A lot of times I hear people say that social media is having a negative effect on them but from time to time the effect can be positive.

Our client Karie came to us because she was seeing friends, family and social media contacts hopping on the workout wagon.  They were getting in shape and posting pictures of how much fitter and happier they were and she didn’t want to miss out.

Maybe you can relate?

Prior to MPower Fitness, Karie hadn’t been doing much physical activity at all. She says, “I was very tired and irritable (partly due to having a 1 year old that was not a good sleeper). I was also starting to feel very depressed about how I felt and how my body didn’t feel like mine”.

These feelings of fatigue, frustration and sadness with how she looked and felt, and the positive influences of her friend’s making progress was enough to propel her forward to try a new program.

Enter MPower Fitness.

Karie says she has never been much of a morning exerciser but that Boot Camp is giving her the time to work on herself- first thing in the a.m.- without it cutting into her day!

“I am able to get up and get myself out the door before the kids are up. When I get home everyone is up or just getting up and I am able to help them out the door before I get myself ready and to work”.

Karie’s initial goal was to get back into shape and lose some weight: in her short time with us she is down 4% body fat, 5 inches and a few lbs on the scale. She has come to terms with the fact that “immediate results” and massive change don’t come overnight.  

She says “I am honestly a little surprised I am still liking it as much as I do.  It is almost like a high that I get from going every (or almost every) weekday morning. One of the things I realized I like the most about MPower Fitness…I don’t have to think.  I don’t have to contemplate and consider what I should do next, how much or how long I should do something. I probably could have spent an hour in the gym (like 10 years ago) and really only worked out for 30 minutes because the other time was spent moving between machines or trying to figure out what I could or should do next without looking completely awkward.  Taking the thought out of working out is a huge benefit to me. I make enough decisions throughout my day with kids, husband, work, etc….I like that I show up and do what I’m told!”

“Karie says “I’m not as tired and I generally just feel better in my clothes/ pants. I have also started eating much better. I still cheat from time to time but I’m more aware of it and do my best to stay on track. I have also started eating more protein in the mornings to help balance my day”.

She says that since joining MPower she feels stronger, fitter, has more energy and likes working out again.

We are so happy that you found us Karie and that we have been a part of your journey thus far…

We are excited to see your continued success!

We often hear of our clients who had gym memberships but weren’t using them…

It is a sad reality for many folks.

They are paying monthly for their gym dues but not attending. Then when they do attend, they either aren’t sure what to do or get stuck using the elliptical or the treadmill.  

This was the situation for our awesome client Chelea G. Before joining MPower Fitness she “wasn’t doing a whole lot. I had a gym membership but almost never went and when I did, I spent an hour on the elliptical and wasn’t really training my body”

She says before MPower Fitness, “ I was the most overweight I had ever been. I was in a bad place mentally with work and stress was piling on. Now, I go to the gym at the end of the night to get over the days stress. Physically I feel stronger than I have been in years”.

Chelsea’s inspiration was her husband. “He has joined me in this life challenge and has lost 40lbs. We have learned to cook together and meal plan. We also check on each other and get each other to the gym on days we don’t want to go”.  Chelsea says her initial goal was to lose 30lbs in 2018 and she did that! Now she is aiming for another 25 lbs in 2019. Her biggest challenge is keeping up with the habit of clean eating when she isn’t doing one of our 6 week challenges.  “I am still working on this but I feel like I have better tools to understand what to eat and what it is doing to my body if I eat poorly”. She says,

“I actually go to the gym, before I would get in a rhythm and go for a little while but life always got in the way. Now I know which days I am going and plan my week around it.

I make it a priority because I feel great after I go. Could not be more happy with the workouts. It’s also pretty awesome to go in and know all the coaches and a lot of the folks you work out with on a first name basis. Since joining boot camp, I have lost the most weight I have ever lost and for once it feels like I can keep going. Oh and I also don’t mind a burpee any more!  

We are thrilled to hear this Chelsea and very excited for all the progress you and your husband have made in 2018!

Keep up the great work!

Growing up in a fit and healthy household our client Lindsay developed a propensity toward good nutrition and an active lifestyle but even with positive influences in our lives we can fall off track…

Before becoming a member at MPower Fitness, Lindsay was a runner, a volleyball player and a Zumba enthusiast.  But during a several year long struggle with infertility she and her husband Andy both gained weight and fell out of the habit of exercise.  

Lindsay says “Before Boot Camp, I had a membership at a Lifetime for several years and only went once every 4-5 months.  And then I would only go because I enjoyed the sauna and steam room. HA

It was definitely a struggle and I never looked forward to it.  MPower Fitness came into my life when I needed it most. My husband and I struggled with infertility for four years.  We were emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted with the entire process. With that comes a little depression and self pity.  This led to poor eating habits and just a lack of self care. When it was time to look into other options (meaning IVF) I knew that I needed to be in the BEST shape possible so that it would be a successful transfer. “

Fast forward several months and both Lindsay and Andy were in better shape and had lost some weight but the next challenge for Lindsay is that she had to take time off for the pregnancy. She says

”I had to take a year off after we did the IVF procedure due to the fact that I was so high risk.  I was so very sad and missed everyone at Boot Camp so much. I would see my husband go and come back and would ask what he did, and who was there.  lol I was doing the workout in my mind with ya’ll. After delivery of our daughter, I had to wait even longer to come back and work out because I had a c-section and needed to heal.  I was so anxious to get back at it. I had horrible postpartum depression compounded with the fact that my mother was dying of cancer right after the delivery of Victoria. I can’t express to you how grateful I was that I had something to look forward to that was a positive outlet in my life.  I had gained a lot of weight because of all of the hormones I had to inject into my body and I needed to lose 40lbs. My husband and I joined two six week challenges almost back to back this year, and I am so happy to report that I am almost at my goal. 32lbs down and a work in progress. I could not have done with without the entire fit family. The coaches have been so helpful and encouraging throughout my entire journey.   Much appreciation for all of the kindness and support. “

The Winters are a busy professional couple and Lindsay says that managing their schedule has been tricky. “Our work life balance has always been extremely challenging just by the nature of what my husband and I do.  My husband is an ER/trauma physician and I am a Respiratory Therapist. With this comes insane schedules/hours, holidays, nights, and weekends. We chose to not put Victoria in daycare so we just navigate around each others work schedule.  Which basically means I can only work when he is not at work. It’s complicated for sure. I will sit for hours in front of a calendar figuring out this jigsaw puzzle we call life. Since we make working out a priority now, we look at our schedule two-three weeks ahead and mark which days and times we can go to boot camp.  Thank goodness for so many options or this would never work for us, Another bonus!!! I will say to Andy, “you can go at 9AM today, and I will go at Noon” and so on and so on a week or two in advance. This way we know if we need to ask a friend or schedule a sitter to help us out to make sure we can get to class. I would NEVER put this much time and effort into this if we didn’t see results or love MPower Fitness.”

Here at MPower Fitness we get to know our clients but we often don’t know this level of detail or struggle until they share with us… We are so grateful we get to be a part of their Weller- Winter family’s journey and that they are a part of our Fit Family!

Listen, we all have busy schedules and lives, but if we make our health a part of our lifestyle amazing things can happen​.

Congratulations to both Lindsay and Andy on all of their success!​

– Megan K and Team

Several years ago I met out dear client Barbara when I was teaching a workshop at another facility. She signed up to learn about a style of training where the main focus was on listening to your body.
Following the workshop she became a client with me at that facility. 

She had a variety of physical aches an pains that we needed to work around to keep her moving…
My goal was to get her moving in all the ways that she could that didn’t hurt. This included a few variations on the squat that to the untrained eye probably looked quite bizarre. In fact if you had seen her squatting you might have wondered why I let her do it “wrong”. Remember the key was she was doing the squat in a way that fit her body, at that time and was pain free. 

Fast forward about a year, and she had regained several ranges of motion and was able to squat “normally”. 

When I left the other facility, Barbara came and joined us here at MPower Fitness.

Boot Camp can have a stigma associated with the name:
it is tough
it is hard
it might make you throw up
a person could be too xyz for it…(insert your limiting adjective here: I’ve heard out of shape, in shape, young, old, achy etc)

But Barbara knew that our philosophy was different and that we were going to keep aiming to get her to do all the things she COULD do, 
letting go of the rest. 

Barbara has continued to train 3-4 times a week for the last 6 years here at our studio. 
She says “I get all the senior discounts and legally a senior long past. I have been working out at FBBC since the beginning and I don’t feel like a senior. I have strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. I am and have been committed to working out 3-4 times a week at FBBC because I love the 30 minute workouts and my body loves it too”.


If you are with us for the 8:30 or 9am session you’ll likely meet Barbara. If you had to guess, you’d never know that she is one of our longest Boot Camp members nor would you know she is a few years above 65. 

Doing what we can do is really all we can do. 
The best part about Barbara’s journey is that she has never given up. Nor did she ever let limiting beliefs dictate what she could do. 

Congratulations on all your success Barbara! 

I still tell her she looks more vibrant and energetic now than she did 7.5 years ago when we met.

Anyone approaching that magical number soon? You know the one I’m talking about…the half a century mark. 

Half a century! Wow, that sounds crazy to some, but 50 is the new 30, right? It’s the new 30 if you’re doing the right things to maintain that lifestyle. 50 can be scary for some people but honestly it doesn’t have to be. You can be the best you can be. You just need to make that choice.

Meet one of our fun and energetic members, Louis V. He’s one of those guys that was approaching the magical number and knew it was time he change his sedentary lifestyle before things got worse.

You see Louis wasn’t always energetic and quite frankly his mood wasn’t where it should be as well. In fact, his words precisely were,

“Before MPower Fitness I wasn’t doing anything. I would go home from work and spend my time on the couch. I was a couch potato! Emotionally I was apathetic, had zero confidence and was very self-conscious because I was overweight and tired.”

Louis also suffered from Type II diabetes. As I said, 50 was coming and he needed to make a change. He joined boot camp and made that change and now he is such a different person.

“I have way more confidence and feel so much better about myself both psychologically and physically. I feel incredible like I did back in college! I’ve even rediscovered my passion for biking.”

This was the “couch potato” guy that either sat on the couch or attended too many happy hours (in his words). And now, he is rediscovering his old passions and feels like a strong, healthy young man again…all at the magical number of 50.

He is maintaining his diabetes and getting stronger and improving more each day.

I asked him how he feels now about boot camp and what his overall experience has been and this is what he had to say.

“The hardest part initially for me was getting the courage to walk through the doors on day 1 but I’m so glad that I did.

My overall experience has been fantastic. I immediately felt like I belonged, like I was welcomed and included and like this was my second home.

I love that I can get a workout done in about 30 minutes after work. I like training my upper body because it helps regain my strength. BUT, I have to admit I hate doing burpees. Sorry!”

I kind of laughed at the burpees part because not too many people love them when first starting, but it is interesting to see how people push through to get them done and then eventually like them. Louis will too J

In closing he said to me,

“The best thing since joining has been my results but more so the friendships and the nice problem of needing to buy new clothes!!”

I seriously have the best job in the world. I get to see and work with people like Louis every single day. I get to see his wardrobe change, his attitude change and him living life at 50…the new 30!!

Having a sense of belonging is HUGE.

And many of us only have a few places- if we are lucky- where we feel we truly belong. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t consider the GYM a place we feel comfortable, let alone belong.  Starting at a new “gym” or “fitness studio” can be really intimidating, particularly if you aren’t sure what to expect, are self conscious or are out of shape. 

Our client Michaela K, said she was “notorious for joining a gym, going for a few weeks, and then falling off the bandwagon”. She liked attending group workouts but never felt she really belonged.   She says she had no idea how much better she’d feel exercising regularly.  She is not someone who loves to exercise but she loves how much better she feels when she is consistent with her program. 

Knowing what to do, being held accountable and receiving consistent feedback and coaching has been a big part of Michaela’s success. When she belonged to a gym in the past she would “half heartedly do cardio exercises” and steer very clear of the free weights section.  She wasn’t sure what to do with the weights and didn’t want to injure herself or feel awkward.  

After joining boot camp Michaela has lost over 25lbs, 10 inches and 8% body fat and her family and friends have noticed her improved mood, happiness and passion for life. Michaela confessed that she still isn’t “jumping with joy” to get in her workouts but with the sessions being only 30 minutes, she plans out which days she’ll attend and then doesn’t make any excuses.

One of the most common things we hear (outside of a lack of motivation) is uncertainty about what to do and how to get results.  We are happy Michaela found us and that we were able to help her meet and exceed her fitness goals.  

I hope that you are all doing well and working diligently to meet your goals. 

I want to talk to you about something important to me. I often hear that clients are intimidated to start with MPower Fitness because they feel that they just couldn’t keep up. They are scared because they “think” they are in bad shape and won’t be able to make it through a session, so they don’t think that the program is for them. Sometimes they even think they need to go and get in shape before coming to boot camp!

Look, taking that first step is always the hardest, we know this. We all had our first steps at one point and we all remember how scary it can be. But if you’re willing to do that much (take the first step I mean), then believe me you can do so much more. That’s what today’s story is all about. I’d like to tell you about Tamara H. Tamara has struggled with her weight her entire life and had reached a point where she couldn’t even pick up a bag of groceries. 

“I had no strength whatsoever and hated to go shopping,” Tamara claims. “I hated the way I felt about myself and hated the way clothes fit.”

She tried many different programs but none of them worked for her, at least long-term. 

“I couldn’t understand why I would try certain diets and they would work for a while and then I’d gain all of the weight back and then some,” Tamara confessed. “I was sick of the yoyo roller coaster ride.” She like so many people had gained and lost the same lbs over and over.

When Tamara attended her 25th class reunion and felt sad and frustrated with how she looked, especially in comparison to how she’d looked at her 20th she knew it was time for a change. 

“I had “let myself go and was really embarrassed how it had gotten that far,” she said. “Little did I know that I also had a medical condition that I found out about later but with the help of MPower Fitness I have come so far and overcome so much.”

At her heaviest, Tamara weighed 232 pounds. Her best friend Kristi had already been attending Mpower Fitness and Tamara was impressed with her results. That motivated her to start, too.

“She has been a blessing to be my work out buddy and motivator especially in the beginning when I didn’t think I could do it. I also have to say that all of the lovely people on the wall who I look at their photos when I work out are a huge inspiration as well,” mentions Tamara. (She is referring to our wall of success that features photos of our successful boot campers)

Tamara only works about five minutes from the gym, so she comes over on her lunch break. She tries to make it at least three times per week but is usually here more often than that. She also comes on Sundays, completes her workout, then does Zumba for a double dose! She loves our workouts, especially working out her arms that used to be weak. Now she’s strong!

“I have never felt more comfortable and welcomed than when I started here. I feel like I am a part of a growing family. I have met some wonderful people here and am sure I will meet many more. I was not a work out person at all but I can handle this. I love that it is 30 minutes and it is different every time and it is fun and it works!”

When asked what her biggest challenge was, it was the same one that I hear for many people.

“My biggest challenge was taking that first step to make a commitment to make a lifestyle change and decide that I had to be responsible for my actions; what I put in my mouth and what I did or didn’t do for exercise and to stick with it,” Tamara states.

Since she overcame that fear, she’s seen amazing results! She’s even begun to do something she never thought that she could.

“I have started to do things I never thought would have been possible before. I used to like my cocktails and those are no longer a priority for me. I ran a 5K last weekend and signed up for one every month the remainder of the summer. I never would have done that before.”

Wow! That’s amazing, and makes my heart so happy for her. She’s back to wearing pants, where before all she would wear was dresses to cover her body. I remember asking her because I thought she always looked so fancy and pretty because I had never seen her in pants and she told me she didn’t wear them because dresses covered up more and fit better. Now though, she can wear pants if she wants to!! 

She’s looking forward to getting stronger, losing more body fat and being able to run an entire 5k instead of walking/running/walking/running. She has a beautiful future ahead and I’m proud that I can be a part of that!

I wish you all the same success!

Megan K and Team

PS with Tamara’s story we hope that you’ll be inspired to commit to yourself and to take consistent action toward your health and fitness goals. You can do it. You really can do it- whatever it is. 🙂

Sometimes we reach out to our clients to ask them about their journey and the answer questions for us…other times they simply write us a heartfelt note about how they feel about their journey. In their words.  Margie G is one of those clients.

Thank you Margie for all your dedication, hard work and your (mostly) very positive attitutde.

We LOVE having you with us as a client.

“I joined FBBC/ M Power Fitness,  for the first time 5 years ago. I came to classes religiously but wasn’t ready to do anything about what I was eating. I loved the camaraderie but really wasn’t ready to walk the walk. Then my mom got sick and I didn’t have the time to devote to myself. During her illness and after she passed away I was having back issues and needed surgery.

Fast forward 3 years and my daughter Amy wanted to come back to FBBC and encouraged me to join her. I wasn’t feeling great about myself but thought that I would give it a try. It was like coming home. Everyone was welcoming and nonjudgmental. There was so much that I couldn’t do when I started but I persisted. I didn’t want to get weighed when I started because my initial goal was to feel better about myself and get stronger. I think in the beginning I was overwhelmed and depressed.

Now I look forward to working out for both the physical and social aspect. And on days I can’t make my 4:00 session I come at 5:30 in the morning. That is dedication because truly it is still the middle of the night.

But, they are such a dedicated bunch. It is an amazing feeling to be working out with 25 people when it is still dark out.

FBBC is a priority in my life. I attend sessions 6 days a week.

I now feel good about myself and hitting 60 in the very new future. I am able to get on the ground and play with my new grandson, but more importantly I am able to get back up. I love FBBC, the classes, the trainers, and the fellow participants. It is like a family.

During this time, I have also started to eat healthy. I no longer eat processed foods and I limit my sugar and dairy to almost nothing. I honestly have never felt better. I won’t lie, there are days where I ache but again 60 is just around the corner.

During the last 2 years my appendix ruptured and I had 2 related surgeries. I think that my appendix actually ruptured on the way too FBBC because I suddenly felt so sick and turned around and went home to bed. It killed me not to be able to attend classes for an extended period and was ecstatic to be cleared to return. My hero and my inspiration in my daughter, Amy. She encourages me every day and guides me during sessions. Also, I so admire all the people I work out with and the trainers.

I have fun and kid around during the session, and whine a little (maybe a lot) but I take my workout very seriously and my mantra is “you can do anything for 30 seconds.” The best thing that has happened to me is that I feel good about myself and the friendships that I have made. Thank you Megan and FBBC for making such a difference in my life.


If you are interested in trying us out, please contact us at 763-710-5065 or info@fitbodysaintlouispark.com to schedule your 3 free sessions!