Anybody else experience a little dip in motivation lately? 

I suspect it might be partially related to the cold.

It could also be related to the time change…although that’s been a while now.

Maybe it is connected to the darker days?

Who knows. 

For whatever reason though I’ve been hearing that some of you (like me) are experiencing a little dip in motivation. 

Here’s the thing about motivation. It is like a fire. 

We need to constantly be adding wood, stoking it, adding gasoline if it really dims. Sometimes we even need to rebuild the motivational fire completely. 

And that’s ok. 

Motivation is deeply personal because it comes from within. We can get inspiration from others but we need to find our own reasons for doing what we do.

I have found when my motivation dwindles that it helps to get back to why I’m doing what I do. 

1- I need to get out of bed early to write because otherwise I won’t make my deadline. 

2- Why do I need to make my deadline? 

I’ve committed to myself and others that I’ll be releasing a second book.

Why? Why does this matter? 

I want to keep my word. 

I also feel strongly that this book will help many people. 

3- If I don’t get out of bed early today to write this is undisciplined. I talk all the time about the importance of self-discipline, how hypocrital would be I be if I don’t do what I say?! I need to walk to the walk. 

Etc. Etc. 

For you, it might look something like this. 

I want to improve my health and feel better about myself. I want more energy. 

If I drive past Boot Camp tonight without going in I’m not doing what I need to do to take care of my health. I promised I’d be there 3 times this week. If I don’t go I’m breaking my promise.

I’ll have more energy if I work out. 

I’m lying to myself if I say I’ll go home and do some exercise there (this may or may not be true)

But you get the idea…

The bottom line is that sometimes we won’t want to “do the thing”.

But it doesn’t matter.

We need to do it anyway

If you’ve fallen of track, or your fire has dimmed get back to your why. 

We are always here to help,

Megan K and the team

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