Happy Monday-

I was recently chatting with a fellow athlete in one of my sports about her progress and my progress. 

I’ll admit, it had been a frustrating practice. 

I had seen great strides the last 3 times I had been developing skills and then there was some serious backpedaling. 

Guess what, I know it is going to happen and it still bummed me out. 

Which is why I wanted to email you and remind you that progress simply does not go in a straight line. 

You will have times (possibly even long periods of time) where you make great strides toward your goals and then you’ll have backpedaling, 1 step forward, 3 steps back etc. 

It is inevitable. 

Hang in there and put in the work. 

You can do it and we believe in you. 

Megan K and the team

PS if you’re really stuck, take a few extra days off, get some extra sleep and make sure your nutrition is on track.  Fueling yourself for all of life’s activities is critical 🙂

Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas or Happy Monday-

I’ve been thinking a lot about this pep talk over the last week and how to convey this message. 

I was going to come up with a catchy jingle or a goofy youtube video because I love when people laugh but it isn’t coming to me so I won’t force it… 

The idea behind this week’s pep talk is **fun**. 

How can we make the approach to the fitness or health goal more fun? 

How can we make the process of working toward the goal more enjoyable? 

How can we have an even better time doing this

(By this I mean the journey of fitness- with a cross-over application to any goal in life)

As I say in the Megan K Fitness podcasts, “fitness is a journey and as much as possible we want to find joy in the journey”.

I mean it. 

When we like/love to do a thing we will make it a priority.

When we move our bodies and fuel them out of love for them we will see changes faster than we could have imagined. When we treat our exercise, fitness, fueling process as a punishment or a restrictive, limiting type of process we will find it miserable. Makes sense right? 

I have a joke at the studio with the team, “are we having fun yet?” I typically ask it during the heart of a perceived struggle. Why? 

It makes me/them laugh. 

It lightens us all up. 

We stop being so darn serious. 

And then we get back to work with a change in perspective.

So as we are in the heart of the holidays- the happiest time of year- I’d like to ask you, are you having fun yet? 

Could you make your fitness/ health journey more fun? 

Can I/we help?

We’d sure like to… 🙂

So how might we have more fun? 

Ultimately, only you can answer this but I have some potential starting points just in case they are helpful.

The following are ideas I’ve seen work for clients, the team and myself in joyful pursuit of our goals.

  • R-e-l-a-x
  • Lighten up
  • Get curious
  • Be playful
  • Become willing to experiment
  • Make a joke
  • Receive a joke
  • Get some music going
  • Avoid pain- seriously. Please.
  • Find gratitude for all that is going well.
  • Appreciate what you can do (pain free, with ease, with improvement etc.)
  • Acknowledge/celebrate/ find/recognize what is getting easier as you go, and focus on the ease

Now I’m not saying you should show up to your workout and spend the next 30 minutes messing around. Work needs to be done. 

We do need ‘time under tension’, but let’s not confuse tension with misery, suffering or something awful. That’s not only unnecessary and scientifically has been proven to slow down progress. Misery/suffering is psychologically the complete opposite of FUN and probably not going to make you want to keep doing the exercise. Right? Yikes. But we do need to work. 

So our aim must be to find the balance between doing the work in a way that respects our bodies while doing the work in a way that expands our limits. 

Not too much, not too little.

And if you’re not having fun at least some of the time, then it is necessary to shift your focus because miserable just isn’t the way to go… 

Our hope for you, as we go forward, is that you’ll approach moving and feeding your body with joy and that you’ll do it with self love NOT as a punishment for something done or not done in the past. 

With much love and appreciation for you, 

happy happy holidays. 

Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team

Teddy Roosevelt once said that “comparison is the thief of joy”… I would go one further though and say that missed expectations are right up there as happiness thieves as well, but I’ll come back to those later… 

The interesting thing about comparison and expectations is that we do both to ourselves (with our thoughts), which means we can choose to do better. 

One of my favorite things about coaching a person through his/her personal fitness journey is that it is just that: personal. We all have our own goals, histories, likes, circumstances in our lives, genetics health considerations etc. 

All of these factors impact the journey- so with that being the case why would we ever compare ourselves to others? It doesn’t make sense to compare.

But we do it, right? 

You compare. 

I compare. 

She compares. 

He compares. 

No good comes of it.

I’m intensely proud of all of you and our clients here at MPower Fitness. (Not that what I think matters- the only thing that truly matters is how you feel about your own results/journey.)

You’re accomplishments are remarkable and your commitment to being healthier and better versions of yourselves is what drives us to do what we do. 

I firmly believe that most everyone sees numbers that align with their expectations and desired outcomes, but every now and then this isn’t so. 

It is a sad time for us coaches when we meet with a client who looks great, feels great, has had others notice how much fitter she/he is looking but then the numbers don’t show as “big of a difference” or as “dramatic a change” and then the disappointment sets in. 

It is a bit bananas how much a person can let those numbers impact her/him.

But we do let the numbers get us down…because we see that “so and so lost 15 lbs in one month” or “such and such is down 10.5 inches”…and comparison sets in. 

You have your life. I have mine. She/he has hers/his. 

And if YOU are feeling better, have more energy, are looking more like how you want to look then who gives a toot what the numbers say? **The exception being if your body fat is in a dangerous place and you need to get it down for health reasons**

It is your life and YOU need to decide the pace at which you want to go and how great you’re going to feel while you do it. 

I’m not sure about you, but I’m going to do my thing the very best that I can and then continue to work on letting go of comparison. And when I go to bed at night I’m going to sleep well knowing that I gave the very best I could to be a better version of myself: fitter, healthier, kinder, more generous, more productive etc. Then I’m going to (work on) let(ting) go of whatever anyone else is doing because it is none of my business and her journey is hers.

Are you with me? Will you too, just do the very best you can and then be satisfied with the result? 

We’re committed to your success- and the joy of the journey,

Megan K and the team

Happy Sunday Fit Bodies-

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Today I’m thinking back to when we completed our first ever Amazing Race.

Myself and the team planned out six fitness based tasks at five different locations, provided clues, and the teams had to solve the clues to make it to the finish line. 

We had a blast. The participating teams put forward their best efforts and we had a tie for 1st Place! 

A BIG shout out to the #sweatycoconuts and the #buckfurpees :p

What impressed us so much was that many of the clients who participated had never done anything like this before and really stepped outside of their comfort zones to try something new and unknown. 

Sometimes that’s what is necessary to make progress faster.

We have to take a risk, take a chance and try something new. 

This week, what will you do or try that is unknown or even a little scary? 

Have you seen or heard of a new cooking technique? 

Have you always wanted to try a certain dish/ food? 

Are you almost ready to lift a heavier Kettlebell or Dumbbell? 

I challenge you to get a little bit uncomfortable this week and try something new 🙂

What’s the worst that could happen? 

Megan K

PS Thank you to those clients who reached out these past few weeks to set up meetings. I know sometimes you get stuck, stall out or need a pep talk. I’m here for you. All we need to do is get it scheduled.

Happy Monday Fit Family-

We recently began another 6 week challenge and at orientation, I talked a lot about how when we are looking to create a new and improved version of ourselves we need to take consistent action. 

Did you know that there are three main ways that behavioral change can occur?

1-a significant life event occurs

(birth or death of a loved one, marriage, move, discovery of a massive health condition etc.)

2-daily conditioning

3-the 5 people with whom we spend the most time

You’ll notice that two of those are about environment and actions within our control.

One of them is about outside events/forces occurring in our lives and how we respond to them

This means that we can always choose to do better. 

My mother used to tell me that I would become like the kids I used to “hang out with”. She told me it was impossible for me to spend too much time with the naughty kids without becoming naughty myself. 

I’ve noticed that when I spend a lot of time with my friends who like to go to Happy Hours and eat foods that don’t align with my health and fitness goals that I’m eating more of those foods too…

It turns out my mother was right. 

At MPower Fitness, we teach our clients that fitness and health are a journey and that we want to fall in love with that journey.

Along the way, we can make it easier for ourselves or harder. 

Being in a community of folks who want to get better, who prioritize their health and fitness helps. 

So does consistent action. 

Daily conditioning: #2 and environment: #3. 

You don’t need to wait for #1- for some significant life event to occur- to desire change and then take a new action. 

You can start right now:

1-Plan your workouts for the week.

Get them on your calendar. 

2- Plan healthy options for your food intake. 

3- Schedule quality sleep and relaxation. 

4- Surround yourself with your most supportive friends and family members. 

We know you can do it and we’re always here to help. 

Lets make it a great week! 

Megan K and the team

Happy Sunday Fit Family-

This week’s pep talk is all about the blues…

As the weather changes and the nights get longer more and more clients tell us that they feel kind of blah. 

Some even go into hibernation mode…

Friends, we know that exercise improves mood but sometimes it isn’t quite enough. 

A lot of us in the Northern hemisphere become deficient in Vitamin D and stay deficient even through the summer. 

Getting a good quality D Vitamin supplement can help. 

It can also be VERY helpful to get outside in the daylight as much as possible. 

According to the interwebs, here are some top tips to beat winter blues:

8 Scientifically-Backed Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

  1. Make your environment brighter.  When possible sit near the light and if needed an  light box (an aritifical light) can be helpful as well. 
  2. Eat smarter- be sure to get plenty of protein and fat but include some healthy carbs too.
  3. Simulate dawn- time your lights or buy a ‘sunrise alarm clock’ to help simulate the rising sun even when it’s cloudy outside!
  4. Exercise- get yourself to Boot Camp but whenever possible pursue outside activities too. 
  5. Turn on the tunes- cheerful, upbeat music helps. Sure it might be dark at 5pm but it isn’t time to go to bed yet! Nor is it ideal to come home and only curl up on the couch. 
  6. Plan a vacation- if you can, get out of town once during the fall/ winter to somewhere warm. 
  7. Help others – you might not be the only one experiencing some Winter Blues – invite a friend over for coffee, do some Fall clean-up in a neighbors yard or volunteer at an event to help those in need prepare for the cold weather.
  8. Get outside. It may be overcast or wet but the leaves are beautiful at this time of year!

Enjoy your Fall, Fit Fam!

Megan K and Team

I’ve been working on a presentation I’m giving this Tuesday all about Carbs…(nothing too technical in terms of biochemistry, more so about the practical applications for fat loss).

We get asked from time to time to educate our clients on various topics from Intermittent Fasting to Hormones and Fat loss and sometimes we bring in speakers, sometimes it is within our wheelhouse. 🙂

There can be a lot of confusion about carbs: what to eat, which ones are “good” and which are “bad”, how many to eat, whether to try to avoid them altogether etc.

And the reality is the answer varies greatly from person to person based on activity levels, current eating habits, goals etc.

In general though, when we are getting our fuel (from food) it is preferable to eat carbohydrates that are plant based like vegetables and fruits. We encourage our clients to focus on root vegetables, green leafy veggies, cruciferous veggies and fruits. But for the most part it is hard to go wrong with a fruit or a veggie (unless, of course, you have an allergy to one).

Still confused about carbs? 

Let’s connect.

Let’s make it another great week! 

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday!

Today I wanted to write you a quick note about injuries and injury prevention. 

The reality of any exercise program is that we can get hurt, anytime. Even doing something basic. 

Some key ways to prevent injury include:

1- Listening to your body 

2- Taking rest days 

3- Progressively loading – gradual increases 

4- Cross Training (ie: not only training the same movements or sports)

5- Getting chiropractic care, massage therapy etc 

6- Adequately fueling 

7- Getting professional guidance with your training

Even doing all of the above we can still get hurt. 

A lot of times injuries actually occur because we have been tight for a long time and a slight tweak or pull/ strain happens. It can feel very painful but fortunately it is minor and heals quickly. 

Other times, injuries happen outside of the gym. 

Every now and then it can be a total fluke accident like a trip, even over ones own feet. 

Nobody is immune to injury.  

But it is frustrating, painful and can be hard on Morale. Especially when recovery is taking longer than we had hoped. 

Have patience with yourself. 

Listen to the advice of your medical professional and do your best not to rush your recovery. 

Your body wants to heal- if it gets hurt. It may just take a bit longer than you hoped. 

Hang in there! We are here for you.

Megan K and Team

Hello Fit Friends –

I have a dear friend in Calgary, AB who owns a couple of fitness studios. Inside them they don’t have scales.  In fact when they made the switch they had a scale breaking party…

I really like this idea. 

The scale can be so misleading and so frustrating on a fitness journey. Especially one that surrounds fat loss. 

At our MPower Fitness studios we teach our clients that the scale is only one part of the fat loss puzzle.  There are actually metrics that are more important like body composition (fat mass, lean mass) and how our clothes are fitting…

But all of this is even less important than the way in which we approach the journey. 

You see when we are caring for our bodies and moving them well because we LOVE ourselves we tend to automatically gravitate toward better choices. 

We choose to get in bed earlier for more sleep out of respect and care for our bodies.

We choose to eat our veggies and drink our water because we feel better and we are honoring the flesh and blood “machine” that takes such good care of us.  

We eat less treats and drink less alcohol because we are aware that too much sugar and alcohol is toxic for the body. 

Making the shift in mindset toward a journey of self love and self improvement can be tough…especially if we are feeling less than great about our current physical condition.  

Don’t get me wrong it isn’t easy to skip playfully to the gym when stuff hurts and our stomach is spilling over our pants…we want results and we want them yesterday. 

But it doesn’t work like that…when we focus on what isn’t going right and what isn’t happening yet it always seems to take longer…

So this week, I ask you to reframe your journey the best you can, to look at it in the most positive light. 

I’m moving my body because I love myself. 

I’m eating wisely because I feel better when I do. 

I’m choosing fruit over desserts because …

What else might you reframe? 

What else could you see more positively? 

We believe in you and we are here to help. 

Remember, we are all in this journey with you.

Committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team

This week I’m writing to you with a little trick I learned from our Director of Client Services Rachael Duval. She uses this to wean herself from bad habits, and it has worked for other clients and me too. 🙂 

A little back story though, when Rachael first came to us, she was going through a really really rough time. Her husband had just passed away and she was trying to figure out how to navigate life as a new widow and single mom. 

She told me that her pattern was to drink far too much wine and eat to help ease the pain. (This is not confidential information, so please understand I’m not spilling the beans on a secret)

After she began Boot Camp and things gradually began to shift for her. She started feeling better, she was building more confidence, she saw increases in her energy and she wanted to change her lifestyle. 

About a year in, is when she decided she wanted to start to change her eating and drinking habits. 

She told me recently that what helped her cut WAY back on her wine consumption was to buy bad wine. 

I laughed but I was intrigued. Bad wine? Yuck, right?

She said that when she had bad wine in the house she would poor a smaller glass, have a few sips and then be done with it.

With good wine she wanted more… 

She wonders, as I have often wondered about habits, if it wasn’t the act of pouring something “special” into a glass and taking the time to slow down and enjoy it that was the thing she longed for rather than the wine itself. 

Now wine is a tricky subject because I realize that there are some of us out there who are facing serious addictions to alcohol. I’m not saying that this will work for you, if you have an addiction. In that situation you may need help from a professional, but if you’re looking to swap out an unproductive behavior (that isn’t necessarily an addiction) this could work. It has for other clients and for me. 

Many of you don’t know that I used to smoke. 

When I decided to be done with that solo evening cigarette, I HAD TO REPLACE it with something else.  

What I loved about that time was that I was alone, unwinding and at peace, but I didn’t want to fill my lungs with poison anymore while I was doing it…

I chose t.v. for a while.  Zoned out, uninterrupted etc. And now I prefer a few minutes of reading and meditation.  

But the trick was that I needed to replace the behavior. 

The ritual was important. The routine was necessary.

We all have things that we are doing that interfere with our progress…

  • ​Staying up too late
  • Watching just one more episode
  • Flipping through social media right before bed, or in bed
  • Hitting the snooze button and skipping the a.m. workout
  • Seeking out a sweet right before bed…

You get to decide if it is important to you to change that behavior. If it is impeding your progress, it is probably time to find a replacement for the habit. 

Test it out. 

See if it helps. 

I hope it does. 

We are here for you, 

Megan K and the team