Happy Monday!

I don’t usually write the pep talk about us as a team because this is all about your journey. 

But this week I wanted to take just a couple of minutes to tell you how proud I am of these teams at MPower Fitness.

Over the last several years we have had 5 coaches, coach throughout their pregnancies and on to very healthy baby deliveries! Coach Kristi even did it twice with us (and yes, she’ll be back…I know we all miss her. So will coach Kelly P, we hope)  🙂 

We have had all of our coaches go through a minimum of the most basic coaching certifications with most having also completed specific additional learning and integration in their areas of interest: nutrition, behavior change, functional fitness and the Functional Aging Institute.  

Believe it or not, certifications in credentials are not mandatory in the fitness profession and we take our continuing education really seriously. It is how we can continue to provide results driven (effective and efficient) services. 

Many of our coaches have pursued their own passions in other sports: triathlons, mud-runs, yoga, softball, tennis, dance and more. 

But the thing I’m most proud of right now is that recently we did an exercise to come up with our “core values”. These are the ones WE decided on. These values mean a lot to us.

Why does this matter so much? 

Because when you belong to a team you want to know for what your team stands. 

And these are the values that we chose, together. 

Now, we aren’t necessarily executing on these values perfectly every single day, but they are what we aim toward and they are the things that define us and they are characteristics we seek out in fellow teammates. 

Our Core Values:

Have Integrity


Growth Mindset







Empathy and

Work Ethic 

I share this with you today because we are focused on our 3 main pillars of results, relationships and community and we hope that you’ll continuously see the above values come through in what we do here at MPower Fitness. 

Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team

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