Happy Monday!

January is long gone now.

I don’t know about you but typically with  February it feels like I blink and then the month is gone! 

How are things progressing for you? 

Did you set strong goals for 2020? 

Are you keeping tabs on how you are progressing toward those goals? 

While in Michigan this week, we talked a lot about how we see clients have the most success when they set the goal (with the timeline) but then almost exclusively focus on the ​process ​and the daily actions to get to the goal. 

For example: Lose 30 lbs of body fat

What steps do you need to take to get there? 

1- Attend 3-5 ​sessions per week

2- Sleep (7-8 hours ideally)

3- Hydrate (1/2 body weight in fluid oz of water)

4- Fuel (protein, fat and veggies 80% of the time)

5- Reduce stress

^^ simple right? (kidding…it sounds simple sometimes the execution is harder)

Here’s the thing though, when we focus on the process and take things “one day at a time” (pardon the cliché) things truly do come together.

In MPower we are focusing on daily questions that surround the ​processes to get to the outcome. 

This works for all goals .

​Remember consistency is the key. 

We know you can do it. 

Megan K and the team

When people walk through the doors at MPower fitness they know they want a change. They want something better for their lives. Sometimes they come in in rough shape, emotionally and physically. Sometimes they are doing pretty well but looking for something different. 

Most often they don’t know just how much their lives will positively change with consistent exercise, a supportive community and what people call the magic of MPower.

Rachael’s story is truly amazing and for those of you who know her, she (and her children) have been through a lot in the last 8 years. 

When she first came in, she was struggling to cope with the death of her husband Clay and to raise two young boys alone. 

She had gained weight, was still gaining, wasn’t exercising and was rounding out each day with a bottle of wine.  

Within a year of joining the program, her whole life looked dramatically different. For the Better! 

She had lost weight, lost inches, was in incredible shape and had earned herself a role on our MPower team. 

Roughly 3 years into her journey, she, Kellie Lillehei and I were on a trip to Florida for a convention.  We were sitting poolside and Kellie and I suggested that Rachael consider doing a bikini competition. I’m pretty sure this came about as we were sipping a cocktail and Rachael was trying to figure out how to put the exact drink into her myfitnesspal tracking app.  

I’m also pretty sure Kellie and I were giving Rachael some grief for not ever putting the myfitnesspal down :p. But what we saw was grit and dedication. The kind we knew would be what it took to do a fitness competition. 

Rachael says, “I knew nothing of fitness competitions…didn’t even know what it was. When I did find out what it was all about, I decided it wasn’t for me. 

Another 2 years passed. Now I was thinking about where I wanted to see myself at 50. I revisited the idea of fitness competition. It turns out bikini was not where I saw myself but figure was a category I could see myself doing and I had a lot of work ahead of me.”

Fast forward through a rigorous eating plan, 4-5 days per week of training and almost a year without any alcohol. This past May, Rachael walked on stage at Mr and Ms Natural MN and won 3rd place!  

“In a million years, I never could have imagined achieving this kind of goal. But thanks largely in part to the encouragement and support of my MPower family. I did the thing!”

Over the last 6 years, Rachael’s role here at MPower has evolved too. She became a certified coach and has been making cameo appearances on the floor at both studios. She is a regular meeting with clients for what we call NAG sessions: Nutrition and Goal setting appointments. 

She loves any and all client interactions- except collecting delinquent payments. (Let’s be honest, none of us really like that part.)

She says, she is always able to find the silver lining and sometimes she thinks that she is happier and more excited for their progress than they are! 

But being in great shape and being the “healthy mom” hasn’t just impacted her work life. Rachael knows her two boys are proud of her. She delights when they and their friends ask for tips and suggestions on health and fitness.  

If you had asked Rachael, 7 years ago when she sat across from me crying (and hung over) where she would be by this time I know she wouldn’t have said here.  She has made gigantic strides in the last 7 years and she couldn’t be happier. 

Also, she recently got engaged! If you see her give her a big ole hug and ask to see that beautiful ring of hers. 

We love you Rachael and are glad to have you as a part of the family. 

We can’t wait to see what this next decade brings for her and all of you! 

As a side note, 

I’m not sure what I’d do without a good Rachael story to tell when I go home to visit my actual family :p

Happy Monday!

This week I’m coming to you with a pep talk about sustainability. 

Sometimes we can be drawn in by the flashiness of BIG goals and BIG change. 

It might seem really exciting. And without a doubt, we want what is on the other side of the change, but then reality hits. 

Big changes can be hard. 

If you have a big fitness goal or fat loss goal you may want the results that come with big changes but it can be a tough road if the sacrifices we are making aren’t really lining up with how we want to live our day to day lives. 

​For those of you who know Rachael, she is training for a fitness bikini competition.  She was saying recently how hard it is meal prepping weekly, eating all the correct food (SO MUCH FOOD), getting in all the workouts, wearing the death trap high heels etc. She wasn’t complaining. She was just acknowledging that it is tough and that she can’t wait to return to normalcy. 

Maybe you have felt similarly? 

Loving the results that come with food tracking, paleo, whole 30 or low carb but disliking the disruption to your lifestyle? 

My challenge for you as we head deeper into February and closer to Spring is to ask yourself what could you do, tweak, change that isn’t necessarily massive. 

What could you sustainably adjust to help you get better results? 

Fitness and fat loss are about the long haul. 

There is a time for a short-term push. But that time is NOT all the time. 

The remainder of the time needs to be focused on small, gradual and sustainable changes. 

Those changes really add up. 

– Megan K and Team

P.S. If you’re ready to make sustainable changes in your life to help you meet your health and fitness goals, we can help! Just reply to this email!

If you lived to 100 would you be ready? Follow the steps in this blog post to help get you there.

Most boomers and seniors expect to live a long life. After all, this is the age of medical technology, and life expectancy has never been longer. The centenarians are the fastest-growing age demographic in the U.S. (and maybe the world). 

Chances are pretty good that you will end up joining those ranks! It is an exciting time. 

I often ask the attendees at my seminars and lectures which they would prefer: 

1) to live to 85 with a guarantee that they will be mostly healthy and able-bodied or 

2) to live to 100 but with no guarantee on what kind of quality of life they will have. 

Almost without exception everyone chooses option 1.

It seems that people don’t want longevity if it means the possibility of poor health, nursing homes, medications, and being dependent on others. People want quality of life over quantity of life.

But there is a third option. What if you could live to 100 (or more) in good health and physically capable of doing all of the stuff that you currently enjoy doing? Would you choose both quantity and quality?

Well here is the thing, as I said, you might live to 100 whether you want to or not. The science and medicine have come so far… Although you can’t do anything about your genetics or past health choices or the development of certain diseases you still have a lot of control over your destiny. 

The following are steps we can all take to have our best chances of living both a healthy and high quality life. 

1. STOP self sabotaging. That means giving up vices, especially smoking. 

2. START doing Functional Fitness.

A functional fitness routine is the way to go. It improves upper-body strength, lower-body strength, core endurance, muscle power, balance, agility, coordination and so much more. You will be able to keep doing all of the things you love to do and you will feel better doing them.

3. HIIT: For aerobic exercise nothing beats high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT uses intervals of high-intensity exercise interspersed with intervals of lower-intensity exercise. Basically you will get outof breath and sweaty during the hard intervals and will mostly recover during the easier intervals. This is far superior for improving fitness than the traditional steady-state aerobic exercise.

4. Nutrition: Eat more lean protein, healthy fats, complex carbs and fiber. Eat less or no saturated fats, sodium and sugar. Pack your diet with a wide variety of fresh (preferably organic and from your own garden) vegetables and fruit. Eat whole grains (brown rice, couscous, oatmeal) as a staple. Consume fish, chicken breast and pork loin (lean protein sources) at every meal.

5. Relate: Keep those relationships healthy and strong. Find good folks with whom to spend time and when possible surround yourself with health minded friends. 

There is no guarantee of longevity just as there is no guarantee of a high quality of life but we can always be working toward better and improving our current situation. 

Curious about our functional fitness based 55+ exercise program? 

Give us a call at 763-710-5065

Happy Sunday Fit Family-

My experience with February has been that before you know it, it is gone and you’ve either gone forward toward your goals or not 🙁

Some people stall out in February. 

What one thing can you do today to move toward your goals? 

Have you set up your week for success? 

Our Office Manager Roseanne has a lot of tasks that need to be completed, daily, weekly, and then surrounding challenges. 

Last week, she and I met and I shared with her some of my top tips for productivity. The biggest thing I do- ahead of the next week- is block out segments of time for certain key activities and I plan as much of my week ahead of time, as I can. 

Guess what goes in first? 

My top priority for work.

Second: my workouts. 

Now that might not be how you schedule your week, but I’m confident that if you make it a habit of pre-scheduling your workouts (unless you are an early a.m. habitual attendee) you’ll make it a priority to get there. 

You can do it! 

Committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team

PS I posted this quote on facebook because I watch people succeed and give up all the time and it really hit home with me…

“If you don’t get what you want, it is a sign either that you did not seriously want it, or that you you tried to bargain over the price.”  (Price: time, effort, money, etc. )

Rudyard Kipling

Recently our client Cassi K made a big post celebrating her 1 year anniversary with us and all of her accomplishments. 

We are so proud of you Cassi and what you’ve done this past year. 🙂

Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for allowing us to be your fitness family. 

“After a quick google search, I impulsively joined a 6 week challenge with a gym I had never heard of – MPower (then Fit Body Boot Camp).  

It was September of 2018, I was in a rough spot mentally, emotionally and physically… desperate to find something within my own power to change.  

Previously I had a couple(!) dusty gym memberships; attending a few classes at LA Fitness, and enjoying them… but hating the big gym vibe.  

From day one I fell in love with this place.  Rachael & Ann Marie shared their stories at orientation and I instantly felt a sense of community and realness.  

Real people, real life, and what I would later see as REAL results.  And in 30 minutes a day?  For once, it felt obtainable. 

The 5:30 am sessions quickly became my favorite way to start the day.  The coaches are so encouraging but yet challenge my abilities!  And really, who can start their Tuesday without some 90’s music and a morning groan-er? …compliments of  Coach Abby.  I leave feeling sweaty and sore, but oh so accomplished… and while it’s still dark outside!   Jam balls and Kettle bells are definitely my fave, plus it’s cheaper than therapy!  😉 

The biggest challenge has been overcoming my poor -long time in the making- eating habits.  After participating in a few challenges, I’ve recognized the when and why I eat, and am making some great changes.  Healthy eating and especially food prep felt intimidating, but I’ve learned that I can do it, and I don’t have to sacrifice taste either. 

My four girls, three of which are teenagers, are my inspiration… I desire for them to have a healthy body image, see their inner beauty and know their strength. They have cheered me on from the get-go, and one of my girls even joined me for a challenge! 

At the beginning of this year I set a goal for myself, and have met with MK monthly in pursuit of that.  I cannot say enough about this amazing lady.  It’s clear this is her passion, and she lives it.  🙂  

1 year down, and I am so dang proud of myself for jumping in eyes-wide-shut.  While weight loss was my original goal, I’ve gained so much more in knowledge & support… it can’t compare to the few pounds I’ve lost. 

I feel insanely grateful for my FitFam.  It’s like having 25 personal trainers and a gang whose only goal is to MPower you… 

It’s been amazing to see how far I’ve come, and I’m not done yet! 

I never knew how strong I could be.  <3 “

Cassi has lost 25lbs, 23.5 inches, 9.9% bf in 15 months – WOW!

HappyMonday Fit Fam-

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while you’ve probably heard me mention (1 or 10 times :-p) that we are the product of our environment.

What I mean by that, is that we frequently end up similar to those with whom we spend the most time. 

  • Negativity breads more negativity
  • Disrespect of our bodies (whether with unproductive food or drink, lack of exercise, general lethargy etc.) breads more of that
  • Undisciplined management of our personal lives leads to more of this…


It turns out my mom was right when she told me that 

“birds of a feather flock together” …

That being said we can’t always immediately change our environment nor do we want to necessarily cut out our friends who are doing stuff that doesn’t align with our goals, so we instead need to consciously choose to be the positive influence, whenever and wherever we can. 

Lead by example…so to speak. 

Now there’s a difference between leading by example and alienating your friends by pushing your views about health, exercise and healthy eating on them…and you’ll need to find the balance for yourself, right? 

In the mean time, since this is a pep talk, I want to give you some tools of empowerment that you can use when you find yourself in tricky “peer pressure” situations. 

1-Ahead of a dinner party/family weekend or meal speak to your host/ family and ask if you can bring a few things to help yourself stay on track. Mention to the host that you don’t expect he or she to change the menu for you but that you are very committed to eating in a way that fits your goals and as such you’d like to help so you can stay on track and so that she feels no extra pressure. 

2-When you are heading out to happy hour or a party plan to be the sober driver or mention ahead of time that you’ll be leaving at xyz hour so that you have primed everyone for your choice to step out early and or drink less or nothing. If you receive any flack for your choices you can confidently assure your friends that your health and fitness are priorities to you right now and that you really appreciate their support and encouragement. IF they don’t support you feel free to pass their info to me so I can mail them dog poop. 

Just kidding. 

Sort of kidding. 

If they are unsupportive then that’s another thing you’ll need to figure out for yourself…

3-When you are in a situation where your “wine glass” magically keeps getting refilled, put it down somewhere and leave it. You don’t HAVE to drink the wine. 

Better still, ahead of time, mention that you are only having one drink and explain why. 

As hard as it may feel in the moment to stick to actions that align with your goals, the sense of personal satisfaction and pride you get from following through on the MOST IMPORTANT COMMITMENT YOU HAVE (TO YOURSELF and YOUR GOALS) will outweigh any of the immediate gratification of doing something that doesn’t fit your plan. 

You’ve got this. 

We believe in you. 

Megan K and the team

A sedentary lifestyle, lack of motivation and lowered self-confidence often go hand in hand.  

When we aren’t moving and grooving it can feel almost impossible to get into the habit of exercise. We often know that exercise will make us feel better but getting going can be really tough. 

Exercise not only gives us more energy and improves mood, but it is also directly associated with improved self-confidence.  

Given all of this, it was no surprise when our fabulous client Kelly told us that she was suffering from low confidence and a total lack of motivation before she joined MPower. 

Kelly wanted to get in shape, but she was exhausted. 

She had two little kids and initially lost some baby weight after her second child but then began struggling and gaining it back.  

Kelly discovered our program online when she saw a facebook ad. She says, “I was sitting on the my couch (per usual at the time) thinking about my lack of motivation to get fit after having my baby in 2017, when I came across your ad for the challenge on facebook. And I thought that this is what I needed to jumpstart the process.  And it worked. I’ve never felt so strong.” 

While Kelly was initially a little overwhelmed by making changes to her nutrition, adding in exercise and doing all the things necessary to change her health and her life, she noticed that by the end of the first few weeks she had more energy and she was “running up the stairs without a second thought about being out of breath”. A few months later and she ran her first 10K! 

Kelly treats her workout sessions like an appointment. 

She preschedules them and has them on her calendar. They are nonnegotiable for her. 

She was inspired to make these changes because she wanted to be a good role model for her children- especially her three year old daughter. 

Her daughter is already asking if she can join and exercise when she is an adult too…

Kelly says her experience with MPower has been great. “I have so much more energy, which translates into so much more life. I’m more active with my kids and family and happier at the end of the day. I have made exercise a natural part of my life again, after a 5 year hiatus.

Everyone is super supportive – the people, the coaches, and the environment. MPower encourages me to do more than I thought I could do for fitness, especially at this point in my life when I’m juggling career, husband, and two little kids.” 

We love to hear it! 

Kelly hasn’t hit her end goal yet but she is on track and committed to the process. She is down 4.9% body fat and several lbs and inches- which we think is a great start! 

Kelly we are glad you found us and got up the motivation to come in and get started. 

Getting started can be one of the hardest parts, but you did it! 

Now you are on track. 

If you are in the same position Kelly was in and wanting to get going but lacking motivation, reply to this email and let’s schedule a call or a meeting.

We want you to feel as great as our clients do! 

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday!

This weekend I’m coming to you with a little additional inspiration. 

I know that many of us are several weeks into pursuing some New Year’s goals! 

This is the time when motivation can start to wane (not always)…just in case, this one is for you. 

Are you someone that has experienced a low point in life? Pretty much everyone has at some point, wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes you may not even realize you’re down or why; it’s just that you don’t feel right.

Even if you are someone that leads a fairly active life, maybe you even exercise but just don’t feel as good as you think you should. Maybe it’s just a result of not doing the right things.

Let me expand. I would like to share a story with you about one of our fabulous members, Kristie Fristad. Kristie has always been an active lady, but she was also one that wasn’t feeling up to par and relied on some serious caffeine to get her through the day. In her words,

“I led an active life, but found myself in a rut. My eating habits left much to be desired, I relied on caffeine to get me through the day, and my exercise was always cardio based and I had stopped seeing results. I was often tired, and was making lots of trips to the chiropractor because the weak muscles in my neck and shoulders kept pulling my spine out of alignment.”

Interesting that a woman as active as Kristie almost met the description of one that wasn’t active. But honestly, if you’re not exercising or eating properly eventually it just doesn’t work and it seems a waste of time. I notice especially that people I meet tend to get down quickly when they can’t lose weight. 

Thankfully Kristie’s good friend Mara played a part in changing her world.

“When I joined, I was at a very low point … but it was hitting that low point that made me realize it was time to make a change, and not just talk about it. I talked to my good friend Mara Gollin-Garrett, who I knew was a MPower trainer, to get more details since she’d been telling me for quite some time to come join her at Mpower.

Honestly, I was terrified … so nervous this would be more than I could handle. After I joined, I have worked out with so many inspiring people that it makes it easy to keep coming back! In fact, it’s the days I just want to curl up on the couch that I always get the most out of the workouts. I know that if I can just walk in the door, the energy from the trainers and my fellow fitbodies will get me moving, working hard, and ready to get home and keep getting things done. I love it!”

That surely doesn’t sound like someone who is down, right? It’s amazing what a simple workout routine can do for you. So many people have shared the same experience. You just have to make the choice to change what’s bringing you down and do it.

You will be shocked when you see where Kristie is now. She is a completely new person, literally.

I’m stronger … mentally and physically! 

When I started in March, I wanted to lose 10 pounds and fit in my clothes better (which seemed impossible with many failed attempts in the past). Joining the LBD challenge was the best birthday present I could have ever given to myself! I came out of the LBD challenge having lost 15 pounds, 10.5 inches and 2.9% Body Fat. Then I jumped right into the summer body transformation challenge, and lost another 11.4 pounds, 4.75 inches, and 3.3% body fat. When that program finished, I could fit back into my wedding dress, and weighed less than I did my junior year of college!

As of my September assessment, I had dropped a total of 28.2 pounds, 17.3 inches, and 9.6% body fat in my 6 months as a MPower member! More progress than I ever imagined possible!”

And this is why it means so much to us at MPower to come to work everyday. But the thing is, it really isn’t work to us. We absolutely love what we do and we love being a part of all our fit family transformations.

In closing, Kristie had this to say:

“I found “me” again! And my biggest challenge has been keeping my wardrobe up with my body change! Seriously … each event that has comes up this year I’ve found I have to really plan ahead to be sure I have clothes to wear that fit the slimmer version of myself. 🙂

Wow, we’re so proud.

If you want to up the ante in your results, we are always here.

If you need help, just reach out. If you need a pep talk, we’ve got that for you too .

Committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team

A lot of times we find that we come into the lives of our clients, exactly when they need it most.  This is the case for our dear client Ann-Marie. 

Before finding MPower,  Ann- Marie says “I was in between healing from an injury I sustained while at Crossfit.   I was struggling because I LOVE to work out and was missing it greatly.  I knew I wasn’t going to return to Crossfit for many reasons and was feeling lost. Healing from an injury was tough physically and this of course affected me emotionally and mentally.” 

Ann-Marie was desperate to find somewhere she could recover from her injury and belong to a fitness family. 

In addition to feeling a bit lost, she says she was also struggling with body image issues.   “When I started at MPower I was doing “blind weight” during my weigh-ins.” (Meaning she would avoid looking at the scale)  

“I have struggled with body image issues for many many years and due to this I started doing “blind weights” so I would let the number on the scale control my life.   After receiving such loving support from the staff at MPower and learning so much about nutrition and body comp as it applies to me personally, I have overcome my weight number issues and I know that the number on the scale does not define me!”

Thankfully Ann-Marie has a supportive family.  She is immensely grateful for her husband who is her rock. “He supports me in EVERYTHING I do.  He is so supportive with the children, my crazy daily schedule and my love and need for fitness.”

With 8 children and many with special needs to say Ann-Marie’s life is busy is an understatement.  She fits MPower into her life by attending the early a.m. sessions. Perhaps you’ve seen her at MG taking a selfie with a group of her fit family friends? 

“When I am attending MPower regularly, the rest of my days and responsibilities go better.  I am a better mom, wife, friend, co worker, etc because I feel better . It is the one of the best things I do for myself. 

Becoming a member at MPower has been a godsend.  I finally found a gym family that I fit into. I hadn’t found this before… The love of the coaches, staff and fellow fit members is wonderful.   I have learned so much about nutrition and have been able to apply it to my everyday life and and my family’s life. I tell EVERYONE i can about MPower.” 

“I have not only seen physical changes such as weight loss, bodyfat loss, lean muscle gain, but I have gained an amazing group of friends. Ann-Marie is down: -14.8lbs, -12.25” and 3% bodyfat

 I love the coaching here at MPower Fitness.  Again, I have never experienced the level of coaching before that I see at MPower.  The staff truly care about each and everyone of the members. Their knowledge of fitness and nutrition is top notch.   I am so blessed to be part of such an amazing gym family.”

We are so grateful you found us Ann-Marie and so glad that we are your fit family!