Who else has a “to-do list” that seems to consistently be longer than the time permits?Maybe you can relate?

The thing about a list is that if we don’t get the things done they weigh on us. 

But when we do there is a satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. 

Even the simple and seemingly small things like replacing a burnt out light bulb feel better when they are done. 

The same goes for fitness, when we are doing the seemingly small things, they add up but also there is an accomplishment in getting things done.

For example: 

  • ​making it your minimum 12 sessions and earning your fitness reimbursement from your insurance company. 
  • ​Hitting another day in a row in your my fitness pal logged food streak.
  • ​Getting in your minimum water goal.
  • Eating at least four servings of veggies per day…

You get the idea. 

I’ve talked to some clients and they have found having a mini check-list for daily actions for fitness helps. 

For others not so much. See if it works for you. 

One common thread, is the feeling of accomplishment we have when we “do the things” on our lists. 

This beach season, instead of worrying about achieving massive feats like a big loss on the scale or in body fat, I challenge you to focus on the small daily achievements. 

And as you are doing them, find and enjoy the satisfaction and the sense of achievement/ accomplishment you get from getting it done. 

We are here for you and committed to your success.

Megan K and the team.

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