While we live in MN where everyone is nice,  it can be hard to get out and meet people and make friends. Just about everyone needs some kind of social network.  

Many of our clients seek out fitness services but learn along the way that they are also looking for a social network. It is incredibly helpful to be in an environment where we are encouraged to be healthier, uplifted and supported- especially if in other parts of our lives our friends/ family are not as focused on those things or are even detracting. 

Our client Sandy says, “Before I answered the invitation on Facebook (to join MPower for Life) I was having a really rough time.  I really did not have any motivation for anything. 

My husband of 50 years passed away in Jan 2018 and I had no idea what to do.

I was not feeling well and gaining weight. Joining MPower for Life was a pretty radical move! I knew it was for me when everyone was working out and laughing!
I feel much stronger – mentally, emotionally and physically already.  I look forward to each and every day. 
I’m eating good food and losing weight!”

Sandy knew she wanted to get in good shape and she knew she had to because she was going to be managing her home and the yard work without the help of her late husband. 

Her inspiration has come from her husband, “My goal is to do 10 regulation push-ups. Jer, my husband, teased me all the time because I could not do 1(he could do 100 without breaking a sweat).”

I hear from coaches Amanda, Carla and Kim that she is on her way … 

Sandy says “The best thing about this program is how good I feel after workouts!” 

We are thrilled Sandy found us and couldn’t be happier with how much fun our MPower for Life clients all seem to be having EVERY single session. 
Sometimes we stop what we are doing in the office just to listen to them laughing and giggling during their workouts. 

It is delightful. 

We are so glad to have you as a client Sandy, and we can’t wait to take a video of you doing 10 or more push-ups so that you can send it to all of your family. 

Megan K and Team

Just under 280 lbs. and two bridesmaid dresses soon to be bought. But this gal didn’t want to buy those dresses yet. She was tired of the way she was feeling and looking and decided it was time to get her butt in shape, LITERALLY!

Meet Kae.


She is an amazing lady that found us on Facebook at a time when she needed to. Here’s a bit of her story before MPower Fitness.

I was in a 3xl t-shirt that was tight, I was embarrassed by how I looked, I was chronically tired and felt like I was failing at life. This was me in a nutshell beforebootcamp. 

I was eating my feelings and frustrations and they were all the wrong foods. Unless it was sugar, carbs or greasy, I wasn’t interested in it. By the end of 2015, I was weighing 279.6 pounds. Something had to change. The more weight I gained, the more unhappy I was, and the unhappier I became the more I ate perpetuating the awful cycle.”

This is such a vicious cycle that too many people face when it comes to comfort food or emotional eating. It is a very difficult cycle to stop. It takes work, time and dedication to make this lifestyle change. 

Kae’s job is demanding and stressful and requires a lot of hours, which can make exercise difficult for her. This also made the emotional eating cycle tough to change as well. But Kae was determined and she didn’t quit. She did and continues to do what is necessary to be successful and fit into those bridesmaid dresses.

I work rotating shifts and a lot of 12 hours shifts. After getting my butt handed to me in surgery all day I know myself and would find an excuse to not exercise. The 5:30 am class let’s me get my sweat on and start my day on the right foot. I feel great walking out of boot camp, like I have already accomplished something. The availability worked great with my work schedule and I haven’t looked back since.

The people I have met and continue to work out with give me an additional level of motivation sometimes with a little word of encouragement, and other times with a look of misery saying they are dying right there with me.” (meant positively) 

Kae’s biggest struggle is using food as her go to. She’s continuing to learn how to manage this and balance, work, social life, exercise and food but she admits it’s tough at times. This is why it’s so important to stick to your exercise and nutrition routine and if you slip don’t beat yourself up over it. Just shake it off and get back into the groove.

In Kae’s words, she explains,

My best advice for anyone starting out is change your eating habits. Exercise is great and very important, but you truly are what you eat!”

I still struggle with food. It’s my go to…bad day at work, eat it away, something good happened, let’s go eat and celebrate, bored, eat something to kill time. 

I’m not where I want to end up yet. I still have a ways to go, yet I’m further than I ever thought possible thanks to MPower Fitness.”

Kae will reach her end goal; I have no doubt. All of us here are so proud of her and look forward to continued success. Stay tuned, as I’m sure you will hear more about Kae.

Megan K and Team

Lynette was able to tell her own AMAZING transformation story in her own words, we are so excited to be sharing this with you today!

“When Amanda  asked me to do my poster and story, I  panicked. All I could think was “I’m not done, I’m not ready.”    But in all reality, I will never be done. I will always have to work on my health and fitness.

Before MPower Fitness I was unfit and unhealthy.   I have been overweight most of my life, morbidly obese according to the chart in the doctor’s office.   I hated the gym, exercise, and all sports. I didn’t walk very far. I couldn’t get down on the ground, and getting up was even worse.  I had terrible pain in my whole body. My blood pressure and cholesterol were high, and I had exercise induced asthma. My doctor kept increasing my meds each time I would see her but, things just kept getting worse. I would work for months and only lose a few pounds, then turn around and gain back twice as much in no time.

In October 2015 I had my worst doctor visit ever.  I was morbidly obese and she wanted to increase all my meds again. Knowing this wasn’t the answer to my problems , I asked my  naturalist and chiropractor for help. I bought a Fitbit and slowly started walking every day and watching what I was eating. I lost 20 pounds but my body wasn’t shrinking anywhere . It was getting harder to walk because of winter, working out by myself was boring, and it was getting harder to keep motivated.  I knew if I stopped I would gain it all back again.

In January 2016 I started getting the MPower Fitness ads on Facebook but,  I just ignored them because I hated any gym I had ever been to before and was not motivated to work out. I figured it wouldn’t last. If I started, I’d probably quit in a couple weeks, if I even made it a couple days.  But something kept nagging at me. My daughter was engaged and I was to be the mother-of-the bride some day. The thought of buying a dress or shoes for the wedding made me sick. Being the fattest mother-of-the-bride really bothered me.

I very hesitantly joined MPower Fitness.  In my mind I thought “no one knows me,  no one will know if I quit”. That thought didn’t last very long.  By the end of the first week, I had made a few friends, the coaches knew my name,  and I became very comfortable with the people around me at boot camp.

I  did not tell any of my friends or family I was joining MPower Fitness so, no one would know if I quit. It was  3 to 4 weeks before I started telling people about what I was doing for myself and how I loved boot camp, the coaches, and the friends  I was making.

The thing that was holding me back the most was the humiliation. I didn’t want people seeing how unfit I really was. I was embarrassed to go to a gym where everyone else would be able to  do everything and I couldn’t do anything. At MPower Fitness I realized that no one was judging me, they were just encouraging me daily to do what I could, to work on progress, not perfection.

I am so inspired by all the friends I’ve met and the wonderful coaches at MPower Fitness. They  helped me so much. They helped me on my first day figure out how to get down to the ground and up again. They never give up on me or let me give up on myself. They encourage me to push myself more each day. They motivate me to keep going and to try new things.

There were months when I worked really  hard and was discouraged by the scale. It’s a great feeling when someone approaches me  and says “I noticed your arms from across the gym!” or “I haven’t seen you for a while, you really look great!”, or “I remember when you couldn’t do that…!”  The best thing people say to me is “you have inspired me!” I never dreamed I would be the one inspiring others. I didn’t get here by myself, I have all the wonderful coaches and friends around me at boot camp to thank for being there with me every day. You all inspire me.

My original  goal was to lose  80 pounds at MPower Fitness.  I am currently down 70 pounds, 37 inches, 7.8% body fat, and about 8 dress  sizes. My blood pressure , cholesterol, and asthma are under control. I stopped taking all medications more than a year ago. I can lift the 176 pound kettle bell,  do 100 pushups, and hang from the pull up bar.

The best thing that happened to me at MPower Fitness is that I became a new person.  I now love working out at boot camp, going for long walks, mowing the lawn, and shoveling snow.  I am healthy and have lots more energy. I am excited to be a new grandma soon, knowing that I am going to be able to play with my grandson, not just sit on the side and watch.

Lynette Scherber 2018″

We are so impressed with your dedication and perseverance toward your health goals, Lynette! Thank you for being part of our Fit Fam.

Megan K and Team

Hello my inspirational campers!

I hope that this finds you in a great place and ready to move forward with your goals for the day! Making lifestyle changes is difficult and motivation is the key. The problem, though, is that getting started is the hardest part. 

We’ve all experienced rough spots in our lives, whether it’s professional, personal or physical. Sometimes it’s a combination of all three, and that’s when it’s toughest to turn things around. But in order to get healthy and happy, you have to dedicate yourself to making some changes. 

Today I’d like to tell you the story of Erin B. She was facing some big challenges when she found MPower Fitness, and I’m absolutely elated that we played a part in helping her turn her life around. It’s stories like this that make me proud to be doing what I do.

Erin weighed more than she’d ever weighed – almost 200 pounds – and had just lost both of her grandmothers. She was also separated from her husband of 12 years and had just lost her job. This all happened to her in the span of just 1 year! She was in a bad place mentally and physically but knew that she needed to get stronger both for herself and for her kids.

When she met with me, Erin wasn’t in the best frame of mind. “I was at about a 6 for motivation. I just didn’t have the confidence to make changes.  But Megan really saw something in me and stuck with me. I couldn’t be more appreciative of that.” She chose to reach a size 8 as her first goal but wasn’t too optimistic that she could actually do it. “We put a number down on paper and I thought that was laughable.”

Erin did know that she needed to change but started with the exercise portion of her makeover first. “I was very conscious at the beginning that I could really only handle the exercise. I was big into eating my feelings and therefore did not think I could focus on food and exercise simultaneously.” Once she finally did start working on both, the changes that she saw were dramatic.

She’s getting close to her weight goal and has met others as well. Erin can do a deck squat, she’s below 30% body fat and she’s now wearing a size 8. She’s excited to be getting closer to her poster. Those are great but they’re not the best things that she’s gotten from MPower Fitness. She’s gained a better perspective and a sense of belonging that she desperately needed.

I think it’s fabulous that she’s losing weight and getting healthy, but the one statement that Erin made that really warmed my heart and made me proud of my job was this: “I have more confidence now and I know that with a half hour intense workout a day, change can happen. I have more energy. I feel better in my own skin.  I know that achieving goals can be a reality.”

We always had faith in her, but now she has faith in herself and that’s what it’s all about, campers. May you all achieve that if you haven’t already!

Today I’m going to talk about someone most of you know and love, Coach Kelly. If you don’t know Kelly, her story is inspiring and once you meet her you will see why everyone just loves her.

Kelly started with MPower Fitness back in October of 2013. She was working out at a “regular” gym with her boyfriend at the time and it wasn’t going to well. She always ended up crying after her workout but she hated going to the gym on her own so she continued.

First of all, it’s hard enough for some people to find the motivation to get to the gym but to end up crying after every workout. I’m not sure I would have continued if I were in those shoes.

Fast forward to a Facebook ad for a trial month that Kelly saw about MPower Fitness. In her words she said,

“I felt like sh**! I had turned 30, had gained weight and my clothes were too tight. I was miserable.”

So, the ad brought her to us, and her soon to be workouts changed her life. Now Kelly didn’t just jump right in without any fear. She actually was pretty scared and had a lot of anxiety that first day.

“I drove around the parking lot and almost didn’t come in. I had HUGE anxiety and was terrified of feeling embarrassed, looking awkward or silly, and not being able to keep up. I actually slid across the wall trying to sneak in and not be seen.”

She met Kristi and said she was extremely welcoming and kind and this helped ease the nervousness.

She started coming consistently and claims she still felt very unsure and uncertain but with her determination and the help of her fellow members and coaches she started to learn the workouts and everything became clear.

Now she was encouraged. Now she was ready to brag!

“By week 2 I was going home and bragging to my boyfriend about all the neat things I was able to do and was eager to show him the exercises I had learned. I had confidence and no longer came home from the gym crying!”

Kelly was finally feeling the benefits of exercise. She was feeling great about herself.

“I felt happy and loved how my body was feeling. I lost weight in a healthy way and felt encouraged, welcomed and loved. One of the best parts besides what I’ve already mentioned, is the new friends I made. I loved seeing the same people all the time. It’s really like a family. This has been the best thing I could have ever done for me.”

Kelly went from being sad to happy; from crying to no more of that!  And even better….she went on to get certified and become a coach and a bigger part of our family.

She gets to share her experience and change lives just like she had done for her. Talk about a win-win situation.

And there you go my friends’….that is Coach Kelly!

More energy and a zest for life is often one of the immediate benefits of exercise. As we age, these are valued and needed. Plus they contribute to a high quality of life.  

Our MPower for Life client Alan T says that he was missing these before he found us.  Prior to starting our program he says  “I was not moving very much and sitting in the chair watching TV Way too often”. 

​Alan says he felt older, slower and bored and now he has more energy and flexibility than he had even 10 years ago.  

Alan is a dedicated member of our 10:15am session.   He looks forward to it every day.  He says, “I’m much more focused on fitness and I look forward to it-  I’m usually early and waiting in the parking lot!” 

This is true. He is the first one through the doors M, T and Thursday for MPower for Life and despite  beginning his program with a serious knee injury and a surgery he is committed and doing the best he can.  

Alan says his initial goal was “…to build strength and flexibility – I’ve accomplished both! I’m moving on to losing weight now and building up my strength. I have a whole new community of friends and an amazing Coach Amanda that keeps me on my toes and straightened out on my eating! No more doughnuts for me!”

If you are ever around the MPower SLP/ Studio during the mid morning be sure to say hi to Alan.  You can’t miss him, he is one of our 3 very dedicated men who workout at that time of day.  

We are excited for your progress Alan and we can’t wait to see if you can out lift Rod.  😉

Megan K and Team

As you know, all of us at MPower Fitness have become more like a family than a fitness boot camp. Every once in a while, there are people who transform their lives and love being hereso much, that they decide to join our professional staff. Every story is different, but today, I’d like to share Rachel’s story with you.

Rachel came to FBBC during the darkest time in her life. She hadjust lost her husband after a lengthy, devastating illness, and was suddenly raising her two young children all on her own. She was devoting all of her time to taking care of everyone else and that process had taken its toll. 

She says, “Emotionally I was a train wreck. Physically, I was heavier than when I delivered either of my children. I was fat and tired. Mentally, I was drained.”

If that wasn’t enough, their family home tragically burned to the ground less than one year after her husband passed! Most people would have given up, but her two kids inspired her to not only keep going, but to push herself to make the changes she needed to in her life

Rachel says, “They have endured so much in their lifetimes. I’m all they’ve got. They need me. We need each other.”

Having to endure so much made Rachael realize that to be the best parent possible, she had to make herself a priority for the first time in her adult life. She didn’t have control of so many things at this difficult time, but she took control over what she could… herself!

She says, “Since MPower Fitness every bit of my life has changed. I eat clean. I am 100% into health and nutrition. I have a complete and total passion for fitness and helping others achieve the things that I know they can. I have been there myself and what it took was having someone else believe in me and show me some support along the way.”

Even though Rachael came here with the initial goal of weight loss, resulting in “35-40 lbs. of weight, and countless inches lost” (which she has maintained for more than 2 years), she decided to take it one step further and help others in their quest for health and fitness. That’s right, Rachel became the Director of Client Services here at MPower Fitness!

She says, “My overall experience with FBBC has truly been LIFE CHANGING! My life has done a complete 180 and I want everyone who walks in the doors to feel the same way and have the same amazing experience.”
Rachael likes to joke with me that she got a job here because I knew I needed to give her something to do since she clearly wasn’t even going to stop being a client :-p 

All of us a MPower Fitness get to be a part of changing so many people’s lives and I swear every story I hear makes me smile and often times brings tears to my eyes. In fact, if you cry telling me your story I’ll probably cry with you. And when Rachael made this final comment to me, well I smiled and I cried (I’m a big sap like that)

She said, “Boot camp gave me back to me and to my children.”

I am so proud to have had Rachael as a client and now as a feisty and determined part of our team. Simply put….Wow!!

Megan K and the team

Working in the fitness industry we meet a lot of people that have been exercising for

years at different facilities and yet they tell me they’re either not happy with their

results (if they get any at all) or they simply get bored and quit. I can’t tell you how

many times I’ve heard this. In fact, this is exactly what Michelle Tracy told me when

she became a member of the MPower family.

Michelle had been working out at another gym 2-3 times a week. She took spinning

classes and sometimes did a little weight lifting. She has other activities outside of

the gym because she likes to be busy. But she just didn’t seem to get enough from

the workouts she was doing, so like many others, she gave MPower Fitness a try.

It’s great to see and listen to the difference in her attitude since becoming a part of

the family.

“I am generally a happy person”, claims Michelle. “ But what has changed is that I

am more focused on a workout and short term goals. My physical appearance and

feelings have improved greatly. “

Michelle is an awesome person who has always been happy go lucky but now she has a

confidence level that has increased her happiness ten-fold. The workouts she gets

with this group and the friends she has made has made a big difference in her life.

Check out what she told me. I just love this.

“I am sure it is not feminine to do, but I ask a lot of my co-workers and family

members to feel my bicep because it has gotten so much stronger”, adds Michelle.

“Their reaction is typically, HOLY SMOKES!”

When I heard this I couldn’t help but smile real big. How can you not? This is great.

Not only has her bicep gotten stronger but so has her self-confidence. And some

people might view this as cockiness. It’s not. It’s a result of hard work, being proud

and wanting to share with those close to her. Plus, lets be honest seeing our muscles

developing is pretty darn cool!

“My overall experience with MPower Fitness has been one of a kind”, states Michelle. “When I

talk to family and friends, I say, I have found my niche for a fitness routine. It only

took 20 years, but I found it.”

Remember I mentioned earlier that Michelle worked out 2-3 times a week. This

is a result of not being motivated and interested in the program. It really isn’t an

issue with time because if you’re enjoying what you’re doing and seeing results it

becomes a part of your daily routine.

“Since joining MPower Fitness , I have really found something that I am so passionate about

that I can do it every day”, adds Michelle. “It’s motivation that gets me through the

day because I know I will be going to boot camp that night.”

“I have gone to so many gyms before. The last one I went to, I bought personal

training sessions. The trainers never remembered my name, they barely tuned

in for the half hour I was there, and they typically said poor things about the

establishment they represented. I am thankful for a place like MPower Fitness . They always

know your name, greet you and create a workout routine that is different and


MPower Fitness members tell me all the time how inspiring we are to them. But they don’t

realize how inspiring they are to us. Seeing people improve not only physically, but

mentally is true inspiration and motivation to us, and Michelle is a great example of


Sometimes we reach out to our clients to ask them about their journey and the answer questions for us…other times they simply write us a heartfelt note about how they feel about their journey. In their words.  Margie G is one of those clients.

Thank you Margie for all your dedication, hard work and your (mostly) very positive attitutde.

We LOVE having you with us as a client.

“I joined FBBC/ M Power Fitness,  for the first time 5 years ago. I came to classes religiously but wasn’t ready to do anything about what I was eating. I loved the camaraderie but really wasn’t ready to walk the walk. Then my mom got sick and I didn’t have the time to devote to myself. During her illness and after she passed away I was having back issues and needed surgery.

Fast forward 3 years and my daughter Amy wanted to come back to FBBC and encouraged me to join her. I wasn’t feeling great about myself but thought that I would give it a try. It was like coming home. Everyone was welcoming and nonjudgmental. There was so much that I couldn’t do when I started but I persisted. I didn’t want to get weighed when I started because my initial goal was to feel better about myself and get stronger. I think in the beginning I was overwhelmed and depressed.

Now I look forward to working out for both the physical and social aspect. And on days I can’t make my 4:00 session I come at 5:30 in the morning. That is dedication because truly it is still the middle of the night.

But, they are such a dedicated bunch. It is an amazing feeling to be working out with 25 people when it is still dark out.

FBBC is a priority in my life. I attend sessions 6 days a week.

I now feel good about myself and hitting 60 in the very new future. I am able to get on the ground and play with my new grandson, but more importantly I am able to get back up. I love FBBC, the classes, the trainers, and the fellow participants. It is like a family.

During this time, I have also started to eat healthy. I no longer eat processed foods and I limit my sugar and dairy to almost nothing. I honestly have never felt better. I won’t lie, there are days where I ache but again 60 is just around the corner.

During the last 2 years my appendix ruptured and I had 2 related surgeries. I think that my appendix actually ruptured on the way too FBBC because I suddenly felt so sick and turned around and went home to bed. It killed me not to be able to attend classes for an extended period and was ecstatic to be cleared to return. My hero and my inspiration in my daughter, Amy. She encourages me every day and guides me during sessions. Also, I so admire all the people I work out with and the trainers.

I have fun and kid around during the session, and whine a little (maybe a lot) but I take my workout very seriously and my mantra is “you can do anything for 30 seconds.” The best thing that has happened to me is that I feel good about myself and the friendships that I have made. Thank you Megan and FBBC for making such a difference in my life.


If you are interested in trying us out, please contact us at 763-710-5065 or info@fitbodysaintlouispark.com to schedule your 3 free sessions!

We hear a variety of myths about fitness and our services as people are considering becoming a part of our Fit Family.

For example:

-I need to get in shape to become a boot camp member

-I’m already in shape so 30 minutes can’t possibly be enough

-I play/ do xyz sport so I don’t need to do any strength training

And the list goes on…

Our dedicated and successful early morning client Karen C came to us already in fantastic shape but looking for something she could do on a tight schedule.

Karen was in great shape as a volleyball player in high school and in early adulthood. She had children and noticed when her youngest was about 1 year old that she had gotten out of shape.

She was inspired to resume athletics when she saw Ironman participants in the heat of their big triathlon event.  She convinced some friends to sign up and train with her for a sprint triathlon. Over the course of the next four years, she trained for and participated in many triathlon races, but eventually the time commitment (both to training and away from her family) took its toll. Karen found herself burnt out on triathlons and looking for something faster and more convenient.

Enter exercise DVDs.

For Karen, the issue was never about getting to the workouts or getting the work done. She was and is very self-motivated, but after several years of individual sports and training alone- doing videos in her basement- she was bored and lonely.

Karen says, her initial goal was to get to FBBC 3-4 times per week. Most weeks she makes it 5-6 sessions per week. She says she hasn’t lost any weight or inches but that wasn’t the objective.

What she wanted to see if she could do was maintaing her already great physical shape with less time dedicated to exercise.  She has done this AND met some new people and gotten closer to existing friends. We call that a win.


Wins come in many forms and they won’t be the same for each person –

Whether your fitness goals including losing 20lbs of fat, being in better shape for the sports you play or maintaining great shape with minimal time invested MPower Fitness and MPower Fitness are here to help.

–  Megan K and Team