Over the summer I wrote to you about two of the three pillars of our companies: Results and Relationships.

But I held off writing about the third one: Community.

The reason I waited was because we had other important topics to address: state fair survival, consistency as the least sexy (but most applicable) secret of success,

body positivity and more.

But today, I wanted to thank YOU for being a part of what I believe is the best fitness community ever.

There are a lot of things that make our community strong but what makes it special is how inclusive and welcoming it is.

You don’t need to be a certain level of fitness to belong.

You don’t need to be an age, marital status etc.

You just need to be doing the best you can and be supportive of others.  

I could write for days about specific examples of our community in action and the way it has impacted the lives of those in it but I’ll try to keep it to some more recent examples.

Over the summer we had several groups run Mud Races including the Tough Mudder and most recently the Rugged Maniac.

Just a couple of weekends a BIG group of MPower clients recently were together running the “Rugged Maniac”: a 5K race with multiple obstacles. We heard after how meaningful it was to one client that the whole group stayed together and ran it as a team.

~~ insert some photos here~~

We hear from clients who have had an ill spouse or family member that the love and support they receive from their fellow clients and us during that time contributes to their desire to come back and be with us again when they are able to return.

We hear from clients that when they are sick they miss the emotional fulfillment of being here so they are excited to return as soon as they are feeling better.

And we hear from clients that when they don’t feel like showing up to work out, they DO because if they didn’t they’d miss seeing their Boot Camp friends.

Jim Rohn, renowned businessman and author says “we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with so every person counts”.  When we want to improve the quality of our lives in terms of our health and fitness we need to spend time with people who are aiming to do the same.

The environment we put ourselves in needs to be supportive. We need to actively choose to be around people who are encouraging of us and our goals- especially if we are really serious about BIG goals.

Megan K and Team

This week’s Pep Talk was a bit harder for me to write because it is a subject about which I feel very passionate and hold close to my heart.

This week I’m writing to you about us as coaches and as a team and why we aim to be an example of body positivity as an organization.

Recently it came to my attention that a couple of people had been making comments about the appearance (physical leanness, overall shape/ size etc.) of some of my coaching team.

And it wasn’t just a positive nature.

Some of the comments were rude, cruel and really derogatory.

Hearing them hurt my heart immensely.

And here is why:

At MPower Fitness we believe that a coach is someone who helps take you from where you are to where you want to go. 

You is emphasized because the coach is here For YOU.

There are times when we think we know what’s going on with someone by judging solely on how she/he/they look but the fact of the matter is we don’t.  We are doing just that:  judging.  

And that’s not something we want to support or encourage.

Our coaching team includes a variety of ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels because we think that we are better able to help more people with a range of goals when we are also on our journeys with a range of goals and life experiences. Again with our focus on you.  

As coaches we want to be continuing to better ourselves in whatever way we can and sometimes that won’t be evident as an exterior “physique change” but there is always an emphasis within our team to be working toward better.

The hard part about being human is that the fitness (and life) journey is filled with ups, downs, sideways motion and total backsliding.  

No journey includes forward progress all the time.

Our goal as a coaching team is to support each other through the stuff of life (injuries, illnesses, stress, hormone changes, medicine changes …which can all lead to weight gain) AND support you our clients.

AND we aim to do all of this with as much love and support as possible.

And with as little criticism or deflating commentary as possible.

I wasn’t directly privy to the comments made so I couldn’t ask any exploratory questions to find out where the concern really was but my hope is that if anyone else is concerned about the physical appearance of a coach that you’d give me a call directly so we could discuss this.

Our goal at MPower is to be inclusive, supportive and uplifting to all on their fitness journeys.

Let’s have a strong and positive week.

Megan K and the team

This week’s pep talk is all about taking yourself to your next level. In order to get there though, we need to figure out what we want and why we want it. 

If you’ve not read the book by Simon Sinek “It Starts With Why”, I highly recommend it. He also has a youtube video that is really great as well about the golden circle.

We are more likely to be successful when we begin any venture with the purpose behind it at the forefront of what we are doing.


Why am I doing Ascension Program Level 1?

I want to feel stronger.

I want to feel successful.

Why do I come to MPower?

I want to look and feel great with my clothes off.

I want it to be easy to shop for clothes.

I want to live a long healthy life and be a good example to my children.

Why do I want to tidy up my eating habits?

I know I feel better when I do.

I will have better health scores at my next annual physical.

I’m in the danger zone for xyz condition and I want to stay clear of that.

You get the idea.

Once we have an idea of what we want we can start to work toward “reverse engineering” the steps or markers that are necessary in order to get there.

So let’s say you want to do the Ascension L1 (sorry men I’m going to use the women’s protocol as the example here) .

The first step would be to take an accurate assessment of where you are right now.

1- Can you do hanging knee raises?

How many?

2- Can you press over head for 1 rep 1/5th of your body weight?

3-Can you squat to the 12″ box? How many times? With what weight etc.

And you’d do this for each element.

If you CAN do all the things then book your darn test. 🙂 It is time. If you are quite close then ask one of the coaches. Chances are good it is time to book the test.

If you aren’t close on a few of the movements then this is what needs to happen next: either connect with a coach to get a sense of what else you can be doing in your sessions to continue toward these movements.

Plus, each time you are warmed up in a workout, if it is appropriate to do so, try the movement. See how it goes.

If you are a bit shaky on how to do this for yourself, that’s what we are here to help you with!

The same can be done with your fat loss goals.

They too can be reverse engineered into smaller, more manageable pieces. 

This is why we have NAG meetings 😉 and why we suggest aiming (outside of challenges) for 4-5lbs of fat loss per month.

It can be managed and it can be more steadily obtained.

With all of this being said, what can you do to take yourself to your next level?

The first thing is to figure out where you want to go and why and then schedule a meeting with us or some time with yourself to figure out what your next steps are to get there.

Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team

This week I wanted to write you a quick note about Consistency.

If you’ve been to one of our new client or pre-challenge orientations you’ve likely heard me say that

“consistency is the least sexy secret of success” .

I say this often because it is true and a very important message. 

Whatever it is that we want to accomplish it is going to take work to get it done.

It doesn’t necessarily mean we have to suffer, be miserable, hate the process (although there might occasionally be a bit of all 3) but there will be work.

And we need to consistently do the work.

Sometimes we get a bit ahead of ourselves and we try to take on too much at one time.

We try to get in the habit of changing all of our eating habits, all of our sedentary lifestyle happens, our sleep, our stress management and our alcohol all at once.

This is too much!

So with consistency being the least sexy secret of success, the second thing I really want to emphasize is that gradual change is sustainable change.

Don’t try to renovate every aspect of your life all at once!  It will drive you bananas and will be really hard to do.

As you are working toward your goals, being consistent and making gradual changes remember to celebrate your wins and milestones!

Be proud of yourself and tell anyone and everyone who will listen about your successes.

Please be sure to tell us too!

Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team

This week I wanted to write you a quick note about the importance of performance goals.

Sometimes we have it in our heads that we want to look a certain way,  or be a certain shape/ size etc but the reality is that without surgical enhancement or alteration what we want isn’t going to happen.

I’m all for relentlessly pursuing self betterment but I feel a bit wary when clients come in and they tell me they want to weigh what they did in college or high school!

For some folks that would be nearing dangerous levels of lean, unhealthy or unrealistic.

As coaches, we have found, that it has been really helpful over the last few years for clients who were a bit “hung up” on the number on the scale, or the body fat % to change their focus to something external like a performance goal.

The body wants to be lean.

The body wants to be strong.

The body wants to function as efficiently as possible

and then sometimes we get ideas (thank you society and the media) about what we should and shouldn’t look like while we are feeling better and better!

Enter performance goals:

A focus on doing something new, doing something more and feeling better while doing it.

To help facilitate an external focus for our clients, we created a program called the Ascension Program. It has 7 Levels.

This is a new program (and we are still working out all the quirks) but basically clients can work toward and test for each level and increase their strength and endurance as they do.

If you find that you’ve been bouncing a bit too much on the scale, or lacking motivation to follow through on your clean eating efforts then perhaps it is time for you to focus on a performance goal like Ascension Level 1.  Your body will change and improve aesthetically but you’ll take the pressure of yourself having your focus elsewhere.  

Plus who doesn’t love being able to work toward and accomplish a BIG goal?!

Here’s an example of one of our Ascension levels:


Military Standard

30 Reps Toes

Chest To Floor

Straight Arms


20 Consecutive Reps


Clean And Squat 1/3 Body Weight

10 Consecutive Reps

12″ Box


5 Reps



100 Reps

4 Minutes Or Less


100 Reps2 1⁄2 Minutes

When we have a focus it’s easier to stay committed to your goals.

Your goals are achievable with a plan and we can help you find that plan, just trust that you can!

~Megan K

This week I wanted to send you a note about “the pursuit of better”. 

Often when our clients come through the door they tell us “I just want to feel better”. 

For some this is associated with 

  • being leaner
  • wearing smaller clothes
  • fitting into the clothes they have that are too tight
  • reducing pain
  • having more energy
  • sleeping better 
  • improving ability to move around
  • having a higher sex drive and on and on.  

But the common denominator is that they all want to see some sort of improvement: whether that improvement is objective or subjective. 

What is interesting to me is that the improvement in how a person feels often comes most steadily along side of the pursuit of the goal. 

You might think, surely it only comes when the goal is MET but that is usually not the case. 

The journey or the pursuit of the goal is typically where people find the most joy. Yes, yes of course 

meeting the goal is extremely important but the learning, growing, expanding happens on the journey. 

And that is often where people find the MOST joy.  

“fall in love with the journey”

We want our clients to know that greatness (in any area) is a process and a journey. 

The key is to find the wins, find the improvements and have as much fun as possible along the way. 

Be light and easy about it. 

And remember when we are doing things out of punishment and fear it rarely leads to a positive result.  

So whatever mental gymnastics you need to do, do it so that you see your journey as one that is and can be fun. 

We are committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team

I wanted to write to you briefly about 3 quotes that resonate with me 

1- “As human beings we are just scratching the surface of our potential”.  

This is something I say all the time. I’m sure someone much cleverer said it at one point but it is a thing the team constantly tease me about because I’m always talking about going to the next level, leveling up, getting better, scratching the surface of what we can do and on and on.  

Because IT IS TRUE. 

It may be THE Thing I say as I’m dying (not that I’m dying) but I’m that passionate about it.  ​Always believe in your potential and your ability to become more.  Always. 

2- “Fall in the love with the journey”

Leveling up is sometimes HARD.

Along the way, a lot of people contemplate throwing in the towel. 

And that is why we must fall in love with the journey. 

Whatever it is you are working toward remember the journey…it isn’t just about getting to the next level it is about enjoying the process of getting there.

3- “Work is love made visible” 

Khalil Gibran 

This one is a reminder to us coaches that every day we show up to coach, we are in service to you: our clients. We aim to show you how much we value what we do (as your coaches) and the contribution we get to make to your lives by doing what we do with passion, enthusiasm and with a love and respect for our craft. 

It is an honor to be on your journey as your guides or coaches. 

We are committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team

This week I want to write to you about the cycle of change. 

I first learned about this cycle during a great seminar taught by personal growth coach Rod Harriston

Rod is one of those charismatic, engaging and educating coaches who captivates an audience. 

The day I heard him present on this topic I was convinced I had heard one of the greatest talks- ever. 

I’m still pretty sure that’s the case. 

The material he showed us about behavior change is material we still use and aim to work with/ understand with you, our dear clients. 

At the outset of any behavior change journey we have what is called Inception. 

This is the idea phase. 

There is excitement. 

There is enthusiasm. 

There is momentum. We want to get going toward our goals and our believe in ourselves and our ability to do what we set off to do is typically high.

Shortly after Inception we enter the phase called Resistance…and if resistance gets too out of hand we fall into deception. 

Resistance is that voice inside of us telling us to procrastinate, that maybe we could wait on doing the thing, that the thing is too hard, that the thing is too easy, that the thing is no longer desirable etc.

Resistance is first class BS. 

Don’t get me wrong, it is real. 

But it is all just the unconscious mind playing games with your conscious mind. 

It is fear based. It is primal and it can be avoided, by first understanding that your mind will play this game. 

And the way to move through it is ACTION. 

Reactively Resistance or Deception is an emotional, intense phase where your emotions are turbulent. 

  • disbelief
  • let down
  • awareness of all the work
  • disillusionment
  • attitude dips
  • frustration 
  • people QUIT

Some people have a such a strong purpose and accountability to their vision that they instinctively push through Deception without knowing why they had that moment of weakness or resistance towards achieving their vision.  

Proactive Deception feels less like you were deceived and feels more like resistance. You are aware that the now conscious incompetence is exactly what you need in order to be ready for that vision. When you proactively want to change your life and find yourself in Deception you can train yourself to celebrate the growth. Appreciate that the vision that you have created for yourself of where you want to go and who you want to become has let you to these trials and tribulations to prepare you for all of the glory in Identity. 

After taking the necessary action repeatedly, for several weeks (according to some 60 days) you move into Identity. 

This beautiful phase is when you start to believe that you have become or are becoming the thing you set out to be or you KNOW that you can do the thing. 

And last but most certainly not least the transformation occurs. 

You are a changed woman/ man. 

The most critical phase, outside of getting started though is Deception. 

And when you are aware that it can and will happen to everyone you can be proactive about it. 

You can remind yourself that it is ok. You’re going to get through things and to just keep taking action.

How are you taking action today?

– Megan K and Team

This week I was connecting with participants of our Body Transformation Challenge and wanted them to contemplate the quote below:

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours”

What do you think? 

Do you think how you think and feel about something will impact your progress? 

It will.

As you go forward, I encourage you to spend more time (almost all of your time) telling anyone who will listen and yourself (most importantly yourself) why YOU CAN achieve any goal you set your mind to. 

Why you can feel fantastic, be in the best shape of your life by your next birthday etc.

Remember our success has very little to do with our capability and much more to do with our belief in our ability to meet and exceed our goals. 

Of course we must take actions, but we must begin by believing that we can. 

Committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday –

Today I’m writing about the importance of willing to be “comfortably uncomfortable” along your fitness and health journey. 

Translation: become ok with change, uncertainty and the process of experimentation. 

I know. I’m asking a lot 🙂

In order to continually see progress and results, we need to be willing to ask questions, run experiments, test things, challenge belief systems and go beyond where we currently are to get to where we want to go. 

That’s a bit vague, I realize but bare with me. I’ll give you some examples. 

If we want to achieve better and better results we need to be willing to do a few things: 

1- Test things and be consistent with the test – for a while

​If you are ​going to carb cycle, try it for at least 8 weeks before you decide if it is for you/ not for you. 

If you are keeping a food log, keep it long enough to collect some solid data. Ideally a month or even longer. Then tweak what you are eating slightly for a month or two and then decide if that is working. Don’t expect results over night. 

2- Run a new test when it is time for that but don’t switch tests/ experiments every week. 

If you’ve been carb cycling for a year, it might be time to try something different. Unless you feel amazing and are still seeing great results. 

If you’ve been going high fat for a long while and you aren’t feeling great then perhaps it is time to do something different. 

Ask yourself, do you need to shake it up with what you are eating? Maybe. But also maybe not. 

3- Be willing to challenge old/ current belief systems about what is necessary for success.

We have a few clients who have made great progress living off of what most would consider “junk food” and fast food. 

How did they do it? They ate more. Part of their lack of progress was not eating enough. 

This belief system that we can only make great progress eating healthily isn’t accurate for all people.  I can only see results when I do a, b or c is limiting.  Challenge it.  

Side note: Do most people feel way better eating healthily? Yes. But my healthy isn’t your healthy. We are built differently and we need different things.  🙂

And on a different side note, what if I told you that what you believe about what you are doing matters more than what you are ​actually doing.  What would you think about that? 🙂 

4- Adjust and readjust goals and expectations.

The trickiest statement we can make about goals is “I want to get back to or go back to…” We never go back. We only go forward.  Could forward mean your clothes fit better again? YES. Absolutely but we can never go back to a time in the past. 

As an extreme example, me aiming to look like my 17 year old self as a 37 year old woman is not a productive goal.  I was a cute little twig back then. Just a teeny little peanut. To look like that,​ I’d need to lose a LOT of muscle mass and become a vegetarian.  Neither are going to happen.  I’m unwilling.  I can only go forward and be a healthier, fitter version of my current self.  

​The same goes for you…

You must find ways to go forward to your goals. 

And this will involve being comfortably uncomfortable. How can you apply the above? 

Are you stuck? We are here to help. 

Committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team