I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend is enjoying a happy Labor Day!

I know many of you are struggling to balance the “fun and festivities” of the summer season: BBQs, patios, tempting treats and beverages.

It is ok to take your focus off of things and celebrate a bit but there is also a time to reel things back in. 

At MPower we have many programs that feature increased accountability, goal setting and a time of focus.

But we can’t spent ALL our time like this because it is too much pressure and too much rigidity, but from time to time, we really do need to up the ante.

Often the first weeks requires strict adherence to a high compliance food plan and ZERO alcohol. I won’t lie, we all have disliked that part, but it WORKS.

I asked the groups to remember that it is just a short time and the health and fat loss benefits are worth it. 

This week, I’ll challenge you to ask yourself, “could I tighten things up a bit?” or “do I need to relax a bit and give myself some days off and some treats”?

You’ll know the answer that is best for you, because it is all about balance. 

You can do it! 

We believe in you. 

Megan K and the team

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