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Monday Motivation : How to DOMINATE your Day

I hope everyone has had a restful and enjoyable weekend.  We’ve been keeping busy all weekend with Coach Adam Glass in town for workshops and some staff trainings.   Last week I did a video for the team about how to dominate your day. One of the things that matters a great deal is how we […]

Monday Motivation : Shake It Off

I hope you are enjoyed another great weekend! Is anyone else grateful for the slight improvement in weather? I definitely notice my mood improves when the sun is shining. 🙂 On Friday, I was watching a friends dog, Brandy, run around his back yard excitedly.  She would sit at the door, and wag her tail, […]


Monday Motivation : The Struggle Bus

Today I’m writing to you about the struggle bus.  What is the struggle bus you might ask?  According to urban dictionary it is terminology used to describe a difficult situation.   And sometimes when it comes to health and fitness people feel like they are “on the struggle bus” or that the “struggle is real”.  There […]


Monday Motivation : Let’s not overthink it…

This week, I’m writing you a pep talk about “overthinking it”.  This is a classic area of opportunity for many of us.  We tend to wonder, analyze, reanalyze and end up in some analysis paralysis and then no action gets taken.  Should I buy protein powder A?  Do I go with a dairy free protein […]


Monday Motivation : How to change negative beliefs

A few weeks ago, I wrote to you about the importance of spring  cleaning on our thought patterns and working toward the elimination of negative thoughts.  Today I want to touch on that again.  Hopefully you recognize the necessity of making a conscious effort to check your mental space and toss out ideas and belief […]


Monday Motivation : Losing

A few weeks ago I wrote to you about how “comparison is the thief of joy” (Teddy Roosevelt)  So often it really is.  But it is hard not to compare when we are in a competition, especially when there are prizes on the line. Right? So we have to find the balance between being competitive/wanting […]

Monday Motivation : Warm It Up

Coach Kim put in a special request (on behalf of all the coaches) for a Pep Talk about the importance of the warm-up. Kind of punny timing, wouldn’t you say? :p I’m sure we’d all love a warm-up.  A good warm-up is important for any vigorous physical activity  and it is smart for any workout […]

Monday Motivation : Do The Things

Who else has a “to-do list” that seems to consistently be longer than the time permits?Maybe you can relate? The thing about a list is that if we don’t get the things done they weigh on us.  But when we do there is a satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.  Even the simple and seemingly […]