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Monday Motivation : Self Talk and Body Image

This is an exciting time of year.   Spring is definitely here and not just on the calendar.  At MPower, we LOVE spring and summer because everyone comes out of hibernation.  People have a bit more zest for life with the sun shining.   This week, I want to talk to you about self-talk and body image. […]

Monday Motivation : Affirmation Deficiency

Happy Monday! This week I’m writing to you about a topic that might seem a tad bit “woo woo” but can truly have an impact on your headspace regarding fitness and your tangible results.  Have you ever heard of affirmational deficiency?  You have likely heard of affirmations and in particular positive ones.  ie: I’m whole […]

Monday Motivation : Choose a new thought

A lot of success comes from repetition.  Repeatedly doing the things that are necessary to reach our goals.  Following a process.  Staying consistent.  But a BIG part of our success comes from our beliefs about ourselves as well.  What if you could choose to create different beliefs by practicing better thought patterns?  You can.  Do […]

Monday Motivation : A small confession…

Happy Monday Today I have a small confession.  I totally caved and ate some pizza.  I’m in a six week challenge and I gave in to temptation! It happens…it happens to all of us.  And it all happened because I went hungry to the grocery store.  It began like any normal day.  I was up […]

Monday Motivation : What’s your story?

Happy Monday! I hope you have had a fabulous weekend!  Thinking back to a weekend in San Diego with owners of other fitness centers around North America. Some of these people are my closest friends and very inspirational people. We get together in a community of like minded, forward thinking, positive change facilitating people to […]

Monday Motivation : Amazon Prime Me

Happy Monday Fit Friends! I hope this talk finds you well.  True story, outside of writing your success stories, my favorite thing to do is to write you these posts!  I absolutely love chatting with you, the coaches and others in the community about what you might need/ want to hear about. This week the […]

Monday Motivation : Vacation Planning

Happy Monday! This week’s pep talk is all about vacations.  We get asked a lot about what to do to stay on track while on vacation.  The truth is there are a lot of ways you can do this.  1- Is this a rare and special vacation? If so, don’t worry about it. Stay active. […]

Monday Motivation : Cardio Vs. Group Training

Happy Monday! We get asked a lot about cardio.  Should I do more?  How much do I need to do?  I want to become a runner, cyclist, triathlete etc. How can I do it all?  Don’t I need cardio to lose weight?  And so many other questions… The reality about cardio is this:  If you […]