To nibble or not…that is the question.

If you are like most Americans, you have access to Halloween Candy starting in early October all the way to mid-November. If you have iron will like my client Jenny then perhaps the candy is tucked away “out of site” and consequently “out of mind” and you haven’t eaten any of it.  But if  you are like some of my other clients, then you know where the candy supply is and it whispers or even calls to you asking to be eaten…even when you don’t really want any.

It occurred to us at MPower Fitness Boot Camp Saint Louis Park that perhaps we would do well to simply acknowledge the fact that many of you will be battling the curse of candy this month and to help out we have created this series of posts called “30 Days of Candy”.

Our intention is to help you find the necessary motivation to resist nibbling when you want to and to have peace of mind when you do decide to enjoy a morsel or two.  Because lets be honest, very few of us will actually want to go through the entire month without any Halloween candy.  After all, what fun would that be?





Just for fun, why not print out your own NO Candy Pledge?

Or reach out to your coach for extra accountability this month if you’re finding it hard to steer clear of the sweets.
Just 30 days out of 365. You can do it!

And as we’re stepping into October, we’re excited to announce our upcoming program Fit For Fall 2015!

Fit For Fall 2015

Click the link above for more information or email us at!

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