Good morning my amazing fitness peeps! 

I hope that everybody is excited and ready for another great day of meeting goals and feeling great! I have a particularly inspirational story to share with you today. We all know what it feels like to look into the mirror and see things that we don’t like, but when I hear about somebody who is so unhappy that they’re actually experiencing depression, it breaks my heart. 

The journey to fitness and happiness for many people is often a roller coaster ride made up of extreme highs and lows caused by a lack of knowledge and support. That was the case with Andrea. 

“I was frustrated with myself; after losing 80 lbs a few years ago, I had gained 30 lbs back within the past year. All the clothes I had worked so hard to wear no longer fit. I was disappointed in myself and depressed. I didn’t like going out, I didn’t feel good in the “new” clothes I had to wear AND I went back to wearing SPANX.”

Just imagining how she must have felt to see all of that hard work go down the drain just killed me. She was a member of the YMCA but did mostly cardio; she wanted to use the machines but didn’t know how and there wasn’t really anybody to ask. She was just floating along, gaining weight and feeling miserable, until she found MPower Fitness!

She was motivated by the success stories and by the supportive trainers and was determined to get her own poster. She had some reservations at first, though. “Walking in the door was a challenge; the word ‘bootcamp’ was intimidating to me but I knew I needed to do something different. I was worried that I may not be able to keep up.” She suffered from asthma, which added to her worries.

It turns out that she was worried for nothing, though. Her trainers made her feel right at home and, along with her fellow campers, helped her to feel right at home. As a matter of fact, she’s now built up her stamina so much that she rarely needs to use her inhaler during or after workouts. Just knowing that MPower Fitness had helped her even that much made me feel amazing, but it gets better!

She’s down 20 lbs and several inches and the depression has gone away. “I feel sooo much better about myself and can fit into my old clothes again! YEAH!!!! I feel strong.  I love the way I feel after bootcamp – it’s the best way to start my day! Just within the last few weeks my friends have been telling me how jealous they are because I look so good!”

She hasn’t made it all the way to her goal yet, but I have a feeling that her very own success poster is most definitely in Andrea’s future! 

I love my job!

Good morning awesome boot campers!

I hope that everybody is awake, inspired and ready to meet the challenges of the day head on; I know that I am! Speaking of being inspired and enthusiastic, I’d like to tell you about a wonderful person that I’m extremely proud of. We all know how bad it feels to be disgusted by what you see in the mirror, but we often forget how much our emotions and behaviors, both good and bad, affect the people that we care about. 

Let me introduce you to Alicia. Her story is a true inspiration to me and makes me get out of bed when I’d like nothing better than to sleep in. 

Before she discovered MPower Fitness, Alicia was in a really bad place. “Emotionally I was a wreck. I was unhappy and it started to affect the people in my life.” She hated working out and couldn’t even make it through 10 minutes of exercise without giving up. She hated herself but was so down that she didn’t even feel like putting in the effort to change her situation. Her fiancé took note. “You were just not a happy person, you hated yourself and you took it out on our relationship.”

That all changed when she found MPower Fitness. She and her mom decided to make the lifestyle change together, and it’s been truly inspiring for her.

“Throughout this whole journey my inspiration is of course my Mom. I am so happy that she decided to join me in this new lifestyle change. During my workout she is my biggest motivation, if my Mom is pushing 30 lbs…I can! If my Mom can do 25 burpees I can do 30! It’s awesome!”

Instead of starting the day with dread, Alicia is now full of energy and eager to face the day. “I get boot camp done right in the morning. Not only does it propel me into a day of healthy eating and increased energy but then I can’t make up excuses throughout the day that allow me skip out on my workouts.”

Alicia has lost 20 pounds and more than 15 inches. She’s gone from a size 10 to a size 6 and is still excited about showing up to MPower Fitness in order to meet her goals. She’s eating right and using her Fitness Pal every day. “It really keeps me honest and aware of what I am putting in my body.”

Personally, I think that Alicia’s already overcome her hardest battle: she’s changed how she views herself and is happy. “You just have to get done what you can. One week we might make it 6 times and the next we only make it 3. Don’t beat yourself up about it. The days you can’t make it to boot camp, eat less and always eat HEALTHY!”

That’s what MPower Fitness is all about: teaching you how to do your best so that you can be healthy and happy with who you are!

Megan K and Team

Hello my inspirational campers!

I hope that this finds you in a great place and ready to move forward with your goals for the day! Making lifestyle changes is difficult and motivation is the key. The problem, though, is that getting started is the hardest part. 

We’ve all experienced rough spots in our lives, whether it’s professional, personal or physical. Sometimes it’s a combination of all three, and that’s when it’s toughest to turn things around. But in order to get healthy and happy, you have to dedicate yourself to making some changes. 

Today I’d like to tell you the story of Erin B. She was facing some big challenges when she found MPower Fitness, and I’m absolutely elated that we played a part in helping her turn her life around. It’s stories like this that make me proud to be doing what I do.

Erin weighed more than she’d ever weighed – almost 200 pounds – and had just lost both of her grandmothers. She was also separated from her husband of 12 years and had just lost her job. This all happened to her in the span of just 1 year! She was in a bad place mentally and physically but knew that she needed to get stronger both for herself and for her kids.

When she met with me, Erin wasn’t in the best frame of mind. “I was at about a 6 for motivation. I just didn’t have the confidence to make changes.  But Megan really saw something in me and stuck with me. I couldn’t be more appreciative of that.” She chose to reach a size 8 as her first goal but wasn’t too optimistic that she could actually do it. “We put a number down on paper and I thought that was laughable.”

Erin did know that she needed to change but started with the exercise portion of her makeover first. “I was very conscious at the beginning that I could really only handle the exercise. I was big into eating my feelings and therefore did not think I could focus on food and exercise simultaneously.” Once she finally did start working on both, the changes that she saw were dramatic.

She’s getting close to her weight goal and has met others as well. Erin can do a deck squat, she’s below 30% body fat and she’s now wearing a size 8. She’s excited to be getting closer to her poster. Those are great but they’re not the best things that she’s gotten from MPower Fitness. She’s gained a better perspective and a sense of belonging that she desperately needed.

I think it’s fabulous that she’s losing weight and getting healthy, but the one statement that Erin made that really warmed my heart and made me proud of my job was this: “I have more confidence now and I know that with a half hour intense workout a day, change can happen. I have more energy. I feel better in my own skin.  I know that achieving goals can be a reality.”

We always had faith in her, but now she has faith in herself and that’s what it’s all about, campers. May you all achieve that if you haven’t already!

Today I’m going to talk about someone most of you know and love, Coach Kelly. If you don’t know Kelly, her story is inspiring and once you meet her you will see why everyone just loves her.

Kelly started with MPower Fitness back in October of 2013. She was working out at a “regular” gym with her boyfriend at the time and it wasn’t going to well. She always ended up crying after her workout but she hated going to the gym on her own so she continued.

First of all, it’s hard enough for some people to find the motivation to get to the gym but to end up crying after every workout. I’m not sure I would have continued if I were in those shoes.

Fast forward to a Facebook ad for a trial month that Kelly saw about MPower Fitness. In her words she said,

“I felt like sh**! I had turned 30, had gained weight and my clothes were too tight. I was miserable.”

So, the ad brought her to us, and her soon to be workouts changed her life. Now Kelly didn’t just jump right in without any fear. She actually was pretty scared and had a lot of anxiety that first day.

“I drove around the parking lot and almost didn’t come in. I had HUGE anxiety and was terrified of feeling embarrassed, looking awkward or silly, and not being able to keep up. I actually slid across the wall trying to sneak in and not be seen.”

She met Kristi and said she was extremely welcoming and kind and this helped ease the nervousness.

She started coming consistently and claims she still felt very unsure and uncertain but with her determination and the help of her fellow members and coaches she started to learn the workouts and everything became clear.

Now she was encouraged. Now she was ready to brag!

“By week 2 I was going home and bragging to my boyfriend about all the neat things I was able to do and was eager to show him the exercises I had learned. I had confidence and no longer came home from the gym crying!”

Kelly was finally feeling the benefits of exercise. She was feeling great about herself.

“I felt happy and loved how my body was feeling. I lost weight in a healthy way and felt encouraged, welcomed and loved. One of the best parts besides what I’ve already mentioned, is the new friends I made. I loved seeing the same people all the time. It’s really like a family. This has been the best thing I could have ever done for me.”

Kelly went from being sad to happy; from crying to no more of that!  And even better….she went on to get certified and become a coach and a bigger part of our family.

She gets to share her experience and change lives just like she had done for her. Talk about a win-win situation.

And there you go my friends’….that is Coach Kelly!

Hello my wonderful, enthusiastic campers!

As you know, I love hearing about each and every one of you. I love to hear your stories, and learn what it was that brought you to MPower Fitness. Sometimes, though, it really hits me how much of an impact the program has on people. Today I want to share a story with you that absolutely brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Let me tell you about Deb. She’s an amazing woman whose story is so moving that it motivates me to keep going and sell harder even when I’m exhausted and discouraged. 

Before starting MPower Fitness , Deb was eating poorly and had a hard time making it to the gym because she lacked a motivating partner to work out with and just didn’t think she had the time. “I was out of shape physically (could not dance one song without being out of breath, with my knees and ankles hurting). I felt tired all the time with no enthusiasm to do things, and was not feeling happy with myself.”

Just hearing that made my heart heavy for what she had gone through. Fortunately, she found us. Because of her past experiences, she was terribly doubtful and lacked confidence that she could succeed. Still, she worked hard to try.

“I did not think or believe I would actually meet my original goal of losing 40 pounds, so I set my first goal of 20 pounds for my first challenge.  I lost the 20 pounds: I was surprised and very happy with the results. I have been hooked on coming to MPower Fitness since Week 2 and even more so after losing the 20 pounds.”

What’s even better is that she kept going and lost another 24 pounds and is still going! She’s not only looking fabulous, she’s also eating better and has a much better outlook on life. She doesn’t even look like the same woman who started with MPower Fitness . She was beautiful when she came, but is absolutely stunning now. Her shyness has given way to self-assurance and she just looks happy.

“I have more confidence in myself; I no longer hide myself in clothes to hide my shape. Now I need to buy clothes that actually fit. I’m down almost 4 sizes.  Overall I’m just happier.” She now enjoys increased energy and endurance, too. She loves walking through the hills and, when asked what’s changed since she started MPower Fitness , her simple answer humbles me: “Everything has changed.”

Just imagining how she must have felt when she was trapped in a body that she hated that badly makes me want to cry for her. However, knowing that Deb is now a totally different person both inside and out thanks to something that I am a part of makes me want to dance.

When asked what it was about MPower Fitness that was so different, she covers the bases well. “My overall experience at MPower Fitness has been the utmost most fabulous experience I have encountered at a fitness gym.  Everyone is ready to work out, encourage and support each other. There is always a welcoming feeling.”

That, my wonderful campers, is why I can’t imagine ever doing anything other than what I’m doing right now!

Have an amazing, successful day!

More energy and a zest for life is often one of the immediate benefits of exercise. As we age, these are valued and needed. Plus they contribute to a high quality of life.  

Our MPower for Life client Alan T says that he was missing these before he found us.  Prior to starting our program he says  “I was not moving very much and sitting in the chair watching TV Way too often”. 

​Alan says he felt older, slower and bored and now he has more energy and flexibility than he had even 10 years ago.  

Alan is a dedicated member of our 10:15am session.   He looks forward to it every day.  He says, “I’m much more focused on fitness and I look forward to it-  I’m usually early and waiting in the parking lot!” 

This is true. He is the first one through the doors M, T and Thursday for MPower for Life and despite  beginning his program with a serious knee injury and a surgery he is committed and doing the best he can.  

Alan says his initial goal was “…to build strength and flexibility – I’ve accomplished both! I’m moving on to losing weight now and building up my strength. I have a whole new community of friends and an amazing Coach Amanda that keeps me on my toes and straightened out on my eating! No more doughnuts for me!”

If you are ever around the MPower SLP/ Studio during the mid morning be sure to say hi to Alan.  You can’t miss him, he is one of our 3 very dedicated men who workout at that time of day.  

We are excited for your progress Alan and we can’t wait to see if you can out lift Rod.  😉

Megan K and Team

Here at MPower Fitness we aim to cultivate three big things: results, relationships and community.

When our clients have been with us and seen great success we ask if they are willing to share their story.

Our client Ali is down 15-20 (ish) lbs, 9% body fat and 12 inches and she has been with us over a year.

We asked if she’d be willing to tell us more about her journey and she does so in her words below.

We are so happy for all of your success Ali and we are grateful to have you as one of our early morning regulars.

“I have been active my whole life. I was an avid runner before having children and now found a new love of walking. Along with walking, I went regularly to ‘workout’ at a big health club. At my club, I was intimidated by the weights so I stuck to the cardio machines. The only time I did strength training was when I payed extra money to hire a personal trainer.

Before joining bootcamp I had put on some extra pounds and was frustrated because I was working out all the time (cardio, cardio, cardio) but wasn’t seeing anything change with my body. While looking through Facebook one day, I noticed a friend had ‘liked’ MPower Fitness. I started seeing more things come through my FB feed about MPower Fitness which included a 21 day challenge. I decided to sign up for the challenge. I was curious what this place could do for me. After the first week of workouts,  I was hooked with MPower Fitness. I loved the variety with the workouts and it was only 30 minutes. The part that I LOVED the most was the built in strength training and the fact that we basically had a personal trainer/coach with us during that 30 minute session. And in that short 21 days, I saw results. I signed up to be a member of boot camp right after the challenge was over. I continued to do about 2 more challenges after that first 21 day challenge and saw huge changes in my body. In about a year time, I had lost around 20 lbs (ok, maybe only 15 right now) around 12 inches or so, and close to 9% body fat lost. (I haven’t had an assessment in a while so those might not be exact). Clothes were fitting differently and people were noticing. I felt strong and healthy and I still continue to feel that way!

When I first joined MPower Fitness, it was in the summer during my summer break (I’m a teacher). I was going to the 8:30/9:00 session and then I would go home and go for a long, brisk walk. I was a little nervous when I had to go back to school because I knew that I would need to go to the early morning session and wouldn’t be able to get in that long walk I was doing most days after the fit body session. I was nervous that the 30 minute session wasn’t going to be enough. To my surprise, putting in just the 30 minute boot camp session 4-5 days a week was and is enough to keep me feeling strong and healthy. Going to MPower Fitness is just part of my morning routine and gives me the boost I need to get through a day teaching young children.

Since joining MPower Fitness, I have met a wonderful community of people…many who have now become my friends. I enjoy starting my day off with energizing people who make me smile, laugh and push me to be my best. All the staff and coaches have been great! I love when the coaches push me and make me workout to my full potential. The coaches always know when I should be lifting a little heavier, moving a little faster…haha!

Not only have I gained a new workout family but going to MPower Fitness has encouraged me to maintain a pretty healthy diet. I’m definitely more conscious of what I need to fuel my body with and I definitely notice when I’m not fueling it in the right way. And I love that I can always ask a coach for help with my diet or join a new challenge if I feel like I’m off tract.

I can definitely say that since joining MPower Fitness I’m the strongest that I have ever been.  Fitness will always be part of my life and I’m glad that I found MPower Fitness….THANK YOU!”

Thank YOU Ali. A lot of times people don’t think 30 minutes 3-4 times a week couldn’t possibly be enough but the reality is, combined with sensible eating it is enough.  
Kudos to you Ali. We are glad you found us that now you get to do cardio for fun, not just to try to shed a few lbs 🙂

– Megan K and Team

A lot of times clients come to us with a history of being out of shape and having weight to lose. It is common for us to hear, “I’ve been overweight since xyz grade”.

Many times, these same clients have had a lot of people tell them that this is how they will always be, that it is genetics and that it can never change.

We have found that for many clients the thing that must change first is their belief that they can do it and that they can feel better at all stages in the journey.  

When our jovial, friendly and kind client Terri first started with us at MPower she was one of those clients.

She says she used to believe she couldn’t do things. She has realized that she isn’t as limited on movements as she thinks she is.  “My body is in better condition than I thought. I try to to give myself positive self talk. I also open up to the coaches that I most often work with” so that they can provide me encouragement too.

Terri got started with us at MPower Fitness, in order to “keep Type 2 diabetes off my medical record”.  Now, she finds continued inspiration “seeing people that I work out with succeed in the changes they are making”.

Unlike many of our clients, Terri doesn’t have an issue making it to sessions. She says her schedule is flexible and she easily makes time for her workouts.  

But she wasn’t without her own challenges…

Her biggest challenge was in her mindset and with negative self-talk.

She says she still finds herself doubting her ability to do things and wanting to talk herself out of exercise.  She frequently doesn’t feel like going to Boot Camp. She never lets the negative talk win though, she gets herself into the car and through the doors. Occe that happens she succeeds.

Despite frequently not wanting to go she says once she gets started she always has fun.

Terri tells us she is normally an introvert. This is a surprise to us because we frequently see her welcoming new clients, introducing herself and trying to make them feel welcome.  She told us she loves Boot Camp so much that she wants to see others have that same good experience.

“I want people to be able to enjoy their lives. If you’re overweight and feeling like crap you won’t be able to enjoy your life”.

She still experiences some negative self-talk but she says she is “proud of the work I have done and that is a good feeling”.

WE are so proud of you Terri. Keep up the belief in yourself and congratulations on your success!

– Megan K and Team

Sometimes we know we need to “do the thing” but we aren’t sure exactly how to make it happen. This was the case for MPower client April C.

Before our studio came into her life, she says “ I was busy working and raising family.  I knew I needed to take some time for self care but was unsure of how to fit it in. Now I put my workouts on the family calendar. With 30 minute, intensive workouts offered at a variety of times of day, I can always find a way to squeeze it in”.

Her inspiration to get in better shape is her mom.  Growing up, April had a great example of exercise and healthy eating.  She says her mom has been attending fitness classes and eating right for over 20 years!  Go Mom!

Since joining April has hardly looked back. She says, “I love it! The studio is so close to my home. The 30 minute group session is a perfect fit for me. The workouts are always changing, the music is high energy and the instructors are AMAZING!

I look forward to my workouts and always feel great when I am done. I get frustrated if something comes up and I miss a planned workout but I know I can always find another option that week to get it in. “

When she first started, she set out to:

  1. Feel Better
  2. Show her kids the importance of exercise and hard work.
  3. Feel better in a swimsuit for a spring break trip.

She is down 3.3% bodyfat since March 2018

But she says that the best thing that has happened for her since joining MPower Fitness is “I have the piece of mind that I am making my health a priority and I feel stronger. My two daughters know the importance of making time for exercise and how good it makes you feel!”

April we are thrilled to hear about your progress and your passion for exercise! Thank you for being a great clients.

​Megan K and Team

A lot of times we hear from our MPower Fitness clients that they came to us as a last resort.   In fact, when coach Kim Curran-Moore first joined us as a client she thought “screw it, I’ve got nothing to lose”. She had been seeing our “stupid Facebook ads” (Hahahah- it worked, right?) and thought, “I might as well just go in and try it. Even if I hate it, I’ve only lost $100.”

Kim was in a tough spot emotionally and physically.

Within the span of just a few years, she and her family had moved from Santa Barbara to St. Louis Park. She didn’t have many friends and on top of it she lost her mother, father and sister in succession.

She was depressed, lonely and drinking a bottle of wine a night. 

Thankfully Facebook ads and “screw it” won out and Kim signed up for our 28 day New Year program in early 2016.   She was determined to lose 58 lbs by her 58th birthday in October and to feel better. 

She says, “I was fat and old. I knew I couldn’t fix old, but I could fix fat”.  <– Her words, not mine. 

She noticed quickly that exercise helped her to feel better. She was hurting a lot less in just the first 28 days.

It took longer for the weight to come off but within 8 months Kim had not only met but exceeded her goal. She was down 60 lbs by her 58th birthday. Additionally she was down 10% body fat and many inches. 

For Kim the workouts were not easy.  She says, “They were tough”. There were times where she felt humiliated about what she couldn’t do, (not by us or by anyone in session) but that she felt bad and sad about what her body’s condition was. 

But she persevered…

She says, those first few months the support of her fellow “nooners” and the encouragement of the fellow clients was crucial. 

Kim says, “I felt like I belonged. 

Even though, it was hard and I didn’t love it right away, I felt accepted”.

She specifically mentioned several clients and coaches who were key in making her feel accepted and encouraged: Jal, Maggie, Tracy, Chris St, Pete, Kristie F and others.

As she formed the habit of exercise, the other habits started to follow.  She says she wanted to make changes to her eating because she wanted to continue to feel better. She wanted to attend because she knew she felt better. 

Her daughter says, “Kimber you’re so much happier when you exercise”. And isn’t that the truth? Don’t we all feel better after having moved our bodies? 

As Kim progressed, the people around her noticed the changes.  People would say “you look great, what are you doing” and she would tell them coming to workout with us.

About a year and a half in to her workouts with us, Kim approached me about becoming a coach.  She wanted to help share the mission and impact lives the way her life had been impacted. 

Kim says, “I felt like I belonged here. I’d been other places and it was awful.   You go to the locker room and want to hide because everyone looks at you… even now at a healthy size I want to hide… but here I belong. If I can help even one person feel accepted when she walks through the door, then I’ve done my job”

Kim has not only done that but more. She is a key coach out our MPower studio and a willing sub over in Maple Grove. 

She has impacted many lives, through her enthusiasm on the floor both in Boot Camp sessions and our MPower For Life 55+ sessions.  She has gone on to get several nationally accredited certifications including NASM, Precision Nutrition Level 1, FAI and more and she was on our wall of fame with a success poster!

Kim we are so glad that the ‘stupid Facebook ad’ reached you and that Rachael persuaded you to sign up for membership.  None of us can imagine our MPower studio being the same without you.

Thank you for your commitment as a coach and for trusting us to help guide you through your journey. 

Megan K and Team