Happy Monday Fit Friends!

I hope this talk finds you well.  True story, outside of writing your success stories, my favorite thing to do is to write you these posts!  I absolutely love chatting with you, the coaches and others in the community about what you might need/ want to hear about.

This week the Monday Motivation is all about Amazon Prime. 

We live in an amazing day and age when almost everything we want is instantly at our finger tips.  With Amazon prime we can shop online and things arrive in two days.  With instant downloads we can buy things and have them right now.

There is so much that conditions us toward instant gratification. 

But the reality is, most anything we want in regards to our health and fitness takes time.  It doesn’t happen instantly.   It often doesn’t even happen quickly. 

Muscle gains can be .25-.5 lbs per month for women who is doing moderate exercise.  A healthy sustainable rate of fat loss is 1-2 lbs of fat per week.  Big changes in health take time.  Even the benefits of going gluten free can take 4-6 months to really manifest in the body.

But as fitness professionals we are constantly asked about how clients can get results as fast as possible. There are answers. There are methods but almost none are sustainable. 

So take a deep breath. 

Your “new body” is on back-order for 6 months. :p Just kidding.  But seriously, though…there is no Instacart in fitness.

Trust the process and do your best to stay consistent.  

If you want almost immediate results be sure to drink enough water and get enough sleep! 

Committed to your success, 
Megan K and the team 

I recently heard that Amazon is aiming to one day be able to ship you something before you even buy it.  You say out loud you want the thing and it arrives. Keep it if you truly want it, send it back if you don’t. Amazing.

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