Having a sense of belonging is HUGE.

And many of us only have a few places- if we are lucky- where we feel we truly belong. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t consider the GYM a place we feel comfortable, let alone belong.  Starting at a new “gym” or “fitness studio” can be really intimidating, particularly if you aren’t sure what to expect, are self conscious or are out of shape. 

Our client Michaela K, said she was “notorious for joining a gym, going for a few weeks, and then falling off the bandwagon”. She liked attending group workouts but never felt she really belonged.   She says she had no idea how much better she’d feel exercising regularly.  She is not someone who loves to exercise but she loves how much better she feels when she is consistent with her program. 

Knowing what to do, being held accountable and receiving consistent feedback and coaching has been a big part of Michaela’s success. When she belonged to a gym in the past she would “half heartedly do cardio exercises” and steer very clear of the free weights section.  She wasn’t sure what to do with the weights and didn’t want to injure herself or feel awkward.  

After joining boot camp Michaela has lost over 25lbs, 10 inches and 8% body fat and her family and friends have noticed her improved mood, happiness and passion for life. Michaela confessed that she still isn’t “jumping with joy” to get in her workouts but with the sessions being only 30 minutes, she plans out which days she’ll attend and then doesn’t make any excuses.

One of the most common things we hear (outside of a lack of motivation) is uncertainty about what to do and how to get results.  We are happy Michaela found us and that we were able to help her meet and exceed her fitness goals.  

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