to yourself. 

Write out 5-10 things that you love, respect, admire and or appreciate about yourself and anytime you dare to be harder on yourself than necessary revisit that list. 

Anytime you put yourself behind everyone else, revisit that list. 


Because you’re worth it and when you take amazing care of yourself, you have more to give and to share with others. 

With loads of love and appreciate for you,

Megan K and the team

Today I’m going to talk about someone most of you know and love, Coach Kelly. If you don’t know Kelly, her story is inspiring and once you meet her you will see why everyone just loves her.

Kelly started with MPower Fitness back in October of 2013. She was working out at a “regular” gym with her boyfriend at the time and it wasn’t going to well. She always ended up crying after her workout but she hated going to the gym on her own so she continued.

First of all, it’s hard enough for some people to find the motivation to get to the gym but to end up crying after every workout. I’m not sure I would have continued if I were in those shoes.

Fast forward to a Facebook ad for a trial month that Kelly saw about MPower Fitness. In her words she said,

“I felt like sh**! I had turned 30, had gained weight and my clothes were too tight. I was miserable.”

So, the ad brought her to us, and her soon to be workouts changed her life. Now Kelly didn’t just jump right in without any fear. She actually was pretty scared and had a lot of anxiety that first day.

“I drove around the parking lot and almost didn’t come in. I had HUGE anxiety and was terrified of feeling embarrassed, looking awkward or silly, and not being able to keep up. I actually slid across the wall trying to sneak in and not be seen.”

She met Kristi and said she was extremely welcoming and kind and this helped ease the nervousness.

She started coming consistently and claims she still felt very unsure and uncertain but with her determination and the help of her fellow members and coaches she started to learn the workouts and everything became clear.

Now she was encouraged. Now she was ready to brag!

“By week 2 I was going home and bragging to my boyfriend about all the neat things I was able to do and was eager to show him the exercises I had learned. I had confidence and no longer came home from the gym crying!”

Kelly was finally feeling the benefits of exercise. She was feeling great about herself.

“I felt happy and loved how my body was feeling. I lost weight in a healthy way and felt encouraged, welcomed and loved. One of the best parts besides what I’ve already mentioned, is the new friends I made. I loved seeing the same people all the time. It’s really like a family. This has been the best thing I could have ever done for me.”

Kelly went from being sad to happy; from crying to no more of that!  And even better….she went on to get certified and become a coach and a bigger part of our family.

She gets to share her experience and change lives just like she had done for her. Talk about a win-win situation.

And there you go my friends’….that is Coach Kelly!

Just a quick pep talk for your Monday.

Did you know that we have 365 days in a year?

  • 168 hours in a week
  • 24 hours in a day
  • 1,440 minutes in a day (10,080 minutes in a week)

To dramatically- positively– improve your physical well being and health you can do so with as little as a half hour of focused movement 3-4 times per week. 

120 minutes- and you can improve your life. Awesome right? 

(*Now in my perfect world would we all do a lot more than that? Yes, because we’d all play outside and have movement based hobbies and not working sedentary jobs etc. etc.) 

With 10,080 minutes in a week we can all budget 120 toward movement. 

You’ve got this! 

Lets make it a strong week, 

Megan K and the team

Hello my wonderful, enthusiastic campers!

As you know, I love hearing about each and every one of you. I love to hear your stories, and learn what it was that brought you to MPower Fitness. Sometimes, though, it really hits me how much of an impact the program has on people. Today I want to share a story with you that absolutely brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Let me tell you about Deb. She’s an amazing woman whose story is so moving that it motivates me to keep going and sell harder even when I’m exhausted and discouraged. 

Before starting MPower Fitness , Deb was eating poorly and had a hard time making it to the gym because she lacked a motivating partner to work out with and just didn’t think she had the time. “I was out of shape physically (could not dance one song without being out of breath, with my knees and ankles hurting). I felt tired all the time with no enthusiasm to do things, and was not feeling happy with myself.”

Just hearing that made my heart heavy for what she had gone through. Fortunately, she found us. Because of her past experiences, she was terribly doubtful and lacked confidence that she could succeed. Still, she worked hard to try.

“I did not think or believe I would actually meet my original goal of losing 40 pounds, so I set my first goal of 20 pounds for my first challenge.  I lost the 20 pounds: I was surprised and very happy with the results. I have been hooked on coming to MPower Fitness since Week 2 and even more so after losing the 20 pounds.”

What’s even better is that she kept going and lost another 24 pounds and is still going! She’s not only looking fabulous, she’s also eating better and has a much better outlook on life. She doesn’t even look like the same woman who started with MPower Fitness . She was beautiful when she came, but is absolutely stunning now. Her shyness has given way to self-assurance and she just looks happy.

“I have more confidence in myself; I no longer hide myself in clothes to hide my shape. Now I need to buy clothes that actually fit. I’m down almost 4 sizes.  Overall I’m just happier.” She now enjoys increased energy and endurance, too. She loves walking through the hills and, when asked what’s changed since she started MPower Fitness , her simple answer humbles me: “Everything has changed.”

Just imagining how she must have felt when she was trapped in a body that she hated that badly makes me want to cry for her. However, knowing that Deb is now a totally different person both inside and out thanks to something that I am a part of makes me want to dance.

When asked what it was about MPower Fitness that was so different, she covers the bases well. “My overall experience at MPower Fitness has been the utmost most fabulous experience I have encountered at a fitness gym.  Everyone is ready to work out, encourage and support each other. There is always a welcoming feeling.”

That, my wonderful campers, is why I can’t imagine ever doing anything other than what I’m doing right now!

Have an amazing, successful day!

I want to tell you a little secret. 

For some of you this won’t come as a surprise, but for others of you it will.

The other day I had a tough day. 

I was feeling sad, discouraged, frustrated, and kind of like throwing in the towel. 

You know, it was the kind of day where I was wondering, “what’s it all about?”

and “is this it?” and so on and so forth. 

What I needed was a pep talk. 

Funny thing is that it came from the least expected source. 

It was the end of the day and I was at my friend Rob’s place and he had been talking to me. I was staring off into space not really paying attention…(this is not like me at all) and finally he said “what is going on?” and I just started crying.

I told him about some of the struggles I have with owning this business:

  • stress management
  • people management
  • financial management
  • client expectation management
  • emotional state management
  • leading etc

and how when I grew up all I really wanted to do was make a difference in people’s lives. 

I saw myself doing International Relief work or detention center visits for the International Committee of the Red Cross. I had also planned to become an attorney and then a Supreme Court Judge. 

Needless to say what I’m doing now is a bit different from those things. Now I’m a fat loss expert and I help Mrs. Jones and Mr. Smith lose body fat. 

What we do here at MPower Fitness is very important and contributes value to the world- just in a different kind of way. And Rob- of all people- reminded me of that.

He also told me something I knew but again, wasn’t expecting to hear from him. 

He said “As humans we are naturally programmed to focus on the negative or the things that have gone wrong in our day, week, life etc. We have to work and choose to stay positive but we can make that choice.”

He said “You can feel sad at the time, but there is no need to dwell on stuff that happened ages ago that you can’t change. And you Megan, are tough so stop focusing on the past (mistakes/regrets/challenges) now and keep moving forward. You’re a leader and people look to you to show them how to get back up after falling”. 

Hmm. Needless to say I wasn’t expecting that! 

I don’t know what was more shocking, that I had let a bad day get to me like that or that I’d received a pretty outstanding pep talk from my car salesman friend :-p. Who knew?

Well, I’ve been talking to a few of you lately and it seems like with all of your schedule changes, vacations, trips to the cabin, weddings etc. some of you have gotten off track and a bit discouraged about your progress. So I wanted to share with you what Rob said to me. 

“It is ok to feel sad or discouraged just briefly but then pick yourself up and move forward. You’re tough. You’ve got this.”

We believe in you and we know that the only way someone ever fails to reach his/her goal is to stop trying and give up. Our goal is to inspire you not to give up.

Megan K and the team

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”

Winston Churchill