Happy Monday!
This coming weekend we will have our first weigh-ins for our Ultimate Transformation Challenge!

The enthusiasm is high. 

The motivation is high. 

The belief in ourselves seems to also be high.

But motivation is like a fire. 

It needs tending. 

It needs fuel. 

One of the things that can continue to provide us with that fuel is to take consistent action. 

I used to joke that “consistency” was the least sexy secret of success. 

I still tell people that because it is true. 

But sometimes we want results so badly and right now so we think that if we just had the “secret” or the “magic xyz” that we’d get there faster…

But very rarely is there an actual secret or magic pill, potion or powder. 

So from time to time we see clients get discouraged because they aren’t getting “there” fast enough. 

I often wonder, “Where’s there? Who decides? Why there?” 

Hopefully you’re deciding, for yourself. 

I think the thing that I find the hardest (and I speak for many of the coaches too) is that there’s a fine line between wanting to better ourselves for the sake of living an incredible and fulfilling life that lines up with our vision and believing that we must because there is currently something “wrong with us”, or that somehow in our perfectly imperfect current state we are not good enough. 

Our hope, at MPower Fitness, is that you relentlessly pursue your goals because you want to, because they line up with bettering yourself for you because you love yourself and your life. I hope that you see any miss, mistake or setback as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than a “failure”. 

I have been telling people lately that we all need to do more self-congratulating. We probably also need to tell ourselves how fabulous we are more often 🙂

So I’ll just say, Happy Monday. We love you. We think you are awesome and you are the reason we do what we do. 

Let’s make it a great week! 

Megan K

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