Sometimes when clients find us they are in pretty rough shape…they aren’t feeling great about themselves, they are lacking energy or they are in pain. Other times things are going okay and there aren’t any problems to speak of but they know they really “should be exercising”.  

Our client Noa came to us feeling pretty good. She wasn’t actively exercising but nothing was out of hand: she had no health problems.  

Noa had been paying attention to what she was eating but she was not exercising- at all. She knew that to really feel great and be healthier she needed an exercise plan.    

She was inspired to exercise and stay healthy and fit by her mom who is a consistent source of encouragement and positivity. Noa says “my mom is always cheering me on and pushing me forward, even when I don’t feel like it”.  

Like most clients, Noa is a busy woman. She has a lot of things on her plate but she fits in her workouts by pre-scheduling them.  “Every Sunday night, I decide which days I am going to workout during the week. I don’t let anything get in the way of my scheduled workouts. Thanks to MPower I now have something that I do just for myself and I experience a lot of enjoyment in doing so”.

When Noa first started at MPower she needed to ease into things. She also felt a bit intimidated by the workouts and some of the exercises. She says, “My biggest obstacle was at the beginning when I wasn’t in as good of shape as I am now. I was hesitant to try all of the exercises because I haven’t done them before and didn’t want to mess up. Thanks to the great coaches though, they made me feel very comfortable and pushed me through it!”

In Noa’s time with us, she is down 13.5 inches including 5 inches from her waist and 4 from her hips. She is down 6.5% body fat and 6 lbs on the scale.  She says, “I feel much more energetic, comfortable in my body and I love buying new clothes. I am so proud of myself for getting to this point. I’ve found a new hobby that I love and I can’t see my life without it”.

We are glad you are proud of yourself Noa and we are proud of you too!  

Fantastic work.

Megan K and Team

When we are overworking, under exercising and generally not putting ourselves as a priority things can be very stressful.

When Amanda (the Panda) Christenson began looking for a fitness solutions she says she was “running infrequently and inconsistently”.  She says, “I was feeling sluggish, tired and constantly irritated. I worked 60-70 hours per week and had no time for myself. I was struggling in my own skin-I didn’t feel confident. I wasn’t sure how to fix that and I felt completely alone and lost”.

She was desperate to fit into her clothes again. “I hate shopping and it was either lose weight and fit back into the clothes I have OR spend a lot of money to buy a completely new wardrobe.  I chose my health and fitness!” You should also know that in addition to hating to shop she also hates to spend money so this prospect was really bad for her.

Amanda came in on a 4 session trial and she says part way through her first workout she said to herself, “YEP. This is for me. I love this place” and then she signed up.  

“Honestly, it wasn’t very difficult to add fitness back into my routine regularly. I was committing to 3-4 sessions per week and noticing that my attitude was so much more positive. My new routine inspired my then fiance to develop his own routine as well and eventually join MPower. Having 30 minutes to dedicate to myself is relatively easy to fit into my schedule. It still allows me time to devote to my family and friends as well.”

But Amanda’s journey wasn’t totally free from obstacles.  She says the “ biggest challenge I had to initially overcome was my nutrition. Growing up, I was never a person that ate fast food. As I entered into my first ‘big kid’ job after college, I quickly learned that I didn’t have much time to prepare meals nor did I have energy to even think about it. I turned to fast food for convenience quite often, and man did that cause even more issues with my body. I was gaining more weight, I was eating HUGE meals, and I was having digestion issues. After starting my first challenge at MPower, I realized that some of the meal choices I had considered marginally healthy, really weren’t healthy at all. I found new appreciation for fueling my body appropriately and learning exactly how to do so. It was tough, but I learned a lot and it made a huge difference in my results!

Amanda says that since joining MPower, “my life has completely changed, for the better! I am stronger, healthier, and I have found the BEST community to support me. I have gained so many friendships and muscles too! 🙂 I love exercising and I find that when I miss a few days for “life” reasons, my attitude definitely reflects that. My husband and I eat very healthy throughout the week, but still allow ourselves to indulge here and there-but we CAN because we are committed to our fitness and our health overall. Since commiting to eating better I am known for bringing the healthiest and most enviable packed lunches in the MPower offices.  🙂 I have also helped my mom become more aware of her health and fitness and she has lost over 50lbs since doing so! I have found a career that fits me, that pushes me, and that I have so much passion for!”

The best thing that has happened to be since joining MPower is finding a place where I truly fit in and feel comfortable being me-as a client and as a staff member! I can’t say enough about the focus on body positivity, the encouragement, and the relationships here.<3”

As a side note, Amanda was in a completely different role that she didn’t love, in an office environment where she didn’t feel welcome, happy or encouraged. She was working her part-time and I knew she wasn’t happy in her then full-time role. So when we needed to expand our team I was delighted to be able to offer her a similar salary with paid vacation and to bring her on full-time!  

We have been DELIGHTED to have her as a full-time member of our team. 🙂 And we wish her and her new baby daughter the best!

A lot of times people ask about the team and how the various team members got started. Sometimes clients mistakenly assume that the coaches have never had their own struggles with fitness, health or body image.  

The reality of it is that, part of what makes us good guides/coaches is that we have also walked the path of transformation.  

Our Director of Operations Roseanne Stephens has had her entire life change in the last 3 years. Her transformation is one that inspires most who hear about it.  

Behind that smile and warmth, is a strength and resilience most of us will never need to know and somehow despite ongoing adversity she remains kind, loving and mostly swear free. 🙂

**What I’m about to share is a lot of information but rest assured I have permission to share**

Roseanne got going with us in January 2016 on our very first ever program at the Maple Grove studio.  Her then boyfriend “forced her to do it”.

She says, “I was not looking for exercise. I just wanted to make some friends.”  

At that time, she felt like she didn’t have friends or a community and she wanted to meet people but she says, “I wanted to meet people at a healthy place not a bar”.  

Roseanne was convinced exercise was terrible because she had previously been in a different type of program where they work you until you want to cry, throw up and pass out.  

She says she actually told her then coach (at the other program)  to “go f*** himself” and that she was never coming back. That was how much she hated the program she had been doing.

Exercise was a definite NO on her list of priorities.  

The fellow she was dating though, promised her he knew of a program where it wasn’t like that.

That man had sold me a car once and ended up on my email newsletter list. Over the years, he had been reading the Thursday transformation stories and the newsletters about how “killing yourself” isn’t necessary to succeed.  

In December 2015, he brought Roseanne to the MPower SLP/ Plymouth studio to sign her up for the program that was about to begin at our Maple Grove studio.  

I remember it to this day because Roseanne was MAJORLY standoffish. I don’t think she smiled at me once during the entire 30 minute meeting (and I’m pretty funny :p ). Also, if you know Roseanne, the no smiling would take some effort because she is usually really warm. But she was crabby when she first came in. I’m sure being dragged there was part of it. I’m sure being worried that exercise was going to make her throw up was also a contributing factor but either way she didn’t really want any part of it.

Roseanne says the first six weeks were hard.  “I was super dialed in. Super committed. I worked out five days a week.   I went from eating Mcdonalds 4 days per week to clean eating and everything was made from home. I didn’t drink. It was hard.

I think because I was convinced the program wasn’t something I needed, I really didn’t feel any different.”  

At the end of the six weeks, her results were not much to speak of…and she told me

“This program is Bull Shit and A Joke”.  

Then she went home cried, ate 2 ice creams and a bag of chips and said to herself,

“Screw this. I don’t need this.”

She didn’t give up though, she spoke to me more and she says  “Megan told me to give it another 6 weeks. Trust the process and just keep going. Half way through the 6 weeks (so week 9) my body figured it out and I felt so much better, stronger. I dropped 3 % body fat.

At that point, I realized it actually worked.”

The results were coming for Roseanne but remember she wasn’t with us for fitness. Losing body fat and getting stronger weren’t really her goals.

She was here for friends.  Shortly after switching to the 6am session she met a woman who is now one of her best friends (ever) Jane W.

Roseanne says, “ I watched Jane workout. She was so driven. So focused. So competitive and I’m not that way about exercise, but I admired her.  Her focus drew me in. She pushed me to be better. She liked to cook. I hated to cook. She didn’t like to get dressed up and wear cute outfits, do hair or make-up and I live for that stuff.  And even though she was fierce in session, Jane had this shy side so I wanted to show her a good time and help her come out of her shell”.

Roseanne and Jane became inseparable and their crew of early a.m. friends began to expand.  

Fast forward a few months and Roseanne was becoming a fitness enthusiast.

I know.  Hard to believe. She even began to switch out her morning chocolate and sugar filled coffee (yes, that was what she would have for breakfast) for a protein shake and some water. Don’t worry the coffee is still there, every morning and sometimes she has chocolate with her protein shake. :p But changes were happening…

She was loving so many things at MPower (then Fit Body) that she kept telling me, “you know I live less than a mile away, if you ever need anything I’d love to run errands or help”.

Nikki and I gave her a “formal” job interview (from inside one of the dressing rooms during a Saturday a.m. session) and she was added to the team as Nikki’s assistant.  

A few months later, she took over billing from Jackson (then Director of Happiness) because he hated that part of the role. By the end of the first year we promoted her to the Office Manager.  

A lot of things happened over the last couple of years in Roseanne’s life.  Levi her youngest son took a liking to being at the studio and appointed himself to the role of official orientation assistant.  Kaytlyn came home from college to live with Roseanne again. A restraining order was issued against the boyfriend who dragged Roseanne to Boot Camp (for both her, me and protection of the businesses) and Roseanne made even more close friends- both on the team and off the team.

Roseanne says, “I feel like I rob myself when I don’t show up. I feel like I’m missing something from my day when I don’t go to Boot Camp”. Lucky for her, even on rest days she gets to be in the studio so she gets to connect with “her people”.  

I haven’t written much about Roseanne’s results because if you’d met her when she started you’d never have believed she had any fat to lose, but she is down 7% body fat and this season she will be with the run team running the Rugged Maniac and the Tough Mudder.  

I don’t often get emotional when I write the success stories. I’m always incredibly proud but I don’t often tear up…

Roseanne’s story is hard for me to write because I could have easily said goodbye and wished her well when she called the program “bull shit” and told me it was a “joke”.

I know the program works and I knew then that she just hadn’t given her body a chance to adjust so I argued with her. I insisted that she, “give it 6 more weeks” and I got the boyfriend’s permission to keep charging his card for her membership.

I’m glad I didn’t let her walk away.

Because if I had given up on Roseanne I don’t know where she’d be or what she’d be doing and I don’t know where we’d be without her either.

She is an institution. She is a big part of who we are and why we are successful and we are incredibly grateful to have her on the team.

I know you are all busy so I’ll get right to it. One of the biggest obstacles to overcome on your road to fitness is dedicating yourself to the task. It’s easy to say that you want to lose weight and become fit, but doing it is a whole different matter! Fitness is a difficult commitment, as one of my star campers, Brook, will attest.

Like many people, Brook had let her fitness routine slide and had gained weight as a result. It was taking a real toll on her. “Emotionally I was super stressed out about work, and my appearance. I wasn’t happy about how I looked or how I felt.”

Brook first started MPower Fitness because of a friend.

“The reason I signed up was that I saw my friend Lauri coming to this gym. I saw her transformation and knew that if it worked for someone that I see every day, it can work for me too!” 

It’s easy to see the slim people in ads without being able to relate to them, but when you see a program work for real people, it’s really motivating. 

The best thing about Brook’s resolve is that she was right; it DID work for her! 

“During the first challenge I lost 15 pounds and 17 inches! It was amazing. The biggest goal I had when I started here was to just lose weight. I still want to lose a few more pounds, but I am more interested in lifting heavier and toning now.” 

Wow, what a great job!

Just like many people, her biggest obstacle was, and still is, making fitness a regular part of her life. “I usually come early in the mornings. I like to get it out of the way and be done for the day. I try and not make it an option of ‘if’ I am going to work out that day. If I give myself the option, I will usually lame out.”

Along with the obvious physical rewards, Brook is seeing improvements in other areas of her life, too. 

“Since I have come to MPower, I feel more emotionally and physically strong. I feel centered after I leave a workout!”

Emotional fitness is strongly linked to physical fitness. Exercising isn’t just about looking good; it’s also about feeling good and getting the “happy chemicals” in your brain flowing. Feeling good about how you look doesn’t hurt either, as Brook will happily attest.

Our goal here at MPower Fitness is to create an environment that people want to be a part of. We want everybody to feel welcome and encouraged and Brook says that those factors have really helped her to succeed. According to her, her experience with boot camp has been “so positive, with great trainers, a great facility and a great atmosphere!”

I believe that if a person likes the gym and feels at home, they are more apt to succeed; that’s the basis behind what we do here and it appears to be working! 

I hope all of you have a wonderful, productive day!

Hey Boot Campers! I hope everyone is doing well and experiencing the success they deserve. I’m always excited to share stories with all of you because I know you understand how a commitment to better health can change your life. I also like to recognize (give a shout out) to campers who see the results of this commitment with excellent results. I am always so thrilled when I see that success continuing over time. 

Such is the case with Dori G. She started training with us over a year ago, and was a little skeptical at first because our program was completely foreign to her. She was one of those who focused on cardio only and didn’t use any weights. At first she even wondered if our workouts were too easy, but her sore body soon told her otherwise. She says she became addicted to our workouts because they are fun!

“I love how they keep the workouts fresh and fun”.

Within that first month, Dori dropped a full size and said that her butt and thighs were firmer than ever. At first, the scale wasn’t too encouraging, and she even cheated on her nutrition plan out of frustration. So she put that scale away and focused on her plan, and by the third and fourth month the numbers on the scale were changing and she was smiling. 

“This experience has been completely different from the past,” claims Dori.

She has gone from a size 14 to a size 8 in those four months… dropping 25 lbs. and keeping it off ever since. Discovering our fun and convenient workouts has made all the difference. Dori loves that she can come in when it’s convenient for her and be in and out in no time. 

“People are commenting on how “fit” and “healthy” I look and that is a huge bonus,” 

Dori commented. 

This means the most to her because as a mom, she wants to be a great example to her kids, and as a nurse, she can show her patients that getting fit can be done… even with a nurse’s schedule. 

She says, “I love to come to MPower Fitness because I don’t have to think about it… I know that I am going to get a good workout that is not going to burden my day, but rather make it better. I am looking to feel strong, to be active, and stay healthy.” 

Being able to fit our workouts in to a tough schedule, and be there before her husband leaves for work and before her kids wake up, has made getting fit a possibility. It positively impacts her day to day in huge ways. 

Dori says, “I want to work out so that my head stays clear and I start my day doing something positive, and knowing that wherever the rest of the day may take me, at least I got my workout in already!”

Her kids also help motivate her success and they don’t even realize it.

She says, “It is not so much about weight as it is about showing my kids that I take care of myself so that I can take care of them.”

We keep saying how this program changes your body, but it also changes your attitude. MPower Fitness has had that effect on Dori’s life.

“My body has definitely changed since I started training at MPower Fitness, but maybe most importantly, my mind has shifted. I enjoy the workouts and I look forward to coming because it starts my day on a positive note with great people! Thanks Megan and team!”

We couldn’t agree more! Thanks, Dori for sharing your update and we couldn’t be more thrilled for your success.

Hello everyone!

I hope this finds you happy and healthy! 

Have you ever met a person that just seems to bubble; who brings happiness just by walking through the door? I have, and today I’d like to tell you about one of those amazing people. Her name is Peggy M and she’s one of my favorite people on the planet.

Before starting MPower Fitness, Peggy was working out and doing a popular weight-loss program but wasn’t having much success. She enjoyed the camaraderie and support but just wasn’t meeting her goals. She wasn’t motivated or interested; in fact, she was bored.

“I needed a more hard-core approach to better weight loss and was not sure how to move ahead,” claims Peggy. “Also, I was doing this alone. None of my friends were interested or able to join me.”

That’s when she found MPower Fitness. She has a great family and they’re all healthy, so she feels like she really can’t ask for more. She looks for ways to pay her happiness forward, and one of those ways is to improve her health for her sake and for her family.

“I love life and want to be around as long as I possibly can,” Peggy states!

Peggy loves her family and they are extremely supportive of her. Once she found MPower Fitness, she knew she’d found her zone.

“It’s supportive, fun and has great music to keep me going! You recognize I am human and understand when there have been unexpected family challenges that will affect my attendance sometimes. Knowing I am not judged for what I cannot do is an incredible feeling. Every boot camp member delivers refreshing spirit, motivation and encouragement! ”

She does have some challenges but keeps at it because she just refuses to give up. When I asked Peggy was her favorite exercise was, she told me about her least favorite, the burpee. 

“They make me crazy,” she admitted. “I consistently do not like them, but I get through it by doing them slowly and with my best foot forward. They are my nemesis!” 

Honestly, that’s all we can ask for, and if that’s her challenge, then we respect her for that and appreciate that she still tries her best! We all have our least favorite exercises 😉

Peggy’s life has changed for the better since joining MPower Fitness.

“I am more conscientious about how valuable nutrition is to good physical and mental health. I have gained a passion for fitness because my clothes fit better and the shape of my body is gradually shrinking. In addition, I have an overall feeling of gracious discovery of how eating with commitment to the MPower Fitness plan is part of my transformation.”

Peggy’s original goals were to eat better and to move more effectively. She wants to lose a total of 20-25 pounds and she wants to continue to improve her strength and her health. 

“With this new approach, I see and feel the difference of better nutrition paired with fitness workouts. It is working for the first time in my life. It does not help to look back, but move forward in the direction of my goals.”

What a great attitude Peggy has, and she truly does brighten up the gym every time she shows her smiling face. If you haven’t met Peggy yet you’ll know her when you do. She is amazeballs.

Thanks, Peggy, for being an inspiration to us all!

I wish you all the same joy!

Megan K and the team 

I hope this finds you well and on your way to meeting your goals for the day, because I’m sure motivated! I’ve just heard another inspiring story and want to get it out there to let more people know about MPower Fitness.

Before I get to my story, let me fill you in a bit on why I find it so inspiring. I often hear outstanding stories about people who overcome obesity, depression, diabetes and other debilitating diseases as they progress through MPower Fitness programs; tremendous success stories that just amaze me. They are a huge part of why I do what I do. However, there are many people who come to our camps largely to support a family member or friend.

The generosity and support that these people show to people that they love renews my faith in the human race. My story for today is about one of these people.

Pam Goon is a woman with rock solid commitment. “Whatever I sign up for, I do so with intent and commitment. Quitting for lame reasons is not an option for me. So for me, fitness comes first, thenI build my social schedule around it.” 

This fortitude keeps Pam on track, but it’s also served as a source of support for her workout buddy and daughter Alicia, who was struggling with weight issues and depression. When Alicia decided to try MPower, she asked her mom to take the challenge with her. “Having her as a workout buddy has been so motivating. I am a fortunate Mom to have a daughter that I’m so connected with.”

Both women have experienced wonderful success with MPower Fitness. Pam thought that she was in relatively good shape and had accepted her weight gain as genetic and just part of getting older. She quickly discovered just how wrong she was when the weight started to melt off.

When we asked Pam how her life has changed since MPower Fitness, Pam made a point that really stuck with me. “Before MPower, I was passionate about being active. That’s very different than being passionate about fitness. Now, yes, I am passionate about fitness. The rewards of being fit spill into so many other areas of my life.”

In order to make it to boot camp, Pam has to get up at 4:30am because she and Alicia have more than an hour’s drive but still, they come. Her persistence has paid off; she’s lost 30 pounds and is still losing!

She’s gotten rid of all her size-16 clothing and is amazed at the change in her appearance and in her energy level.

“It feels absolutely wonderful to ‘like’ myself in a photograph. It’s crazy to hear people use the word “tiny” when they haven’t seen me for a while.”

Pam is a wonderful example of what you can do if you set your mind to it and stick to the plan. The fact that Mpower Fitness helped her regain her confidence and improve her fitness, and helped to strengthen the bond between mother and daughter, inspires me to continue sharing our mission!

Lynette was able to tell her own AMAZING transformation story in her own words, we are so excited to be sharing this with you today!

“When Amanda  asked me to do my poster and story, I  panicked. All I could think was “I’m not done, I’m not ready.”    But in all reality, I will never be done. I will always have to work on my health and fitness.

Before MPower Fitness I was unfit and unhealthy.   I have been overweight most of my life, morbidly obese according to the chart in the doctor’s office.   I hated the gym, exercise, and all sports. I didn’t walk very far. I couldn’t get down on the ground, and getting up was even worse.  I had terrible pain in my whole body. My blood pressure and cholesterol were high, and I had exercise induced asthma. My doctor kept increasing my meds each time I would see her but, things just kept getting worse. I would work for months and only lose a few pounds, then turn around and gain back twice as much in no time.

In October 2015 I had my worst doctor visit ever.  I was morbidly obese and she wanted to increase all my meds again. Knowing this wasn’t the answer to my problems , I asked my  naturalist and chiropractor for help. I bought a Fitbit and slowly started walking every day and watching what I was eating. I lost 20 pounds but my body wasn’t shrinking anywhere . It was getting harder to walk because of winter, working out by myself was boring, and it was getting harder to keep motivated.  I knew if I stopped I would gain it all back again.

In January 2016 I started getting the MPower Fitness ads on Facebook but,  I just ignored them because I hated any gym I had ever been to before and was not motivated to work out. I figured it wouldn’t last. If I started, I’d probably quit in a couple weeks, if I even made it a couple days.  But something kept nagging at me. My daughter was engaged and I was to be the mother-of-the bride some day. The thought of buying a dress or shoes for the wedding made me sick. Being the fattest mother-of-the-bride really bothered me.

I very hesitantly joined MPower Fitness.  In my mind I thought “no one knows me,  no one will know if I quit”. That thought didn’t last very long.  By the end of the first week, I had made a few friends, the coaches knew my name,  and I became very comfortable with the people around me at boot camp.

I  did not tell any of my friends or family I was joining MPower Fitness so, no one would know if I quit. It was  3 to 4 weeks before I started telling people about what I was doing for myself and how I loved boot camp, the coaches, and the friends  I was making.

The thing that was holding me back the most was the humiliation. I didn’t want people seeing how unfit I really was. I was embarrassed to go to a gym where everyone else would be able to  do everything and I couldn’t do anything. At MPower Fitness I realized that no one was judging me, they were just encouraging me daily to do what I could, to work on progress, not perfection.

I am so inspired by all the friends I’ve met and the wonderful coaches at MPower Fitness. They  helped me so much. They helped me on my first day figure out how to get down to the ground and up again. They never give up on me or let me give up on myself. They encourage me to push myself more each day. They motivate me to keep going and to try new things.

There were months when I worked really  hard and was discouraged by the scale. It’s a great feeling when someone approaches me  and says “I noticed your arms from across the gym!” or “I haven’t seen you for a while, you really look great!”, or “I remember when you couldn’t do that…!”  The best thing people say to me is “you have inspired me!” I never dreamed I would be the one inspiring others. I didn’t get here by myself, I have all the wonderful coaches and friends around me at boot camp to thank for being there with me every day. You all inspire me.

My original  goal was to lose  80 pounds at MPower Fitness.  I am currently down 70 pounds, 37 inches, 7.8% body fat, and about 8 dress  sizes. My blood pressure , cholesterol, and asthma are under control. I stopped taking all medications more than a year ago. I can lift the 176 pound kettle bell,  do 100 pushups, and hang from the pull up bar.

The best thing that happened to me at MPower Fitness is that I became a new person.  I now love working out at boot camp, going for long walks, mowing the lawn, and shoveling snow.  I am healthy and have lots more energy. I am excited to be a new grandma soon, knowing that I am going to be able to play with my grandson, not just sit on the side and watch.

Lynette Scherber 2018″

We are so impressed with your dedication and perseverance toward your health goals, Lynette! Thank you for being part of our Fit Fam.

Megan K and Team

A lot of times people think of MPower Fitness for fat loss and physique transformation, but our clients come to us for a wide range of goals.

Our client Jenny H came to us in great shape but she was wanting to add to her fitness program in order to balance it out and to improve her performance in her sport: marathon running.

Jenny was committed to a vigorous running program and in a good place mentally, emotionally and physically. But she wanted to lose a few lbs, focus on her nutrition and to do strength training. Enter MPower Fitness.

She says “the group classes are ideal for me as they kept me motivated to come and are easy to fit into my schedule.  The strength training at MPower Fitness helped me to improve my marathon times by reducing my Personal Record by 40 minutes”.  WOW! That’s a BIG Difference!  

Jenny lives close to boot camp and is frequently able to fit in her training session over her lunch hour.

She says, “Working out has always been essential for me to fit into my calendar so has never been hard to find the time.  The 30 minute classes over lunch are a great way to take a break mid day and get energized, and if I can’t make it then I simply stop on the way home to work… its only 30 minutes… there are no excuses to miss a 30 minute workout!”

She loves that she doesn’t need to figure out what to do for the session.  She walks in and the workout is planned for her.

She says her inspiration to get in even better shape and stay there has been her family health history and genetics. “Most of my family are obese with diabetes and other health issues related to their eating habits and that they do not work out, so these have always been important to me.I do not want to have the same health risks as majority of my family.  Genetically I also have very high cholesterol and know that eating right and working out are pertinent to keeping this under control.”

Jenny says that through various challenges at MPower Fitness she has made changes to her nutrition. She has worked on reducing her sugar and alcohol intake while also watching what she is eating.  “In 2018 my goal is not to do any diets and instead just make healthy choices when I’m hungry. I’ve never been a soda drinking or a sweets person, so eating healthy for me has been a lifestyle that I’ve continued since after college.  I sometime go a few days making bad choices, but the I get right back into healthy choices.”

We are thrilled to have a great client like Jenny H and happy to report that not only has she dramatically improved her marathon time but also she has dropped 13lbs and kept it off!  

Awesome work Jenny.  

Thanks for being a part of our Fit Family.

– Megan K and Team

Today we are sharing some kind words from our MPower for Life participant, Sherri L. We are SO proud of our 55+ session for overcoming their own fears and concerns of working out and showing consistent effort and incredible attitudes.

“I love this place. You know that time when you are on the sofa going through face book or messenger and see old friends who have either really let them selves go or the other end of that and really taken care of themselves. Either way you look and say wow they look great and really happy. Or Wow they really don’t look so good, hope they are ok.

Well that was where I was at, then I saw a promotion for this work our place with classes especially structured for anyone a little older (yes I am now in that group). So with a 4 week trial offer, I called and went in to visit with them, and decided what the heck it was only one month.

It has been almost two year since that first meeting. Am I a hot size 6 grandma? NO but I have so much more energy, balance and muscles I forgot were there, new friends. This is not only a workout location this is also where we share everything from our aches and pains to vacation story’s and new recipes.

The trainers are happy to work with you to insure you are getting the best workout for you, and they will explain why we are doing certain things and what is does for our body’s especially as we age.

I will never be that hot size 6 (except in my dreams) but I can move better, I feel better and I can get down and up from the floor with my grandchildren with no problem. We are a family that works hard and encourages each other to push on. I could never get this type of group encouragement at one of the big guys.

Love my MPower family. Sherri L.”

And we love you, Sherri! Thank you for being part of our Fit Fam!

– Megan K and Team