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Monday Motivation : Football Tips

Happy Monday! And for those who enjoy football, welcome to football season.  This week’s post is for all of you football fans out there! Here are a few quick tips to survive football (viewing) season: 1- Hydrate well with water   For many, attending games or hosting football events includes some alcohol. Make sure your pre-game […]

Monday Motivation : Stay The Course

Megan K here with your Pep Talk.  This week, I wanted to post to remind you that you can do it.  Stay the course.  Sometimes there will be setbacks. Sometimes there will be dips in your progress. Sometimes you’ll be off track and wonder if aliens have taken over the operation of your body (or […]


Monday Motivation : Patience

We are in one of the two main times of year when people really get serious about their fitness goals. I know many of you have been pursuing your goals diligently all summer, but some of you relaxed a bit/ a lot. 🙂 It is normal… In the fall (and spring) people seem to get […]


Monday Motivation : BM what?

Happy Monday – A lot of our clients come to us for fitness and fat loss coaching.  Those who have serious fitness goals and those who are serious about dropping body fat are typically paying attention to what they are eating.  But there can be a lot of confusion about what to eat, how much […]


Monday Motivation : All or Nothing

Happy Monday – Today I wanted to write you a quick note about the fitness myth of “all or nothing”.  In the studio we hear from many potential new clients that they are either completely on track or completely off track.  They are either dialed in with their food or flailing. They are attending sessions […]


Monday Motivation : Science

Happy Monday – What a fabulous week of weather we have had.  I was reading a great book about lasting change and I took some notes to share with you.  If you are up for it I’d highly recommend the book Stick With It by Sean Young Sean explains that to have lasting change we […]


Monday Motivation : More isn’t better

Happy Monday! This week I had the pleasure of a quick chat with a returning client.   She had been doing another program for about six months and hadn’t seen any changes in her body.  She remarked that she’d been working really hard. She was doing longer workouts than the ones we offer at MPower Fitness […]

Monday Motivation : Vision of the Heart

I’m in California for my annual conference and we are working!  I’m actually on a short break from seminars right now writing up the Pep Talk.  Each day, at the conference, we ask each other “what were your biggest take-aways, what was most impactful and on what are you taking immediate action?”  It was tough […]

Monday Motivation : The 5 G’s of Success

Every time I come back from a conference or a personal development/ leadership event it is hard to write the pep talk. My brain is filled with ideas that I want to share with you and I struggle to pick what I think might help you the most. Fortunately I’ve got weeks worth of materials […]