A lot of times we find that we come into the lives of our clients, exactly when they need it most.  This is the case for our dear client Ann-Marie. 

Before finding MPower,  Ann- Marie says “I was in between healing from an injury I sustained while at Crossfit.   I was struggling because I LOVE to work out and was missing it greatly.  I knew I wasn’t going to return to Crossfit for many reasons and was feeling lost. Healing from an injury was tough physically and this of course affected me emotionally and mentally.” 

Ann-Marie was desperate to find somewhere she could recover from her injury and belong to a fitness family. 

In addition to feeling a bit lost, she says she was also struggling with body image issues.   “When I started at MPower I was doing “blind weight” during my weigh-ins.” (Meaning she would avoid looking at the scale)  

“I have struggled with body image issues for many many years and due to this I started doing “blind weights” so I would let the number on the scale control my life.   After receiving such loving support from the staff at MPower and learning so much about nutrition and body comp as it applies to me personally, I have overcome my weight number issues and I know that the number on the scale does not define me!”

Thankfully Ann-Marie has a supportive family.  She is immensely grateful for her husband who is her rock. “He supports me in EVERYTHING I do.  He is so supportive with the children, my crazy daily schedule and my love and need for fitness.”

With 8 children and many with special needs to say Ann-Marie’s life is busy is an understatement.  She fits MPower into her life by attending the early a.m. sessions. Perhaps you’ve seen her at MG taking a selfie with a group of her fit family friends? 

“When I am attending MPower regularly, the rest of my days and responsibilities go better.  I am a better mom, wife, friend, co worker, etc because I feel better . It is the one of the best things I do for myself. 

Becoming a member at MPower has been a godsend.  I finally found a gym family that I fit into. I hadn’t found this before… The love of the coaches, staff and fellow fit members is wonderful.   I have learned so much about nutrition and have been able to apply it to my everyday life and and my family’s life. I tell EVERYONE i can about MPower.” 

“I have not only seen physical changes such as weight loss, bodyfat loss, lean muscle gain, but I have gained an amazing group of friends. Ann-Marie is down: -14.8lbs, -12.25” and 3% bodyfat

 I love the coaching here at MPower Fitness.  Again, I have never experienced the level of coaching before that I see at MPower.  The staff truly care about each and everyone of the members. Their knowledge of fitness and nutrition is top notch.   I am so blessed to be part of such an amazing gym family.”

We are so grateful you found us Ann-Marie and so glad that we are your fit family!

Our client (and now coach) Jenn J found MPower fitness when she was physically, emotionally and mentally tired from a tough year and having a 4 year old and a 6 month old at home.  

She says  “I was in need of self care for my well being and I didn’t want to feel sluggish anymore. I needed to reclaim the fitness routine I had lost a year earlier. MPower came into my life at the one year anniversary of my Dad’s passing which was also the one year anniversary of having stopped working out on a regular basis.”

She was inspired to get into better shape and lose the “new baby fog” by a quote from her mom ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.  

With two small children and a husband who also works full-time, Jenn had some juggling to do to fit MPower into her schedule.  “I choose the 5:30 am sessions as they are the least disruptive to my family, work and day-to-day agenda. I have always preferred early morning workouts and find that being able to tune out the noise and be present for my workout sets a productive tone for the rest of my day.  I am better at home and work when I can start my day this way.” If you have been to the 5:30am session you have likely met Jenn J. She is usually quietly kicking butt in session or there to help out with the coaching. 🙂 

Jenn says, 

“My original goal was to get in the best shape I’ve been in up to this point. Originally, I planned to be a size 10/12 and now I’m a size 4/6. I am still in disbelief that that was even possible.”

 “From a performance standpoint, I completed the Twin Cities Loony Challenge in Oct 2019 to see what impact 18 months of HIIT workouts would have on my running.  I far surpassed my goals and paced 3 min/mile faster than my historical average. That race is one of my proudest life accomplishments and was the greatest feeling.”

WOW. Nice work Jenn! 

When asked about her experience at MPower, Jenn J says 

“My experience has been so positive and rewarding and resonates with me so strongly that I pursued coaching.  

Fitness and nutrition are so important to our wellbeing but it is so easy to start a program and not stick with it.  I feel so strongly that the MPower format provides results and is sustainable that I wanted to be part of sending that message.  

I get the opportunity to engage with clients every day, breaking through performance, nutrition and emotional barriers.  There are few things as rewarding as seeing someone achieve their first rep of a new/challenging move, improve their relationship with food or turn the corner away from shame/guilt to one of pride/confidence. 

I find the community at MPower to resemble that of the various swim teams I belonged to for over 15 years.  It’s more than a group fitness class, it’s more than a weight room. It’s a community of people with individual goals who inspire and cheer each other on to achieve those goals and we win/celebrate as a ‘team’.

We are thrilled that Jenn J found us when she did and that she chose to feel the fear and do it anyway. 

She says that the best thing that has happened to her since joining MPower is that she now knows “how limitless her potential really is”.

A lot of times people come to us because they feel like they are in a rut when it comes to their health and fitness. Some are completely stuck and doing nothing.  For our clients Lisa and Cory, they were exercising but they didn’t love what they were doing and they weren’t seeing the results they wanted.  

Lisa McL says “Before MPower came into my life I was struggling to find a workout that I love. I was not confident in my abilities at all.  I didn’t push myself.  I also was very much in my “bubble”. I worked in St Cloud and lived in Brooklyn Park and I was a hermit.  My only focus was on the kids and what my husband and I needed to do for them. 

I was exercising but I pretended to be a runner for a year. That was boring and the only variety was in the music I listened to.  Then for about 4 months before I started at MPower I started lifting weights.  I enjoyed that but it was still a lonely workout as I would put in my earbuds and go to work.  I needed variety and something more structured to help me push myself.”

I could see us headed down a road of not being an active family. I was inspired to take action so that we could make a change for the better.  My husband joined when I did and he has fallen back in love with fitness.  Every weekend, I plan the workouts I will attend and the times I will go apprentice.  We work very hard to make sure that both Cory an dI get our workouts in each week and around the kids’ activities.  We have become an active family again.  Now instead of watching them run and play, I am racing them back from the bus and chasing them around.”

But for a lot of clients it isn’t as easy as just signing up and then voila they are in love with exercise. It takes time. It takes commitment, dedication and there will be setbacks. Every journey has its ups and downs.

 Lisa says, MPower has given me challenges, gotten me out of my comfort zone in so many ways and given me some amazing people that I am grateful to call my friends.  I look forward to seeing everyone each and every day.  It is a support network like I never thought was possible at a gym.” In her several years with us, Lisa challenged herself to complete the Rugged Maniac a few times, the Tough Mudder, a Triathlon and most recently she has been working toward a full recovery post shoulder injury. 

Lisa loves fitness so much that a few months ago she approached me and asked, what would it take to become a coach and join our team.  I met with her and told her the numerous steps involved but she was undaunted and began to diligently follow through on every single one.  She writes her certified personal training exam January of 2020 and we couldn’t be more excited to have her join the team. 

Lisa remarks that “when I started (at MPower) my goal was strictly weight loss.  I am not focused on that anymore but now I’m focused on being healthy, being active, and growing with MPower. I now have a total love of being active.  Our family is always focused on what we can do to teach our kids how to live a healthy and active life and we are doing the things now because we have much more energy.” As Lisa heals from her shoulder injury she has set a new goal of passing her Level 1 Ascension Test.  We are excited to see her do this in the new year! 

Happy Monday-

I was recently chatting with a fellow athlete in one of my sports about her progress and my progress. 

I’ll admit, it had been a frustrating practice. 

I had seen great strides the last 3 times I had been developing skills and then there was some serious backpedaling. 

Guess what, I know it is going to happen and it still bummed me out. 

Which is why I wanted to email you and remind you that progress simply does not go in a straight line. 

You will have times (possibly even long periods of time) where you make great strides toward your goals and then you’ll have backpedaling, 1 step forward, 3 steps back etc. 

It is inevitable. 

Hang in there and put in the work. 

You can do it and we believe in you. 

Megan K and the team

PS if you’re really stuck, take a few extra days off, get some extra sleep and make sure your nutrition is on track.  Fueling yourself for all of life’s activities is critical 🙂

Have you heard the quote, “A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but because of its persistence (by Jim Watkins)?”

I believe it is the same with achieving fitness goals or any goals for that matter. 

Do you need power? 

Yes, power and strength to be persistent and persevere. 

It doesn’t matter what your goal is; lose weight, become more fit/toned, run a marathon, or to just be healthy overall. Whatever your goal, it’s your perseverance that will help you get there.

Tami Hamilton is the amazing woman I want to talk about today. She turned the fabulous 50 this year, was someone that hated going to the gym, lacked energy and was lacking the motivation to change this. I asked how she felt prior to joining MPower Fitness and this is what she told me.

“I hated going to the gym to workout. I was unhappy with how I looked, I had no energy, was unmotivated, and I was eating badly.”

That’s a pretty average statement for people joining our fitness family.  But deep down Tami wanted to make a change, she wanted to feel better and have the energy of a 30 year old. So, she came in to our camp and wanted to see what it was all about. After the orientation she actually walked out and wasn’t going to join. Thankfully she changed her mind. Take a look.

“I turned 50 this year and read that as you get older you lose strength.  I saw the Facebook post and just decided to try it.  When I went to my first orientation I almost did not sign up. I started out to my car but then I thought, 6 weeks I can do so I turned around and went back in. 8 months later I am still going and look forward to it every day.

 I have a better outlook on life. Just a week ago I went hiking with friends and I was always the one holding up the group.  Well not anymore, I kept up and felt good at the end and not tired.  Also my friends said they were proud of my progress because now I could do the harder hikes with them.  I felt proud of myself when they told me this.”

If Tami had not turned around and came back and pushed through she would not have accomplished her goals. Her friends would be out hiking and having fun and she would have been left behind. Tami’s persistence has allowed her to have a new perspective on life. She’s learning to eat better and not give up if she has a small setback.

“I am learning to make healthier chooses and to not get down on myself if I give in to temptations. I’ve learned to ask for help because there is a team to help me.

I love making new friends – it is so inspiring to have people around who have the same goals and face the same struggles you do and to share with each other helps in this journey.

I look better now.  I am not where I want to be 100% yet, but continue to work on getting to a healthier me.”

And with Tami’s determination and perseverance she will most definitely get to where she wants to be. We are so proud of you Tami. Keep up the good work.

Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas or Happy Monday-

I’ve been thinking a lot about this pep talk over the last week and how to convey this message. 

I was going to come up with a catchy jingle or a goofy youtube video because I love when people laugh but it isn’t coming to me so I won’t force it… 

The idea behind this week’s pep talk is **fun**. 

How can we make the approach to the fitness or health goal more fun? 

How can we make the process of working toward the goal more enjoyable? 

How can we have an even better time doing this

(By this I mean the journey of fitness- with a cross-over application to any goal in life)

As I say in the Megan K Fitness podcasts, “fitness is a journey and as much as possible we want to find joy in the journey”.

I mean it. 

When we like/love to do a thing we will make it a priority.

When we move our bodies and fuel them out of love for them we will see changes faster than we could have imagined. When we treat our exercise, fitness, fueling process as a punishment or a restrictive, limiting type of process we will find it miserable. Makes sense right? 

I have a joke at the studio with the team, “are we having fun yet?” I typically ask it during the heart of a perceived struggle. Why? 

It makes me/them laugh. 

It lightens us all up. 

We stop being so darn serious. 

And then we get back to work with a change in perspective.

So as we are in the heart of the holidays- the happiest time of year- I’d like to ask you, are you having fun yet? 

Could you make your fitness/ health journey more fun? 

Can I/we help?

We’d sure like to… 🙂

So how might we have more fun? 

Ultimately, only you can answer this but I have some potential starting points just in case they are helpful.

The following are ideas I’ve seen work for clients, the team and myself in joyful pursuit of our goals.

  • R-e-l-a-x
  • Lighten up
  • Get curious
  • Be playful
  • Become willing to experiment
  • Make a joke
  • Receive a joke
  • Get some music going
  • Avoid pain- seriously. Please.
  • Find gratitude for all that is going well.
  • Appreciate what you can do (pain free, with ease, with improvement etc.)
  • Acknowledge/celebrate/ find/recognize what is getting easier as you go, and focus on the ease

Now I’m not saying you should show up to your workout and spend the next 30 minutes messing around. Work needs to be done. 

We do need ‘time under tension’, but let’s not confuse tension with misery, suffering or something awful. That’s not only unnecessary and scientifically has been proven to slow down progress. Misery/suffering is psychologically the complete opposite of FUN and probably not going to make you want to keep doing the exercise. Right? Yikes. But we do need to work. 

So our aim must be to find the balance between doing the work in a way that respects our bodies while doing the work in a way that expands our limits. 

Not too much, not too little.

And if you’re not having fun at least some of the time, then it is necessary to shift your focus because miserable just isn’t the way to go… 

Our hope for you, as we go forward, is that you’ll approach moving and feeding your body with joy and that you’ll do it with self love NOT as a punishment for something done or not done in the past. 

With much love and appreciation for you, 

happy happy holidays. 

Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team

We hear often from the moms who attend MPower Fitness that being busy is one of the biggest obstacles they need to overcome when they are pursuing health and fitness goals.

Our fantastic client Youa is no exception to that.  

With four young children and a full-time profession she is definitely busy.

Before joining MPower Fitness she had just begun exercising again and working to get in shape…

She says, “I thought I was ok but I knew I was not happy because this was the biggest I’ve ever gotten. I didn’t workout. I ate everything I loved with no limits. I just didn’t care or was too lazy to do something about it”. She knew she needed to get in shape to be healthy and strong for herself and for her family.

She had begun to have back and foot pain due to the extra weight. That combined with a family history of high blood pressure and diabeste and Youa decided she should change her ways.

Since beginning to exercise and losing some body fat she has noticed that both her back and foot pain are gone!

Youa says she was VERY nervous to get started. She was scared of any workout called “boot camp” and was convinced she was “going to die” during the session. But Rachael met with her, encouraged her to try a challenge and the rest is history.

Youa says the 30 minute workouts during the early morning timeframe help her fit everything in so she can get done with work and go home to her babies. “I love the 30 minutes, variety and the people. It is never a dull moment at boot camp. I’m now working out 4-5 times per week and I’m working on my food and water everyday…slowly making better decisions and being more aware of what I put in my body”.

No journey is completely obstacle free though and for Youa the obstacle is food. She says “It’s my only downfall. I love FOOD! I’m still working on it everyday. I overcome it by reminding myself of my goals.”

Since joining MPower Youa is down 15.3 lbs  8.75 inches and 1.6% bodyfat​.

We are so happy you found a workout that you like and that you have some “me time” Youa. Congratulations on all of your success! We are happy to have you with us as a part of the Fit Family.

Teddy Roosevelt once said that “comparison is the thief of joy”… I would go one further though and say that missed expectations are right up there as happiness thieves as well, but I’ll come back to those later… 

The interesting thing about comparison and expectations is that we do both to ourselves (with our thoughts), which means we can choose to do better. 

One of my favorite things about coaching a person through his/her personal fitness journey is that it is just that: personal. We all have our own goals, histories, likes, circumstances in our lives, genetics health considerations etc. 

All of these factors impact the journey- so with that being the case why would we ever compare ourselves to others? It doesn’t make sense to compare.

But we do it, right? 

You compare. 

I compare. 

She compares. 

He compares. 

No good comes of it.

I’m intensely proud of all of you and our clients here at MPower Fitness. (Not that what I think matters- the only thing that truly matters is how you feel about your own results/journey.)

You’re accomplishments are remarkable and your commitment to being healthier and better versions of yourselves is what drives us to do what we do. 

I firmly believe that most everyone sees numbers that align with their expectations and desired outcomes, but every now and then this isn’t so. 

It is a sad time for us coaches when we meet with a client who looks great, feels great, has had others notice how much fitter she/he is looking but then the numbers don’t show as “big of a difference” or as “dramatic a change” and then the disappointment sets in. 

It is a bit bananas how much a person can let those numbers impact her/him.

But we do let the numbers get us down…because we see that “so and so lost 15 lbs in one month” or “such and such is down 10.5 inches”…and comparison sets in. 

You have your life. I have mine. She/he has hers/his. 

And if YOU are feeling better, have more energy, are looking more like how you want to look then who gives a toot what the numbers say? **The exception being if your body fat is in a dangerous place and you need to get it down for health reasons**

It is your life and YOU need to decide the pace at which you want to go and how great you’re going to feel while you do it. 

I’m not sure about you, but I’m going to do my thing the very best that I can and then continue to work on letting go of comparison. And when I go to bed at night I’m going to sleep well knowing that I gave the very best I could to be a better version of myself: fitter, healthier, kinder, more generous, more productive etc. Then I’m going to (work on) let(ting) go of whatever anyone else is doing because it is none of my business and her journey is hers.

Are you with me? Will you too, just do the very best you can and then be satisfied with the result? 

We’re committed to your success- and the joy of the journey,

Megan K and the team

While we live in MN where everyone is nice,  it can be hard to get out and meet people and make friends. Just about everyone needs some kind of social network.  

Many of our clients seek out fitness services but learn along the way that they are also looking for a social network. It is incredibly helpful to be in an environment where we are encouraged to be healthier, uplifted and supported- especially if in other parts of our lives our friends/ family are not as focused on those things or are even detracting. 

Our client Sandy says, “Before I answered the invitation on Facebook (to join MPower for Life) I was having a really rough time.  I really did not have any motivation for anything. 

My husband of 50 years passed away in Jan 2018 and I had no idea what to do.

I was not feeling well and gaining weight. Joining MPower for Life was a pretty radical move! I knew it was for me when everyone was working out and laughing!
I feel much stronger – mentally, emotionally and physically already.  I look forward to each and every day. 
I’m eating good food and losing weight!”

Sandy knew she wanted to get in good shape and she knew she had to because she was going to be managing her home and the yard work without the help of her late husband. 

Her inspiration has come from her husband, “My goal is to do 10 regulation push-ups. Jer, my husband, teased me all the time because I could not do 1(he could do 100 without breaking a sweat).”

I hear from coaches Amanda, Carla and Kim that she is on her way … 

Sandy says “The best thing about this program is how good I feel after workouts!” 

We are thrilled Sandy found us and couldn’t be happier with how much fun our MPower for Life clients all seem to be having EVERY single session. 
Sometimes we stop what we are doing in the office just to listen to them laughing and giggling during their workouts. 

It is delightful. 

We are so glad to have you as a client Sandy, and we can’t wait to take a video of you doing 10 or more push-ups so that you can send it to all of your family. 

Megan K and Team

Happy Sunday Fit Bodies-

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Today I’m thinking back to when we completed our first ever Amazing Race.

Myself and the team planned out six fitness based tasks at five different locations, provided clues, and the teams had to solve the clues to make it to the finish line. 

We had a blast. The participating teams put forward their best efforts and we had a tie for 1st Place! 

A BIG shout out to the #sweatycoconuts and the #buckfurpees :p

What impressed us so much was that many of the clients who participated had never done anything like this before and really stepped outside of their comfort zones to try something new and unknown. 

Sometimes that’s what is necessary to make progress faster.

We have to take a risk, take a chance and try something new. 

This week, what will you do or try that is unknown or even a little scary? 

Have you seen or heard of a new cooking technique? 

Have you always wanted to try a certain dish/ food? 

Are you almost ready to lift a heavier Kettlebell or Dumbbell? 

I challenge you to get a little bit uncomfortable this week and try something new 🙂

What’s the worst that could happen? 

Megan K

PS Thank you to those clients who reached out these past few weeks to set up meetings. I know sometimes you get stuck, stall out or need a pep talk. I’m here for you. All we need to do is get it scheduled.