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Thursday Transformation : Kelly A’s Story

A sedentary lifestyle, lack of motivation and lowered self-confidence often go hand in hand.   When we aren’t moving and grooving it can feel almost impossible to get into the habit of exercise. We often know that exercise will make us feel better but getting going can be really tough.  Exercise not only gives us more […]

Monday Motivation : A Little Inspiration

Happy Monday! This weekend I’m coming to you with a little additional inspiration.  I know that many of us are several weeks into pursuing some New Year’s goals!  This is the time when motivation can start to wane (not always)…just in case, this one is for you.  Are you someone that has experienced a low […]

Thursday Transformation : Ann-Marie’s Story

A lot of times we find that we come into the lives of our clients, exactly when they need it most.  This is the case for our dear client Ann-Marie.  Before finding MPower,  Ann- Marie says “I was in between healing from an injury I sustained while at Crossfit.   I was struggling because I LOVE […]

Monday Motivation : Destination Addiction

Happy Monday Fit Friends and a Happy 2020 to you! I hope that this year is your happiest, healthiest, most abundant and peaceful year yet. 🙂 On to the pep talk… On New Year’s Eve, I gave a quick message about the importance of stepping up your/our game in 2020: setting goals that scare us […]

Thursday Transformation : Jenn’s Story

Our client (and now coach) Jenn J found MPower fitness when she was physically, emotionally and mentally tired from a tough year and having a 4 year old and a 6 month old at home.   She says  “I was in need of self care for my well being and I didn’t want to feel sluggish […]

Monday Motivation : Do the Thing

Anybody else experience a little dip in motivation lately?  I suspect it might be partially related to the cold. It could also be related to the time change…although that’s been a while now. Maybe it is connected to the darker days? Who knows.  For whatever reason though I’ve been hearing that some of you (like […]

Thursday Transformation : Lisa’s Story

A lot of times people come to us because they feel like they are in a rut when it comes to their health and fitness. Some are completely stuck and doing nothing.  For our clients Lisa and Cory, they were exercising but they didn’t love what they were doing and they weren’t seeing the results […]

Monday Motivation : Progress

Happy Monday- I was recently chatting with a fellow athlete in one of my sports about her progress and my progress.  I’ll admit, it had been a frustrating practice.  I had seen great strides the last 3 times I had been developing skills and then there was some serious backpedaling.  Guess what, I know it […]

Thursday Transformation : Tami’s Story

Have you heard the quote, “A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but because of its persistence (by Jim Watkins)?” I believe it is the same with achieving fitness goals or any goals for that matter.  Do you need power?  Yes, power and strength to be persistent and persevere.  It doesn’t matter […]

Monday Motivation : How can we make this more fun

Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas or Happy Monday- I’ve been thinking a lot about this pep talk over the last week and how to convey this message.  I was going to come up with a catchy jingle or a goofy youtube video because I love when people laugh but it isn’t coming to me so I […]