Happy Monday

Today I have a small confession. 

I totally caved and ate some pizza. 

I’m in a six week challenge and I gave in to temptation! It happens…it happens to all of us. 

And it all happened because I went hungry to the grocery store. 

It began like any normal day. 

I was up early. I had some water, coffee, a green smoothie and went about getting a few hours of work done. Usually I bring some more food with me to Boot Camp but Wednesday I didn’t.  (<—First mistake)

I worked as long as I could until I headed off to see Dr. Sara at Relief Plus to get my back adjusted.  I try to make it in to see her during the mid-morning so I can avoid traffic. After that, I stopped by the grocery store to re-stock. I knew I was running low on most things and wouldn’t have time to make a lunch so I went to the salad bar. By this point, I was really hungry. I loaded up on a nutrient dense array of foods and was all set to head out when I smelled the pizza.

4 Different kinds of pizza aromas were wafting toward me…and it was like the pizza was calling my name. 

Megan, come eat me. Megan, you know you love pizza. Megan don’t worry about how crappy pizza makes you feel. You’re hungry. Megan you have a big match tonight. If you eat pizza you’ll have lots of energy later…


I had a slice of pizza.  Yes, I did have more energy that night but I also felt like garbage the next day. 🙁

Now why am I tell you this? 

Because I’m human too. 

I go to the grocery store hungry from time to time and pick things that are less productive. I too make the occasional choice that I know isn’t going to serve me…

But what did I do the next day? 

  • Exercised.
  • Drank water.
  • Did NOT step on the scale.
  • Moved on. 

We have to find a balance.

Fitness and health is about your journey- for life. 

Not just about a challenge or a season…

If you make a choice that you later regret, learn from it and move on. 

You can do it. We believe in you. 

Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team 

PS Lakewinds Co-Op has the best Chicken Pesto Pizza ever…

I’m just saying :p

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