Anyone approaching that magical number soon? You know the one I’m talking about…the half a century mark. 

Half a century! Wow, that sounds crazy to some, but 50 is the new 30, right? It’s the new 30 if you’re doing the right things to maintain that lifestyle. 50 can be scary for some people but honestly it doesn’t have to be. You can be the best you can be. You just need to make that choice.

Meet one of our fun and energetic members, Louis V. He’s one of those guys that was approaching the magical number and knew it was time he change his sedentary lifestyle before things got worse.

You see Louis wasn’t always energetic and quite frankly his mood wasn’t where it should be as well. In fact, his words precisely were,

“Before MPower Fitness I wasn’t doing anything. I would go home from work and spend my time on the couch. I was a couch potato! Emotionally I was apathetic, had zero confidence and was very self-conscious because I was overweight and tired.”

Louis also suffered from Type II diabetes. As I said, 50 was coming and he needed to make a change. He joined boot camp and made that change and now he is such a different person.

“I have way more confidence and feel so much better about myself both psychologically and physically. I feel incredible like I did back in college! I’ve even rediscovered my passion for biking.”

This was the “couch potato” guy that either sat on the couch or attended too many happy hours (in his words). And now, he is rediscovering his old passions and feels like a strong, healthy young man again…all at the magical number of 50.

He is maintaining his diabetes and getting stronger and improving more each day.

I asked him how he feels now about boot camp and what his overall experience has been and this is what he had to say.

“The hardest part initially for me was getting the courage to walk through the doors on day 1 but I’m so glad that I did.

My overall experience has been fantastic. I immediately felt like I belonged, like I was welcomed and included and like this was my second home.

I love that I can get a workout done in about 30 minutes after work. I like training my upper body because it helps regain my strength. BUT, I have to admit I hate doing burpees. Sorry!”

I kind of laughed at the burpees part because not too many people love them when first starting, but it is interesting to see how people push through to get them done and then eventually like them. Louis will too J

In closing he said to me,

“The best thing since joining has been my results but more so the friendships and the nice problem of needing to buy new clothes!!”

I seriously have the best job in the world. I get to see and work with people like Louis every single day. I get to see his wardrobe change, his attitude change and him living life at 50…the new 30!!

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