Megan K here with your Pep Talk. 

This week, I wanted to post to remind you that you can do it. 

Stay the course. 

Sometimes there will be setbacks.

Sometimes there will be dips in your progress.

Sometimes you’ll be off track and wonder if aliens have taken over the operation of your body (or your mindset). 

But keep at it. 

Keep your goals up around your house, your car, your office and have your friends and family remind you of what you set out to do. 

Most of all though, remember you CAN do it. 

We are here to help whenever you need it. 

Committed ​to your success,

Megan K and the team

Every time I come back from a conference or a personal development/ leadership event it is hard to write the pep talk. My brain is filled with ideas that I want to share with you and I struggle to pick what I think might help you the most. Fortunately I’ve got weeks worth of materials for you…

Lewis Howes’ (the author of the School of Greatness and the Mask Of Maculinity) and the creator of the School of Greatness Podcast​ spoke this weekend and shared what he distilled down as the Five G’s of the most successful people he interviews. 

These five G’s are present in the lives of all of the successful people he interviews and I hope that you’ll find them helpful reminders.  They were for me. 🙂

1- Gratitude

The most successful people he connects with on his podcast aim to live their daily lives with an eye toward gratitude.  They focus as much as possible on all that they have in their lives- even when times are tough. 

This could be as simple as every single day saying aloud a couple of things for which you are grateful.

2- Growth​

The most successful people he interviews are highly focused on growth and learning. 

Most recently he interviewed Novak Djokovic, the 12 time Grand Slam tennis player, and even he is still learning, still growing, still investigating and still aiming to find new ways to become better. Arguably, he is currently the best in the world but he has adopted the life long attitude of growth.   

3- Game Plan

The successful get there with a strategy, a schedule and a clear plan. 

This is important. Sometimes I hear from clients who are dead set on achieving a goal but they don’t know how to get there… we can help with this! 


The most successful people surround themselves with a community/ group/ master mind/ alliance of like minded, forward moving, goal seeking friends and associates who help build them up and support them on their journey. 

<— Fit Family anyone? : ) that’s our goal with our fitness community


Along the journey, the successful aim to give (not just financially but also in terms of time, resources and mentorships).  Almost all mention a time when they were truly happy and that was when they were giving.  Rarely do we ever feel as good receiving as when we are giving…

Friends remember that rarely does anyone begin great. Greatness is achieved with steady, consistent action. There will be set backs. There will be obstacles but perseverance and consistency will get us there. 

Have a fantastic week! 

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday Fit Friends!

I hope this talk finds you well.  True story, outside of writing your success stories, my favorite thing to do is to write you these posts!  I absolutely love chatting with you, the coaches and others in the community about what you might need/ want to hear about.

This week the Monday Motivation is all about Amazon Prime. 

We live in an amazing day and age when almost everything we want is instantly at our finger tips.  With Amazon prime we can shop online and things arrive in two days.  With instant downloads we can buy things and have them right now.

There is so much that conditions us toward instant gratification. 

But the reality is, most anything we want in regards to our health and fitness takes time.  It doesn’t happen instantly.   It often doesn’t even happen quickly. 

Muscle gains can be .25-.5 lbs per month for women who is doing moderate exercise.  A healthy sustainable rate of fat loss is 1-2 lbs of fat per week.  Big changes in health take time.  Even the benefits of going gluten free can take 4-6 months to really manifest in the body.

But as fitness professionals we are constantly asked about how clients can get results as fast as possible. There are answers. There are methods but almost none are sustainable. 

So take a deep breath. 

Your “new body” is on back-order for 6 months. :p Just kidding.  But seriously, though…there is no Instacart in fitness.

Trust the process and do your best to stay consistent.  

If you want almost immediate results be sure to drink enough water and get enough sleep! 

Committed to your success, 
Megan K and the team 

I recently heard that Amazon is aiming to one day be able to ship you something before you even buy it.  You say out loud you want the thing and it arrives. Keep it if you truly want it, send it back if you don’t. Amazing.

Happy Monday!

This week’s pep talk is all about vacations. 

We get asked a lot about what to do to stay on track while on vacation. 

The truth is there are a lot of ways you can do this. 

1- Is this a rare and special vacation?

If so, don’t worry about it. Stay active. Drink plenty of water and just enjoy. ​Rare vacations are just that- rare. 

You can get right back on track when you return. 

2- Are you taking regular vacations?

If so, plan ahead. 

Figure out when and where you might workout and find a few health spots to eat. Better still, if you can stay at a Vacation Rental or a place with a fridge or the ability to meal prep you have full control over eating healthy. 

3- Use this as an opportunity to rest, recover OR try something totally new. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn to windsurf try Yoga on the beach or, stand up paddle board. Vacations can be a great time to try new things OR to let your body rest from your current activities. 

4- Whatever you do or don’t do, let go of guilt. 

Vacations aren’t every week. If you eat a lot, just relax and get back on plan when you return. 

As spring comes, and many head on spring break, reach out if you need help making a plan. 

We are here for you. 

Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday!

We get asked a lot about cardio. 

Should I do more? 

How much do I need to do? 

I want to become a runner, cyclist, triathlete etc.

How can I do it all? 

Don’t I need cardio to lose weight? 

And so many other questions…

The reality about cardio is this: 

If you like it, do it! 

If you don’t like it, then try to focus on doing what you like. 

If you have a fat loss goal, steady state cardio isn’t the fastest path. 

When it comes to fitness, the first step is to get moving in general.

If you are currently doing nothing, then your goal needs to be to move in any way that is fun for you. Do something that you enjoy. 

If you have a fat loss goal then cardio is not the fastest path. 

Please understand that it can work (it does work) but it is NOT the fastest path. 

High Intensity Interval Training combined with nutritious eating is the faster path. 

What does that mean? Short bursts of intense activity- especially a mix of cardio intervals AND resistance training will get you results faster. Conveniently this is what we do at MPower Fitness :p 🙂

No wonder we are known for results, right? 

What about a combination of cardio and Group Training?

​In a perfect world, our clients would be doing their Group Training workouts 4 ish times per week and moving around for fun in other ways. 

For example: playing a recreational volley ball league, going snowshoeing or cross country skiing,  jogging or cycling for fun, taking a dance class etc. 

If you are short on time and not yet in love with moving around just for the fun of it, then don’t worry – MPower has you covered. 

​In our MPower Fitness Group Training sessions we aim to have cardio intervals, resistance training, some flexibility and mobility work as well as a focus on improving body composition: adding muscle and reducing fat. 

Megan K and Team

We have all heard that exercise has an impact on mood AND that if we like what we are doing not only does the exercise go much better but also our mood improves too! Exercise is a critical part of our self care. Not only because it improves all of our physiological functions but also it is a big factor in better mental health.

Prior to joining MPower Fitness , our client Cat, was definitely in a slump with regards to fitness. She says, “For years I had been a member at LifeTime—had joined a Bootcamp, but the prohibitive cost of their program, and the lack of community, forced me out the door. Because I didn’t have a regular routine, I was feeling low, depressed, tired, and frustrated with myself. I had recently moved to Plymouth, so I knew no one in the area. After stuffing my feelings with popcorn at the movie theater, I walked into MPower Fitness and met Rachael. My selective memory has me kicking ass the next morning at a session. Rachael has reminded me that it took awhile before I actually showed up…for REAL. I thank her for her patience and support. Fourteen months later, I write these words.”

Cat’s inspiration to take care of herself comes from her late father. She knows when she prioritizes herself and her health she can show up better in all areas of her life. “My dad died almost ten years ago. My mom spoke at his funeral, as did my three siblings and I. People wrote to us later that they left the service vowing to be better husbands, better fathers, better men. Before my dad died, he said to us, ‘In the end, NOTHING matters besides WHO you loved, and who loved YOU.’ The love we learned growing up—the love we continue to give each other—is what inspires me, guides me; it sits at the center of my gratitude and is what keeps me motivated to constantly strive to be my best version of daughter, sister, aunt and friend.”

From the outset of joining MPower Fitness my goal was to lose 10lbs, feel empowered/ proud of myself so I could be a better Catherine to others. Looking back of the year, Cat did lose the 10lbs but she did more than that because she also dropped 5% body fat, added lean mass and lost 2.25 inches from her waist. She says, “My new goals center around keeping the weight off- creating a new normal- also learning how to prepare and cook great food. I want to continue to push myself in different races/runs/active events. I want to be a Coach at MPower Fitness, but need to figure out when I’m going to study for the test. Gulp.”

For Cat, her biggest challenge is the “balancing act called life” She says she has noticed that, “A new pattern in my life is that each day begins with me asking myself, ‘Which session are you going to go to today?’ I know that other commitments will have to jockey their way around this main commitment.”  

Throughout her life, Cat is constantly focusing on new behaviors vs falling into old behaviors. She is prioritizing avoiding happy hours, events that revolve around drinking, and her greatest nemesis: nicotine. “I am genetically ripe for cancer, heart disease, depression, alcoholism; therefore, I have a constant focus (often struggle) to keep helping my chances to avoid these diseases. How do I get through it? By continuing to move forward—by continuing to ask myself, Who do you want to be?”

This is HUGE! Congratulations Cat. When we make and keep the commitments to ourselves it is that much easier for everything else to fall into place…

Cat says that it is more than just a physical transformation that has occurred for her at Boot Camp.  Her overall experience is “a journey/transformation from unfocused to focused; from self-negation to self-affirmation; from feeling lost to feeling centered. The best thing that has happened to me since joining MPower Fitness is the community that I have built, which truly is the center of this organization. One of the mornings this week, I drove up for the 6:00 am session and saw four women walking together from their cars. I smiled and felt a tangible sense of happiness and strength. What’s most amazing about MY STORY is that it’s everyone’s story who is a Boot Camp member. We all had reasons we walked in the door. We all have reasons that we continue to walk in the door—some days with our fears and our sadnesses; other days with our smiles and our laughter. Megan and Team have created this safe haven for all of us to gather and support each other. I feel extremely blessed to be connected to such an amazing group of strong, beautiful women. The journey has just begun…”

Cat you’ve been client of the month. You’ve been a smiling and welcoming face to new Boot Camp members. You’ve inspired others on their journey and yet the journey has just begun…

In your time with us you’ve learned much about prioritizing yourself and your health and we are so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished.

Thank you for being an amazing, loving, welcoming and inspiring member of our Fit Family!

Happy Monday!

Today I’m writing to you about coaching. 

Coaching is like leadership, it is a privilege and an honor and it is something we take seriously at MPower Fitness.

Many of our coaches, come from a sports background where they have been coached by exceptional professionals and some are currently coaching athletes. 

But what is a coach? 

What does a coach do? 

A coach is a person who helps to take you from where you are, to where you want to be… (Martin Rooney)

A coach helps you to believe in yourself more. 

A coach asks you to ask more of yourself. 

A coach inspires you to become the best version of yourself you can be…  <—this always being a work in progress, of course 🙂 because let’s be honest, we never peak right? We can always be getting better, until we near our end

I have had some great coaches in my life. 

I’ve also had some terrible ones.  Currently I have tennis coaches, business coaches, a leadership coach and a therapist.  They are all helping me to become better versions of me.  

To date, I’ve done some really good coaching- and helped people to see incredible successes- and I’ve failed too. 

But that’s like all things in life, and to be honest I’ve done a lot more “failing” than I have succeeding. 

How about you, can you think of a time when you had great coaching? 

I’m hoping if you are a client you can think of many…and if you aren’t then perhaps you are looking for a coach? 

As we wrap up our New Year Challenge,I am excited to see how everyone is doing. 

But mostly I’m excited to see how our clients have reached, stretched, and aimed just a little higher than they might of because their coaches asked them too…

Will you aim a little higher too? 

Remember, your coaches and I are here for YOU. 

This is about you, and your journey and if you don’t have a relationship with a coach, we want you to… sometimes it can take some trial and error.  I can think of several clients I’ve worked with who had a better relationship with one of the other coaches and so we switched it up and things gained momentum. 

What we need at any given time varies, and it isn’t personal. 

But what we all need is a coach. 

We all need 

Someone who believes in us. 

Someone who tells us we can do it. 

Someone who doesn’t let us give up, even when we stuff things up (because mark my words, the stuffing up is inevitable) 

And mostly, we all need someone who will help us get from where we ​are to where we want to go…

Megan K and the team

PS the door is open, come see me or one of us… 

I would love to hear from you…I know I don’t know all of you but I’d sure like to and when I can (if you are asking for it) I’m here to help.

Happy Monday!

We likely can all remember some defining moments in sporting/ schooling/ work related coaching situations. 

When either a boss or a coach gave us some feedback we didn’t necessarily want to hear. 

I have a few. 

Most of the big wake up calls for me came when I thought I should have been further along than I actually was. 

For whatever reason, I had gotten it into my head that the amount of work I had done would equate to a leaner physique and more bad assery. 

It was my missed expectations that was truly the let down. 

A Big Ah-ha moment happened early on in my martial arts training in South Korea. I wanted to do the cool stuff and yet anytime it seemed like it was time to progress to a seriously difficult move I was back working on the foundational kicks, throws and landings. 

Most recently this has happened a lot with tennis. I want to learn how to do a drop shot or to hit a backhand slice and apparently that comes at some future point down the road. To…Be…Determined 

It all clicked for me though when a coach said, “you’re all jacked up in your head about this. You are just looking at it the wrong way.  We practice the foundational moves not because you aren’t good enough for other stuff. We practice them because they never go away and you’re always refining them“. 

Of course, this makes sense right? I see it at MPower with all of you too…sometimes we want to try something really cool but we have to ask ourselves why? It isn’t that I’m saying don’t. In fact a lot of the times the answer is yes! Give it a try. 

But sometimes it is no, or not yet.  And there is absolutely zero wrong with sticking to the basics.  The basics are what gets everyone going and the bottom line, the thing that really matters more than anything else is just that: to stay going.  

To really master something it can take 10,000 hours. Most of us don’t have that amount of time under tension in any physical pursuit- yet. But we are headed there. 🙂

Remember your body will let you do a lot of things if you are good to it in the process. 

This means listening to it. 

Listening to your coaches and falling (back) in love with the basics. 

You can do it! We are here to help. 

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday!

Today’s Pep Talk is going to be short and sweet. It was one of those mornings where I had 3 thoughts in my head but I picked this one.  

At the end of the last few orientations I used the analogy of driving a car. 

How much time do we spend looking in the rear view mirror (the past)?

How much time do we spend looking in the side mirrors (comparison)?

How much time do we spend looking at our feet (the present)?

Thank goodness cars are built with the biggest windows facing forward toward the ​future.  

In order to get where we want to go we need to

first – identify where we want to go.

Is it a firm destination or just a feeling we are after? 

Better is a great destination but it could definitely be made more specific. 

Just like leaner, fitter, happier etc (although we can talk about happy as a destination another time)

Second we must focus on the thing we want. 

Let go of the past. 

Let go of comparison. 

Leg go of how we aren’t there yet (the present).

Focus on where we are going. 

Third, right now, we must take action. 

Fit Family and Friends you can do it! 

Now is the time to reassess your goals. 

Ask for help if you need them and keep striving forward. 

Remember “most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten”.  (Tony Robbins)

I would go as far as to say that’s true even of 6 months to a 1.5 year span or 1 year to 3 years.  

You can do it! 

Set big goals and keep taking little, big, flying leaps etc. toward them. 

Committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday!

This week we had the pleasure of having a guest coach in to work with the team and to host some workshops. 

It was a great time! 

One of the things we talked a lot about, with the team and in a workshop with the clients is the 1% improvement.  

Loosely, it means just looking for the area in which you can do a little better. Not a big shift. Just a little. 

“Can I make progress here?” 

“Can I do better?” 

And if you are really stuck, “what can I do?”

A lot of times we get caught in the all or nothing and we have to remember that the sum of small changes over time is what can create lasting results. 

Big changes have their place too, but if you’re in a rut or stuck ask yourself “what can I do?” 

Can I just do a little better? 

We are here for you! 

Megan K and the team