A lot of success comes from repetition. 

Repeatedly doing the things that are necessary to reach our goals. 

Following a process. 

Staying consistent. 

But a BIG part of our success comes from our beliefs about ourselves as well. 

What if you could choose to create different beliefs by practicing better thought patterns? 

You can.  Do you believe me? 

Let’s break it down. 

Many of you, as clients, have heard us talk about how we learn: from gross to fine.  Meaning we learn how to do a thing by first getting the broad strokes of a thing and then refining or finessing the movement or skill over time..  

You may be familiar with Maslow and the stages of learning. 

The two tie together.

Unconscious Incompetence: where we don’t even know what we don’t know.

Conscious Incompetence: when we realize there’s a lot we don’t know. 

Conscious Competence: when we start to know how to do things but have to think about it and be deliberate in order to execute. 

Unconscious Competence: when it flows, when we don’t even have to think about how to do the thing, we just do it. 

As we are learning we go through these stages, with all things. 

It is the same with thought patterns. 

We are not our thoughts. 

We can actually practice thinking new ones. 

​It can take some work and some practice- particularly if we have persistent thought patterns that are negative and have been our viewpoint for a long time. 

But isn’t it worth it?  To take the time and practice being kind to yourself?  To say nice things to yourself? ​

The next time you pass a mirror, why don’t you try saying something nice (in your head or aloud) to yourself. 

Instead of noticing whatever could be better or finding a flaw, point out the things that are great. 

The next time you have an oops in life, be kind to yourself rather than verbally assaulting yourself. 




Over time, gradually, slowly, the pattern will change and you’ll training yourself into a new habit. 

You can do it. 

We believe in you. 

Committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team

Today I’m writing to you about perseverance and staying the course toward your goals. 

Perhaps you have heard the saying/ quote, “I didn’t come this far to only come this far”.

Just about every worth cause, big goal or dream includes an obstacle, a stumbling block or a time that feels like it is no longer possible. 

It is a part of the journey. 

For most people, we hit a wall and want to give up at one point or another.  

Jesse Itler (entrepreneur, speaker, ultra marathon runner) says that “when you are ready to quit you are only at 40% of your limit” and that “as you grow tougher you can increase this”.  

I believe this to be true.  

We all- at some point- want to give up.

This is why it is critical to have a supportive environment. 

You need family, friends, a coach, a therapist, a pastor (at least one other person) who will help you see the perspective and encourage you to persevere toward your goals. 

If it were always easy to reach big goals everyone everywhere would be doing it.

The big thing to always remember is that you can do it.  Your journey is yours and you’re working with ​what you’ve got.  Never compare yourself to others. If you feel like giving up, rememberyou’ve come too far to only come this far”.

Let’s make it a great week! 

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday

Today I have a small confession. 

I totally caved and ate some pizza. 

I’m in a six week challenge and I gave in to temptation! It happens…it happens to all of us. 

And it all happened because I went hungry to the grocery store. 

It began like any normal day. 

I was up early. I had some water, coffee, a green smoothie and went about getting a few hours of work done. Usually I bring some more food with me to Boot Camp but Wednesday I didn’t.  (<—First mistake)

I worked as long as I could until I headed off to see Dr. Sara at Relief Plus to get my back adjusted.  I try to make it in to see her during the mid-morning so I can avoid traffic. After that, I stopped by the grocery store to re-stock. I knew I was running low on most things and wouldn’t have time to make a lunch so I went to the salad bar. By this point, I was really hungry. I loaded up on a nutrient dense array of foods and was all set to head out when I smelled the pizza.

4 Different kinds of pizza aromas were wafting toward me…and it was like the pizza was calling my name. 

Megan, come eat me. Megan, you know you love pizza. Megan don’t worry about how crappy pizza makes you feel. You’re hungry. Megan you have a big match tonight. If you eat pizza you’ll have lots of energy later…


I had a slice of pizza.  Yes, I did have more energy that night but I also felt like garbage the next day. 🙁

Now why am I tell you this? 

Because I’m human too. 

I go to the grocery store hungry from time to time and pick things that are less productive. I too make the occasional choice that I know isn’t going to serve me…

But what did I do the next day? 

  • Exercised.
  • Drank water.
  • Did NOT step on the scale.
  • Moved on. 

We have to find a balance.

Fitness and health is about your journey- for life. 

Not just about a challenge or a season…

If you make a choice that you later regret, learn from it and move on. 

You can do it. We believe in you. 

Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team 

PS Lakewinds Co-Op has the best Chicken Pesto Pizza ever…

I’m just saying :p

Happy Monday!

I hope you have had a fabulous weekend! 

Thinking back to a weekend in San Diego with owners of other fitness centers around North America. Some of these people are my closest friends and very inspirational people.

We get together in a community of like minded, forward thinking, positive change facilitating people to help take ourselves and our own mindsets to the next level. We also meet because all of us are building communities in our own towns and we share ideas about what’s going well, how we can help our clients more, reach more people and how we can help you progress faster.

Much of the weekend is always spent on psychology and mindset.


The truth is when it comes to success- in any direction: fitness or otherwise- we are often our own biggest limitation. 

We are also often our own biggest reason for success. 

Makes sense right?

Sometimes we get lucky. Sometimes we are blessed with very fortunate circumstances. 

Sometimes the dice are rolled and some absolute garbage comes our way…

But ultimately it is our choice how we respond to what we get and how we go forward and whether we are going to view any situation as an obstacle or an opportunity. 

I read something recently about the “crushing freedom of personal responsibility” and I thought “hot damn that’s a loaded phrase”. But it is true. Ish. 

When you realize that nobody will do “this” for you and that there is no magic pill, when you realize that if you want to see change you must change what you do and how you see things…there is a HUGE amount of freedom in that. 

And it can feel both terrifying and liberating and even “crushing” at times to have that understanding and realization about your personal freedom and how it applies to your life and your goals (fitness or otherwise).

I prefer viewing the freedom as uplifting and awe inspiring but that’s because I’m a positive spin kinda gal…hence the weekly pep talks I dish out to you. 

So without further ado…here is your Pep Talk.

A while back, Nikki (The Director of Information Management here at MPower Fitness) gave me a cup that says “she believed she could so she did” and I received a card that said “she needed a hero so that’s what she became”…

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider myself to be a hero, although I sure hope I can become one before I die but the other part makes a lot of sense to me. 

I believe I can and then I do. 

It is that simple. 


Just kidding. That’s some hero stuff right there. 

More like, I believe I can, then I freak out, then I take a little action and then I have a worry and sometimes freak out a bit/ a lot and then I do more and blah blah you get the idea…

But I’ve said this before, things are only ever as complicated as we make them. 

I’m no different than you though… 

I cry in my car. 

I wake up in a cold sweat. I doubt myself. 

I take on too much. I do too little. 

I feel nauseous before I do stuff that scares me like going live on Facebook. 

And I make mistakes every single day. 

I have seen therapists, energy workers, a shaman, a few religious teachers over the years and I diligently do the work on my mind to get myself out of my own way and to shut up that negative voice that sometimes haunts me with stuff that was said over the years to me about my worth as a human being and how I was behaving. 

I’ve made some MASSIVE mistakes in my life. I’ve broken a few hearts. I’ve done things I’m not proud of and all of that has made me who I am. 

So what’s my point and how does this relate to you? 

Whatever you have done or not done

Whatever skeletons you have in your closet

you are deserving, worthy, remarkable and good enough as your perfectly imperfect self. 

Right now. 


In this moment. 

You are awesome simply by virtue of your existence. 

So I challenge you to sit down and make sure you are really clear about where you want to go, who you are becoming and what you want for your health, fitness and life and then get around people who support you, lift you up and believe in you.

The sky is the limit so don’t you dare limit yourself.

The coaches and I wouldn’t limit you… 

pls remember that for all of us when we began our journeys someone along the way told us that she/ he believed in us and because of that we are here now. 

We believe in YOU. 

We want to hear your “hero story” because you are a hero even if you don’t know it yet. 

We love you and are so grateful you are with us as clients.

Now lets get after it and have an even better week than last! 

Committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team

We have all heard that exercise has an impact on mood AND that if we like what we are doing not only does the exercise go much better but also our mood improves too! Exercise is a critical part of our self care. Not only because it improves all of our physiological functions but also it is a big factor in better mental health.

Prior to joining MPower Fitness , our client Cat, was definitely in a slump with regards to fitness. She says, “For years I had been a member at LifeTime—had joined a Bootcamp, but the prohibitive cost of their program, and the lack of community, forced me out the door. Because I didn’t have a regular routine, I was feeling low, depressed, tired, and frustrated with myself. I had recently moved to Plymouth, so I knew no one in the area. After stuffing my feelings with popcorn at the movie theater, I walked into MPower Fitness and met Rachael. My selective memory has me kicking ass the next morning at a session. Rachael has reminded me that it took awhile before I actually showed up…for REAL. I thank her for her patience and support. Fourteen months later, I write these words.”

Cat’s inspiration to take care of herself comes from her late father. She knows when she prioritizes herself and her health she can show up better in all areas of her life. “My dad died almost ten years ago. My mom spoke at his funeral, as did my three siblings and I. People wrote to us later that they left the service vowing to be better husbands, better fathers, better men. Before my dad died, he said to us, ‘In the end, NOTHING matters besides WHO you loved, and who loved YOU.’ The love we learned growing up—the love we continue to give each other—is what inspires me, guides me; it sits at the center of my gratitude and is what keeps me motivated to constantly strive to be my best version of daughter, sister, aunt and friend.”

From the outset of joining MPower Fitness my goal was to lose 10lbs, feel empowered/ proud of myself so I could be a better Catherine to others. Looking back of the year, Cat did lose the 10lbs but she did more than that because she also dropped 5% body fat, added lean mass and lost 2.25 inches from her waist. She says, “My new goals center around keeping the weight off- creating a new normal- also learning how to prepare and cook great food. I want to continue to push myself in different races/runs/active events. I want to be a Coach at MPower Fitness, but need to figure out when I’m going to study for the test. Gulp.”

For Cat, her biggest challenge is the “balancing act called life” She says she has noticed that, “A new pattern in my life is that each day begins with me asking myself, ‘Which session are you going to go to today?’ I know that other commitments will have to jockey their way around this main commitment.”  

Throughout her life, Cat is constantly focusing on new behaviors vs falling into old behaviors. She is prioritizing avoiding happy hours, events that revolve around drinking, and her greatest nemesis: nicotine. “I am genetically ripe for cancer, heart disease, depression, alcoholism; therefore, I have a constant focus (often struggle) to keep helping my chances to avoid these diseases. How do I get through it? By continuing to move forward—by continuing to ask myself, Who do you want to be?”

This is HUGE! Congratulations Cat. When we make and keep the commitments to ourselves it is that much easier for everything else to fall into place…

Cat says that it is more than just a physical transformation that has occurred for her at Boot Camp.  Her overall experience is “a journey/transformation from unfocused to focused; from self-negation to self-affirmation; from feeling lost to feeling centered. The best thing that has happened to me since joining MPower Fitness is the community that I have built, which truly is the center of this organization. One of the mornings this week, I drove up for the 6:00 am session and saw four women walking together from their cars. I smiled and felt a tangible sense of happiness and strength. What’s most amazing about MY STORY is that it’s everyone’s story who is a Boot Camp member. We all had reasons we walked in the door. We all have reasons that we continue to walk in the door—some days with our fears and our sadnesses; other days with our smiles and our laughter. Megan and Team have created this safe haven for all of us to gather and support each other. I feel extremely blessed to be connected to such an amazing group of strong, beautiful women. The journey has just begun…”

Cat you’ve been client of the month. You’ve been a smiling and welcoming face to new Boot Camp members. You’ve inspired others on their journey and yet the journey has just begun…

In your time with us you’ve learned much about prioritizing yourself and your health and we are so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished.

Thank you for being an amazing, loving, welcoming and inspiring member of our Fit Family!

A lot of our clients begin their fitness program with us because they want to feel better and have more energy, but they don’t have time to waste doing this. 

Almost everyone we see is BUSY. 

Our early a.m. client Erin H is no exception to this. With two little ones, a full-time job, work travel and long days Erin needs fast and effective workouts. 

She says, “I don’t know how I could do it if MPower didn’t offer 30-minute sessions. My days are FULL, but with MPower I am able to get my workout in at 5:30am and still get home in time for a busy morning routine before making it downtown for work by 8. The 30 minute workout can fit into anyone’s schedule and I accomplish just as much in 30 minutes as I would at the gym by myself for an hour!”

Before coming to train with us Erin wasn’t really doing much, she says. She had gained weight with each of her pregnancies and was struggling to lose it.  She wanted to get back to feeling herself. Prior to babies she “used to run a lot and worked out at LA Fitness”.  Her body had changed though with each pregnancy and she found that she no longer enjoyed the same workouts she used to…plus there was the time piece. She needed something that she could get done quickly and effectively.   

She knew she could get back to feeling great: healthy, happy and energetic. So she got signed up with us. 

She says, “I never thought I could actually enjoy waking up at 5am to go workout – but I really do! The early morning coaches have such great energy. Big shout out to coach Jenna here! I am also usually at the gym on Saturdays and Sundays. Weekends are fun because I get to see/meet others that don’t work out or coach in the mornings. I also love the variety. In the year I have been here I know I haven’t done the exact same workout twice. There are always new moves, new variations, and new challenges. I love it!”

It hasn’t been a perfect journey for Erin, she admits. She travels a lot for work so each time she returns from a trip she needs to rebuild the habit of getting to the early a.m. sessions but she has a supportive husband and she is loving feeling stronger than ever so she is never away for too long. 

We are so happy you found us Erin and excited to be a part of your routine and your fitness journey! Congratulations on your success. We are excited to see what 2020 brings you. 

Megan K and the team 

When people walk through the doors at MPower fitness they know they want a change. They want something better for their lives. Sometimes they come in in rough shape, emotionally and physically. Sometimes they are doing pretty well but looking for something different. 

Most often they don’t know just how much their lives will positively change with consistent exercise, a supportive community and what people call the magic of MPower.

Rachael’s story is truly amazing and for those of you who know her, she (and her children) have been through a lot in the last 8 years. 

When she first came in, she was struggling to cope with the death of her husband Clay and to raise two young boys alone. 

She had gained weight, was still gaining, wasn’t exercising and was rounding out each day with a bottle of wine.  

Within a year of joining the program, her whole life looked dramatically different. For the Better! 

She had lost weight, lost inches, was in incredible shape and had earned herself a role on our MPower team. 

Roughly 3 years into her journey, she, Kellie Lillehei and I were on a trip to Florida for a convention.  We were sitting poolside and Kellie and I suggested that Rachael consider doing a bikini competition. I’m pretty sure this came about as we were sipping a cocktail and Rachael was trying to figure out how to put the exact drink into her myfitnesspal tracking app.  

I’m also pretty sure Kellie and I were giving Rachael some grief for not ever putting the myfitnesspal down :p. But what we saw was grit and dedication. The kind we knew would be what it took to do a fitness competition. 

Rachael says, “I knew nothing of fitness competitions…didn’t even know what it was. When I did find out what it was all about, I decided it wasn’t for me. 

Another 2 years passed. Now I was thinking about where I wanted to see myself at 50. I revisited the idea of fitness competition. It turns out bikini was not where I saw myself but figure was a category I could see myself doing and I had a lot of work ahead of me.”

Fast forward through a rigorous eating plan, 4-5 days per week of training and almost a year without any alcohol. This past May, Rachael walked on stage at Mr and Ms Natural MN and won 3rd place!  

“In a million years, I never could have imagined achieving this kind of goal. But thanks largely in part to the encouragement and support of my MPower family. I did the thing!”

Over the last 6 years, Rachael’s role here at MPower has evolved too. She became a certified coach and has been making cameo appearances on the floor at both studios. She is a regular meeting with clients for what we call NAG sessions: Nutrition and Goal setting appointments. 

She loves any and all client interactions- except collecting delinquent payments. (Let’s be honest, none of us really like that part.)

She says, she is always able to find the silver lining and sometimes she thinks that she is happier and more excited for their progress than they are! 

But being in great shape and being the “healthy mom” hasn’t just impacted her work life. Rachael knows her two boys are proud of her. She delights when they and their friends ask for tips and suggestions on health and fitness.  

If you had asked Rachael, 7 years ago when she sat across from me crying (and hung over) where she would be by this time I know she wouldn’t have said here.  She has made gigantic strides in the last 7 years and she couldn’t be happier. 

Also, she recently got engaged! If you see her give her a big ole hug and ask to see that beautiful ring of hers. 

We love you Rachael and are glad to have you as a part of the family. 

We can’t wait to see what this next decade brings for her and all of you! 

As a side note, 

I’m not sure what I’d do without a good Rachael story to tell when I go home to visit my actual family :p

For some of our clients the habit of exercise already exists, and they are in a routine of healthy habits but they’ve lost “inspiration, motivation and don’t have a feeling of belonging”. 

For our awesome early morning client Amie G, she says “I belonged to a large gym here in town.  I enjoyed participating in classes (when I could take an 1+ out of my day), but didn’t feel like there was a sense of community.  I felt I didn’t have any support emotionally or mentally;  it felt like I was alone on my fitness journey. 

I even tried participating in boot camp classes but found that wasn’t helping me achieve any of my fitness goals.  I’m the type of person that needs inspiration and needs to be challenged.”

For a goal minded person who likes a challenge it can be easy to become unmotivated and gradually fall out of the healthy habits like exercise.  

Amie says, “I stopped going to the club and the only exercise I got was walking my dogs and the occasional run on our home treadmill.   Physically I wasn’t in bad shape, but knew that I needed to start exercising more and needed to increase my fitness level.”

Her inspiration to make a change and increase her fitness was twofold: in 2016 Amie had open heart surgery and an aortic valve replacement. She wanted to make sure she was continuing to improve her fitness levels and care for her body.

Her good friend Steph had been attending and Amie was aware of the progress Stephanie had made and how much she loved the community here at MPower (then Fit Body).  

When you find something you love it can be a natural fit! 

Amie says, “It has been wonderful! I have always been a ‘class’ person so the format is great. I also like variety and balance with the cardio and strength combinations.   Being able to get results in 30 minutes has also been one of the highlights. It makes it easier to fit the workouts in with my busy schedule. I like having the opportunity to participate in different activities like yoga, Amazing Race, etc.. so much fun!” 

We are glad you found us Amie and we can’t wait to help you push past your Ascension Level 2 Test 🙂 

Megan K and the team

Recently our client Cassi K made a big post celebrating her 1 year anniversary with us and all of her accomplishments. 

We are so proud of you Cassi and what you’ve done this past year. 🙂

Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for allowing us to be your fitness family. 

“After a quick google search, I impulsively joined a 6 week challenge with a gym I had never heard of – MPower (then Fit Body Boot Camp).  

It was September of 2018, I was in a rough spot mentally, emotionally and physically… desperate to find something within my own power to change.  

Previously I had a couple(!) dusty gym memberships; attending a few classes at LA Fitness, and enjoying them… but hating the big gym vibe.  

From day one I fell in love with this place.  Rachael & Ann Marie shared their stories at orientation and I instantly felt a sense of community and realness.  

Real people, real life, and what I would later see as REAL results.  And in 30 minutes a day?  For once, it felt obtainable. 

The 5:30 am sessions quickly became my favorite way to start the day.  The coaches are so encouraging but yet challenge my abilities!  And really, who can start their Tuesday without some 90’s music and a morning groan-er? …compliments of  Coach Abby.  I leave feeling sweaty and sore, but oh so accomplished… and while it’s still dark outside!   Jam balls and Kettle bells are definitely my fave, plus it’s cheaper than therapy!  😉 

The biggest challenge has been overcoming my poor -long time in the making- eating habits.  After participating in a few challenges, I’ve recognized the when and why I eat, and am making some great changes.  Healthy eating and especially food prep felt intimidating, but I’ve learned that I can do it, and I don’t have to sacrifice taste either. 

My four girls, three of which are teenagers, are my inspiration… I desire for them to have a healthy body image, see their inner beauty and know their strength. They have cheered me on from the get-go, and one of my girls even joined me for a challenge! 

At the beginning of this year I set a goal for myself, and have met with MK monthly in pursuit of that.  I cannot say enough about this amazing lady.  It’s clear this is her passion, and she lives it.  🙂  

1 year down, and I am so dang proud of myself for jumping in eyes-wide-shut.  While weight loss was my original goal, I’ve gained so much more in knowledge & support… it can’t compare to the few pounds I’ve lost. 

I feel insanely grateful for my FitFam.  It’s like having 25 personal trainers and a gang whose only goal is to MPower you… 

It’s been amazing to see how far I’ve come, and I’m not done yet! 

I never knew how strong I could be.  <3 “

Cassi has lost 25lbs, 23.5 inches, 9.9% bf in 15 months – WOW!

A sedentary lifestyle, lack of motivation and lowered self-confidence often go hand in hand.  

When we aren’t moving and grooving it can feel almost impossible to get into the habit of exercise. We often know that exercise will make us feel better but getting going can be really tough. 

Exercise not only gives us more energy and improves mood, but it is also directly associated with improved self-confidence.  

Given all of this, it was no surprise when our fabulous client Kelly told us that she was suffering from low confidence and a total lack of motivation before she joined MPower. 

Kelly wanted to get in shape, but she was exhausted. 

She had two little kids and initially lost some baby weight after her second child but then began struggling and gaining it back.  

Kelly discovered our program online when she saw a facebook ad. She says, “I was sitting on the my couch (per usual at the time) thinking about my lack of motivation to get fit after having my baby in 2017, when I came across your ad for the challenge on facebook. And I thought that this is what I needed to jumpstart the process.  And it worked. I’ve never felt so strong.” 

While Kelly was initially a little overwhelmed by making changes to her nutrition, adding in exercise and doing all the things necessary to change her health and her life, she noticed that by the end of the first few weeks she had more energy and she was “running up the stairs without a second thought about being out of breath”. A few months later and she ran her first 10K! 

Kelly treats her workout sessions like an appointment. 

She preschedules them and has them on her calendar. They are nonnegotiable for her. 

She was inspired to make these changes because she wanted to be a good role model for her children- especially her three year old daughter. 

Her daughter is already asking if she can join and exercise when she is an adult too…

Kelly says her experience with MPower has been great. “I have so much more energy, which translates into so much more life. I’m more active with my kids and family and happier at the end of the day. I have made exercise a natural part of my life again, after a 5 year hiatus.

Everyone is super supportive – the people, the coaches, and the environment. MPower encourages me to do more than I thought I could do for fitness, especially at this point in my life when I’m juggling career, husband, and two little kids.” 

We love to hear it! 

Kelly hasn’t hit her end goal yet but she is on track and committed to the process. She is down 4.9% body fat and several lbs and inches- which we think is a great start! 

Kelly we are glad you found us and got up the motivation to come in and get started. 

Getting started can be one of the hardest parts, but you did it! 

Now you are on track. 

If you are in the same position Kelly was in and wanting to get going but lacking motivation, reply to this email and let’s schedule a call or a meeting.

We want you to feel as great as our clients do! 

Megan K and the team