Is self-improvement important to you? I bet it is— that’s why you read this newsletter.

This lengthy blog post is all about one little mindset trick that has helped me accomplish everything in my career.

See, it’s all about who you’ve been and who you think you’ll be later in life…

Never Be at Your Best

Life can be tough.

There’s a lot of crap out there we have to struggle through.

But you already know this, right? We all understand that things won’t always be smooth sailing and that we need to prepare for difficulties.

So we condition ourselves to expect disappointment, we know that, at any time, we could run into money problems or family problems. There are freak accidents and natural disasters that everyone, at some point in their lives, will need to struggle through.

But one of the most crippling, most difficult obstacles I have observed in life, for myself as well as my friends and partners, is something few ever see coming. It’s something most of us never think to prepare for.

I call it losing your drive.

It goes by many names: disappointment, depression, chronic sadness. But I think “losing your drive” is a better way to describe this damaging mindset.

You see, however you understand the emotion, it always comes form the same place: A feeling of failure, missed opportunity, lost potential, declining success. In other words, it’s the long downhill trek suffered by someone who feels his or her entire life has peaked long, long ago.

It’s tragic.

But not because it is so sad or miserable, (which it is) but because it is completely unnecessary.

I am here to tell you, right here, right now, that no one, whether she/he be success or failure, need ever feel as if she/he has already peaked or that the future has nothing in store for her.

Because, you see, if you want your life to be better, if you want to be a better person with more success,  greater health, more happiness, more money than you have ever had, there’s only one thing you need to do: make it happen.

It’s as simple as that. You want more money? Go and get some. You tired of living the life of a person you never wanted to become? Then get out there and change your life.

Simple? Yes, it is quite simple, really.

Easy? Heck no.

Some have it better than others, but there is NOTHING easy about completely turning your life around.

But that doesn’t mean it is impossible! It is very possible.

Don’t ever tell yourself change is impossible— those types of thoughts are the only thing in this world that could ever truly make improving your life impossible.

What should you do, then? What can you do to make sure change and improvement is always an attainable possibility? Well, I’ve got three lifestyle tips right here that can help you do just that.

1) Surround Yourself With the Right People

It’s amazing how powerfully we can be influenced or changed by those who most often surround us. As we experience and share life with our family and close friends, we are shaped by their thoughts, opinions, personalities and choices. You may think you are immune to influence, but for better or worse, those around you will change you.

So make sure you are changed by the right people.

It’s the age-old lesson our parents used to remind us of when we were still in school. “Don’t get mixed up with the wrong crowd,” they always said, right?

Well, the same applies today. But instead of sneaking out at night for a bit of underage drinking, bad influencers in your adult life can convince you to stop trying, to give up on having a better life or improving yourself.

When you spend all your time with people who never want to do anything, become anyone, or improve their lives, what do you think happens to you? You never do anything, you never become anyone, and you never improve yourself.

Without an encouraging example of success or achievement, it is shockingly easy to fall into the disastrous habit of contentment.

If people around you never do anything with their own lives, or worse, they tell you that you can never do anything with yours, your feelings of failure and depression will be overwhelming.

But when you are engulfed by success, when you are surrounded by achievers, workers, entrepreneurs that spend every day moving upward, growing and improving, you’ll start to feel the itch yourself. If you continue doing nothing while surrounded by successes, you won’t be able to stand yourself!

Sure, this too can bring on a bit of depression. You might be embarrassed or ashamed when you see others doing well but haven’t done anything yourself. 

But that kind of poking and prodding, that motivation is exactly what you need to kick-start your life and launch into growth.

Have you ever been inside a fitness studio during an intense workout? You’ll see about twenty people around the room all working at their stations. Five will be going for it on the TRX, five will be pounding the floor with burpees, five will be slamming their battle ropes from the ceiling to the floor— it’s an awesome site.

But if you’re just standing there, doing nothing amidst a group of fat burning butt-kickers making a real difference in their own lives, how do you think you are going to feel? You’ll drop to the floor and start working it too. You’re going to be positively influenced to do more of what you can.

And that is exactly my point.

Surround yourself with individuals who attack life like a Boot Camper attacks squats, and there’s no way you could lose your will to make changes and improve. Find friends who are encouraging, who tell you that your goals are possible and your achievements are close at hand, and together you’ll go further.

2) Take action every day.

There can’t be any improvement if there isn’t any improvement, right? Sounds pretty simple, I think, and it is. But one of the main reasons people fall into the self-limiting belief that they can never change, or that their best years are behind them, is the daunting look of their goals. If you want to become a successful businesswoman, lose 100 lbs. or go back to school, and you are starting from nothing, it can be so intimidating that you never even get started.

That’s why I encourage you to take action every day. Not because you’re lazy if you don’t but because every-day action is small action.

If you look at a five year, ten year, twenty year journey, with its many obstacles, you’re going to get nervous, even scared. But making sure you work hard today? Reading a helpful blog or learning from a new book, these are accomplishments you can achieve right now. And when you get enough of those smaller, everyday accomplishments under your belt, the massive long-term goals won’t seem so impossible.

But the little steps aren’t just going to give you the confidence you will need, they are exactly how you are going to tackle those huge goals: one step at a time. If you’re biggest and best idea is going to take years of work to become reality, then you had better start breaking up that work into every-day action, right? How else can you make it happen?

3) Never Peak

I know there’s a difference between telling you to do something and telling you how to do something, but the best way to never peak is, honestly, to never peak.

To understand what I mean, you need to start thinking about this circumstance as more of a mindset than a situation. Situations, realities, we rarely have much control over these. But mindset? We definitely have the power to change how we think and how we feel.

So start thinking about peaking as something you feel rather than something you are.

Said differently, the only way you will ever peak is if you tell yourself you have peaked.

If you live your life looking forward to your next goal, recognizing life’s difficulties but believing in your ability to grow and improve, you will never feel like you have peaked and, indeed, you will never peak.

You will do this by surrounding yourself with the right people and by taking action every day, but you will also maintain this attitude by reminding yourself that the hopes and goals you have set are achievable.

So choose to never peak because if you do, you’ll be miserable. You’ll feel disappointed, you’ll be depressed, and you’ll live life regretting who you’ve become.

And I don’t want that life for you!

But the good news is that you don’t have to live that way. There’s no reason why you can’t make the changes necessary to keep your drive and never peak.

So do it.

Ok, now do you see what I’m talking about? It’s all in your head. Tell yourself you can do it. Remind yourself you can change. 

The moment you realize that you’ve only got bigger and better things ahead of you, you’ll start working your way toward bigger and better successes. Make sense?

I know this seems like a lot to take it. Soak it in/ let it sink in. 

Challenge yourself to be more. You can do it! 

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday!
This coming weekend we will have our first weigh-ins for our Ultimate Transformation Challenge!

The enthusiasm is high. 

The motivation is high. 

The belief in ourselves seems to also be high.

But motivation is like a fire. 

It needs tending. 

It needs fuel. 

One of the things that can continue to provide us with that fuel is to take consistent action. 

I used to joke that “consistency” was the least sexy secret of success. 

I still tell people that because it is true. 

But sometimes we want results so badly and right now so we think that if we just had the “secret” or the “magic xyz” that we’d get there faster…

But very rarely is there an actual secret or magic pill, potion or powder. 

So from time to time we see clients get discouraged because they aren’t getting “there” fast enough. 

I often wonder, “Where’s there? Who decides? Why there?” 

Hopefully you’re deciding, for yourself. 

I think the thing that I find the hardest (and I speak for many of the coaches too) is that there’s a fine line between wanting to better ourselves for the sake of living an incredible and fulfilling life that lines up with our vision and believing that we must because there is currently something “wrong with us”, or that somehow in our perfectly imperfect current state we are not good enough. 

Our hope, at MPower Fitness, is that you relentlessly pursue your goals because you want to, because they line up with bettering yourself for you because you love yourself and your life. I hope that you see any miss, mistake or setback as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than a “failure”. 

I have been telling people lately that we all need to do more self-congratulating. We probably also need to tell ourselves how fabulous we are more often 🙂

So I’ll just say, Happy Monday. We love you. We think you are awesome and you are the reason we do what we do. 

Let’s make it a great week! 

Megan K

Happy Monday!

The other week I was in Ohio for Lewis Howes’ Summit of Greatness. Lewis hosts a podcast called the School of Greatness (free on Itunes) where he interviews some of the most successful and inspiring people he can find. If you get a chance to check it out, it is a great listen. 

At the Summit Brendan Burchard (a prolific writer and motivational speaker) was educating the crowd about the habits of High Performance people. 

I liked his talk immensely and wanted to share with you what I learned. 

Burchard and his team did an immense amount of research to accumulate this data. These habits are not his opinion they were gleaned from the research. 

High Performers

1) Seek Clarity

Who do I want to be? 

How do I want to show up in this situation? 

What do I need to master to get to the next level? How can I best be of service to my world? 

2)Generate Energy

High Performers know they are responsible for the energy they bring to situations. 

They can either be the sunshine or the rain cloud. 

3)Raise Necessity

High Performers know they must create a sense of necessity and urgency for their actions or they will procrastinate or move too slowly toward their goals. 

4)Increase Productivity

High Performers know they must do the work in order to meet and exceed their goals. 

One of my favorite quotes from the weekend was, “When Opportunity knocks don’t be surprised to find that it is WORK who will answer”. 

5)Develop Influence

High Performers know they have impact and reach and they work to develop themselves and their influence on those around them. 

6)Demonstrate Courage

High performers speak up for themselves, their ideas and others. They make tough decisions and go forward with integrity. 

Lewis Howes saved Brendan Burchard’s talk for the end of the weekend and it didn’t disappoint. It was really interesting…

I suspect that many of you do many of these. 

As I saw the list I realized there were a few areas I was really falling short, and I’m committed to working on those areas. 

I hope you find the High Performance Habits helpful in not only your fitness journey but your life journey. 

Let’s make it another great week! 

Committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday –

This week’s pep talk is about motivation. 

From time to time I hear from clients “I’ve lost my motivation” or “I just can’t seem to make myself do xyz”.

The great and tricky thing about motivation is that it comes from within. 

Motivation is a choice. This means that if your motivation fire dims, you can refuel it or rekindle it. If you “lose” the motivation fire, t is also up to you to find it…

One of my favorite author’s Brendan Bruchard writes in his book The Motivation Manifesto:

“Motivation is not an impulse of the body or a personality trait; it is an intention and will of a free and conscious mind. Motivation and pursoe are choices. The only thing needed to spark motivation is a decision to heighten your ambition and expectancy- to sit down, think about what you desire, and believe you can go get it. To keep that motivation, you must give constant attention and effort.” 

Most of us are working toward goals of some kind and it is very normal to experience ebb and flow in excitement, enthusiasm and willingness to do the work. The reality is that the more we do the work, and show up (<—consistency), the easier it become and in turn the more motivated we will be. 

Very rarely is the pursuit of a goal we are after, always going to be easy. 

Hang in there. 

Remember that how we show up in life is our choice and we can always choose to do better. 

We believe in you, 

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday –

This weekend I was in San Diego to spend time learning from author Brendon Burchard at his High Performance Academy. 

The ticket to his event was a birthday gift from my dear friend Sonya (the owner of several Boot Camp locations in Northern California). 

True story, I didn’t really want to attend the event. 

I love events. 

I love personal development but I really wanted to throw a party or go on a trip- strictly for fun- not for work or education. 

BUT she convinced me that attending an event for Free (thank you Airmiles and Sonya) on motivation, taking one’s self to the next level etc. was right up my alley…

She was right, of course. 

But the playful side of me really just wanted to play…

A lot of material was covered and I did get in some fun time at the beach so I think I managed the best of both worlds. 🙂

The author taught us many things this weekend- several of which I’ll share over the course of the next few weeks and months- but the biggest one I wanted to leave you to contemplate was the following:

What do you want for your life? 

How do you want to live? 

How do you want to be remembered? 

How are you setting your standard? 

Too often we set our goals, dreams and aspirations based on what we believe to be just slightly beyond possible or solidly possible. 

This is setting the bar too low. 

We might have a “set point” or “ceiling” on what we believe we can accomplish that comes from our parents, our teachers or our co-workers. This set point might be too low. 

If you had asked me 5 years ago if I would have 2 fitness studios with 18 employees I would have said, possibly.

But if you had asked me 10 years ago I would have said no.

10 years ago, I didn’t know how to dream and I had lost hope for a future of possibility. It took really hitting an awful place in my life to see that life didn’t have to be what it was, it could be a lot better. 

Whatever you want for your fitness, your health and your life is possible. 

Remember to dream. 

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday-

I look forward to writing the Sunday pep talk every week, whether I write it a few days ahead of time or that day in real time. 

I enjoy bringing you a solid dose of inspiration or at minimum what I hope will be thought provocation. 

This week I’ll confess I’m absolutely spent. 

I can hardly keep my eyes open and it is 7pm! 

So I’ve borrowed something I sent out a year back…

some of you may have seen this before (if we’ve been together a long time) but it is a message so important that I figured you’d forgive me for repeating myself. 


Teddy Roosevelt once said that “comparison is the thief of joy”… I would go one further though and say that missed expectations are right up there as happiness thieves as well, but I’ll come back to those later… 

The interesting thing about comparison and expectations is that we do both to ourselves (with our thoughts), which means we can choose to do better. 

One of my favorite things about coaching a person through his/her personal fitness journey is that it is just that: personal. We all have our own goals, histories, likes, circumstances in our lives, genetics health considerations etc. 

All of these factors impact the journey- so with that being the case why would we ever compare ourselves to others? It doesn’t make sense to compare.

But we do it, right? 

You compare. 

I compare. 

She compares. 

He compares. 

No good comes of it.

I’m intensely proud of all of you and our clients here at Fit Body Boot Camp. (Not that what I think matters- the only thing that truly matters is how you feel about your own results/journey.)

You’re accomplishments are remarkable and your commitment to being healthier and better versions of yourselves is what drives us to do what we do. 

I firmly believe that most everyone sees numbers that align with their expectations and desired outcomes, but every now and then this isn’t so. 

It is a sad time for us coaches when we meet with a client who looks great, feels great, has had others notice how much fitter she/he is looking but then the numbers don’t show as “big of a difference” or as “dramatic a change” and then the disappointment sets in. 

It is a bit bananas how much a person can let those numbers impact her/him.

But we do let the numbers get us down…because we see that “so and so lost 15 lbs in one month” or “such and such is down 10.5 inches”…and comparison sets in. 

You have your life. I have mine. She/he has hers/his. 

And if YOU are feeling better, have more energy, are looking more like how you want to look then who gives a toot what the numbers say? **The exception being if your body fat is in a dangerous place and you need to get it down for health reasons**

It is your life and YOU need to decide the pace at which you want to go and how great you’re going to feel while you do it. 

I’m not sure about you, but I’m going to do my thing the very best that I can and then continue to work on letting go of comparison. And when I go to bed at night I’m going to sleep well knowing that I gave the very best I could to be a better version of myself: fitter, healthier, kinder, more generous, more productive etc. Then I’m going to (work on) let(ting) go of whatever anyone else is doing because it is none of my business and her journey is hers.

Are you with me? Will you too, just do the very best you can and then be satisfied with the result?

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.

This weekend my dear friend and former Canadian National Snowboarder- Charmaine Ironside- was presenting and sharing her story at a fitness conference.

She talked a lot about her struggles with her inner voice.

Not unlike me, and sadly (I think) many of you, her inner voice was overly critical, disrespectful and at times just plain mean.

Maybe you can relate?

She said that one of the things that changed her life was an committed effort to stop saying nasty and unhelpful things to herself.

Recently I began this for myself. While it is a work in progress, like any new habit, it helping. I had no idea what an a**hole my inner voice sometimes was- especially to me.

Recently another speaker also said that all of us will have times when we are genuinely displeased with our behavior and when we simply do not handle the situation we are in with as much tact, grace or composure as we might have liked. I thought good gracious, did he see me yesterday? Was this talk for me? But he went on to say, if we are “always handling everything with excellent composure then perhaps we aren’t really challenging ourselves because nobody who is truly pushing himself will always behave impeccably”. Take home message- you’re going to stuff things up. You’re going to be a jerk sometimes. Apologize. Make amends. Own it but STOP beating yourself up. 

If you are willing, spend this next few days noticing anytime you say anything mean or self defeating to yourself.

If/ When you catch yourself say “cancel” internally and immediately replace it with kinder words. If you have a daughter or son, replace it with what you would say to her or him or someone else you love. 

I promise you, catching yourself and replacing those unhelpful words will make a massive difference in your happiness, your courage and willingness to try new things and your overall success.

Committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday!

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve given two workshops to help the team and clients take themselves and their lives to “the next level” whether that be reaching their fitness and health goals faster or their personal goals.

One of the things that came up, albeit briefly, at both events was the importance of knowing why we want something. 

Both Tony Robbins and Rod Hairston (authors, speakers, coaches and educators in the self-help space) teach that as human beings we have 6 basic needs. 

Recently I read it explained concisely and eloquently by Hairston so I’m including it below: 

Recognition (Significance): The need to feel important and acknowledged for your abilities and unique individuality. How you feel is influenced by external sources — outside in.

Self-Esteem (Contribution): The need to feel good about yourself and your actions. The need to feel self-esteem from the inside out. To give and add value to your circle of influence or world.

Love (Connection): The need to connect with others.The need to belong, feel like a part of a group, family or activity. The need to be cared for and to care for others.

Creative Expression (Growth): The need to continue personal growth through challenging yourself, knowledge and learning. Expand.

Security (Certainty or Comfort): The need to feel certain and/or confident about things in your life, situations, actions, or plans. The need can be met from internal certainties or attempted to be met externally. Individuals who rely on external certainty are more susceptible to being in fear of losing their certainty since they are not in control of where it comes from.

New Experiences (Variety): The need to change up the “routine” of everyday habits, patterns, likes, or dislikes, have options and choices. Stimulation. Some examples include dressing differently, ordering different meals or driving a new route.”

According to Hairston and Robbins we need to have all 6 needs met but the order of importance for each of us varies AND the way that we will meet the needs varies too…

My guess, is that if you gave it some thought and tied your health and fitness goals to a few of your above basic human needs you’d find it easier and easier to prioritize yourself and your self care…

What do you think? 

Let’s make it another fabulous week. 

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday!

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”

Satchel Paige- arguably one of the best Major League Baseball pitchers of all time…

I love that quote.

If you aren’t familiar with him you should look up his history in professional baseball….it is absolutely amazing. 

This week for your pep talk, I’d love to know “how old do you feel today?” For me I’m feeling about 25 or 26. 🙂

Your age is just a number, but how old you feel is far more significant.

You might be surprised to hear how many times I hear that people think they are “too old” to do something, whether it be Boot Camp, learn a new skill/sport, pick up a different hobby or even recover from an injury. 

This is a limiting belief system. 

We can continue to progress physically in terms of muscle gains, bone density improvements and healing from injury almost right up until we die. Fabulous news, right?!

Because of this, the coaches and I are passionate about helping people live their healthiest, happiest and best feeling lives which is why a while back we launched Fit Body Forever and why we do everything we can to dispel myths about the aging body. 

I challenge you this week to think about ways in which you might be limiting yourself. 

Do you think you are too old to play? 

Do you think you are too old to learn how to do a new skill?

Do you tell yourself you can’t do something because of your age? 

Do you assume that certain things will happen to your body just because of your numerical age? 

Sometimes people tell me, ” I turned x age and my body started falling apart” or “I can’t lose weight like I could in my 20s”…focusing on these types of things only hinders our progress. 

*We must always focus on what is going well.*

Sure some of those things may be happening- to a certain extent- BUT we can still do a lot of amazing things for a long time…

In fact, most of us will live well into 90s and beyond so that means everything we do now to keep our brains sharp and our bodies in tip top condition (mobile, agile, flexible and functional) is super important. 

Did you know that learning how to do new physical skills can help delay the onset of mental deterioration like alzheimers and dementia? 

Simply picking up a new physical hobby or taking a class for even six weeks can help develop stronger neurological pathways that prevents the onset of these age related conditions. 

Hot damn, that’s great news! Sign me up for a new hobby 🙂

I hope that you see this information as exciting! 

We can decide- in every moment- to take great care of our bodies and remember we are never “too old” nor is it ever “too late” to get started on a path toward better health. 

Megan K and the team

Happy Monday!

I was talking with a client the other day about the emails we send out and what she could expect and here is the scoop:

1- Monday

The general newsletter including a recipe will go to all subscribers.

This usually has a sassy or thought provoking and sometimes tabloidesque subject line.

The article is good information but nothing that is critical. 

2- Tuesday

I will occasionally send a note of information or an article

3- Wednesday 

We typically send a recipe.

4- Friday 

Sometimes a testimonial or something uplifting before the weekend. 

Usually this will happen around a holiday weekend or some other time when we might need a few extra words of encouragement. 

5- Sunday

The Pep Talk

**If there were one thing to read, every single week, I would suggest that it be the Sunday Pep Talk**

I write the pep talk every week and I address things that are happening RIGHT NOW with clients. 

This week I wanted to talk to you about how to get started with a fitness program– in general not necessarily ours (although ours is great and we hope you’ll come see us).

Here are my recommendations:

1- If you know what you think you might like to do, try to find 3 or 4 options in your local area that you could try. 

example: You’ve always wanted to take Karate or Belly Dancing

Do some google searching about Karate Dojos/ Belly Dance classes. Ask your friends on social media or ask around in person. 

Consider consulting Yelp, Google reviews and Facebook reviews.

2- Call or email and ask for more information about how the schools/ programs work.

Ask if there are trial programs without long term commitments. 

Ask about the credentials of the instructors and their approach to 


If you are looking to try out a Karate program and you find a school that prioritizes creating Black Belt recipients and only takes beginners who are serious about going all the way…then maybe this isn’t exactly what you are looking for? 

That being said, if the school only works with beginners and there is no evolution to your training with them then that might not be a fit either…

Consider these things: 

Can you start as a beginner? 

Can you progress to more advanced levels within the program? 

Will they know where to send you after/if you graduate? 

3) Get signed up for your tour/ consultation/ shorter term program and go into it with enthusiasm and an open mind. 

I used to tell people trying my Yoga or Zumba classes that it would likely take them a minimum of 5 times attending before they really knew if they liked the thing… plus you may strongly dislike your first instructor and need to try to find a new one within the same program. That’s ok! Not every teacher/ master/ coach is going to be a good fit for every person. I know that several of our clients don’t really like me but they love some of the other coaches and that’s totally normal. No one coach/ teacher can be everything to everyone. 

4) Take it easy to start! 

Even if you are super fit, just take it easy. 

I had been training 4 days per week and playing sports when I got back into martial arts and I just about fell over from soreness the day after my first Muy Thai white belt class. Had I taken it easy I would have been able to walk those next few days. 

Trust me, it is a good plan to take it easy with ANY new thing when you start because there is “sore” and then there is “barely moving” and nobody wants the latter. 

5) Have as much fun as you can! 

If you like Karate or Belly Dancing, but aren’t sure if that program is a good fit, just stick it out until the end of your trial. Finish it up and then keep looking for something until you find what you love. 

Remember you can love more than one thing! You can love Yoga, Zumba, Crossfit and Boot Camp or soccer, karate and weights. You don’t have to be “monogamous” with your exercise. You can love it all 🙂 In fact, doesn’t that sound great?! What a fun time. 

More than anything else Fit Friends, I hope that this year you will continue to find fun ways to move your body out of love and respect for it. 

We only get one body, let’s take good care of it. 

Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team