Happy Monday Fit Friends and a Happy 2020 to you!

I hope that this year is your happiest, healthiest, most abundant and peaceful year yet. 🙂

On to the pep talk…

On New Year’s Eve, I gave a quick message about the importance of stepping up your/our game in 2020:

  • setting goals that scare us
  • letting go of the desire to play small/safe
  • finding a way to passionately puruse what you love

I spoke about being present and enjoying the journey (as much as possible) every step of the way whether this be in your fitness pursuits or for life in general. 

In 2017, I spoke about this – the video is here and also on my Facebook page. I hope it helps. I won’t lie, I was nervous doing it. 

In the video, I mentioned the famous quotes of authors’ Marianne Williamson and Robert Holden. Williamson talks about shining your light brightly and Holden on “Destination Addiction”.

The take home message is to passionately pursue what lights you up, what excites you (possibly even scares you) and as much as possible, every step of the way enjoy it! 

In full transparency, I’m committed to doing this in my own life as well. I have backed away from some opportunities because they scared me- a lot. Mostly I said yes, but there were times when I let fear of failure, fear of other’s opinions and even fear of success hold me back. 

I promise that this year I’ll go forward, even in fear and uncertainty, in a bigger way than ever before. 

What about you? 

Will you? 

Will you pursue your fitness, health and or life goals passionately? 

I hope so! 

We all need to do whatever we can to make this world better. 

Much love and gratitude, 

Megan K and the team

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