Happy Monday-

I’m just back from an EPIC trip to Chicago with some of my best friends in the world. These fellow Boot Camp owners and myself (7 of us and our significant others) had some time in the sun, seeing the sights of Chicago (even a Cubs game) and a lot of time in meetings sharing strategies to help get our clients better results.

While I was with them, it really struck me how valuable I find my time with them to be. These people bring me up. 

The encourage me. 

They push me to do better. 

The pour belief into me and they lead by example. 

These are the kind of friends I really love to be around. 

Not all of our friends are like this though…right? 

You and I both have crabs. 

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, I’m not talking about the kind of crabs that we learned about in sexual education. I’m talking about something different…allow me to explain. 🙂

One of my mentors told me a story a while back about how he and his family were on the East Coast in Maine for a beautiful family vacation. They were taking in the breathtaking coast line, the stunning lighthouses and each night they enjoyed first-class Maine Lobster and other seafood. 

One of the days, my mentor got to chatting with a crab fisherman about the work he does from day to day and his general lifestyle. While they were talking my mentor was watching him unloading crabs from his trap into a bucket. The man was wondering around doing his thing, tidying ropes up, putting away other odds and ends and all the while the crabs were in a bucket pretty well unattended. He was fascinated by this because he wondered if the crabs could get out of the bucket and if they did how costly it would be for the fisherman to lose even one crab. 

Sure enough as he watched, he noticed that one crab was indeed trying to escape the bucket. It was climbing on top of the other crabs and using all of its legs and strength to try to hoist itself out of the bucket to escape.

He pointed it out to the man but the man wasn’t concerned. He just said “wait, watch and see what happens”. Sure enough there was nothing for the fisherman to worry about. The other crabs pulled the ambitious one down and kept it in the bucket. The man told B, “I never have to worry about them escaping because they are self policing”. 

My mentor told us this story to illustrate a point- and that point is what I’m writing to share with you:

Every single one of us has crabs in our life.

They are the people who want to pull is down, drag us down or hold us back from our dreams. 

A dear friend called them “dream snatchers”. Some others have referred to them as “dead weight”. 

However you choose to look at them, recognize that there are going to be times when people do and say lousy things to try to slow you down or stop you from reaching your goals. 

It is up to you though to believe you can do it, take action and never let anyone stand in the way of what you truly want to do to better yourself and the world around you. 

In good health,

Megan K

PS: sometimes people wonder why I write the posts I do. 
I wrote this one because recently I saw that some people participating a fitness competition-where the purpose of the competition is to spread the love of fitness- were taking some heat for their check-ins on facebook at the gym. Wow. I could hardly believe it. What a classic example of crabs. A person is out there doing some wonderful for her health and her support system is giving her s*** for telling the world about her goals and accomplishments? What a pile of hot steaming dookie. Remember folks, “ain’t nobody gonna break your stride” unless you let them.

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