Happy Monday, Fit Fam-

It is time for a Pep Talk.

I went back and forth about my topic this week and decided to do a double whammy: hydration and alcohol. 

With warm weather, patios calling, barbecues to attend, parties, weddings and such a lot of clients are reporting in that there is more temptation than usual with alcohol. 

We understand. 

Typically what we tell clients is that if you’re very serious about fat loss alcohol needs to be eliminated or drastically reduced. 

Now longer term that cutting alcohol out of your life may not be sustainable. 

If your life includes the occasional adult beverage then you need to have a plan that will allow for a little bit here and there- without impeding your progress. 

If you’re planning to have any alcohol please consider having one drink and then two or ideally three glasses of water. This will allow your body more time to process the alcohol and keep you hydrated.

Remember that alcohol is a toxin and that too much is harmful. Additionally alcohol is also very dehydrating and impairs all of your physiological processes- including judgement. 

You can see why outside of fitness and fat loss considerations it is important to limit alcohol. Your body is your home- so to speak- and you’ve got to take good care of it. 

Which also means that in caring for our bodies we need to keep them well hydrated. With the warmer temperatures be sure to be aiming to get in your water. The objective is /12 your body weight in fluid ozs. 

For more info on both of these check out the podcasts I’ve got for you:





We hope you have a fabulous week! 

Megan K and the team

PS if you’ve got something you’d love to learn more about, send me a message. I’m always open to covering topics YOU want to hear about.

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