Happy Monday!

We get asked a lot about cardio. 

Should I do more? 

How much do I need to do? 

I want to become a runner, cyclist, triathlete etc.

How can I do it all? 

Don’t I need cardio to lose weight? 

And so many other questions…

The reality about cardio is this: 

If you like it, do it! 

If you don’t like it, then try to focus on doing what you like. 

If you have a fat loss goal, steady state cardio isn’t the fastest path. 

When it comes to fitness, the first step is to get moving in general.

If you are currently doing nothing, then your goal needs to be to move in any way that is fun for you. Do something that you enjoy. 

If you have a fat loss goal then cardio is not the fastest path. 

Please understand that it can work (it does work) but it is NOT the fastest path. 

High Intensity Interval Training combined with nutritious eating is the faster path. 

What does that mean? Short bursts of intense activity- especially a mix of cardio intervals AND resistance training will get you results faster. Conveniently this is what we do at MPower Fitness :p 🙂

No wonder we are known for results, right? 

What about a combination of cardio and Group Training?

​In a perfect world, our clients would be doing their Group Training workouts 4 ish times per week and moving around for fun in other ways. 

For example: playing a recreational volley ball league, going snowshoeing or cross country skiing,  jogging or cycling for fun, taking a dance class etc. 

If you are short on time and not yet in love with moving around just for the fun of it, then don’t worry – MPower has you covered. 

​In our MPower Fitness Group Training sessions we aim to have cardio intervals, resistance training, some flexibility and mobility work as well as a focus on improving body composition: adding muscle and reducing fat. 

Megan K and Team

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