A few weeks ago, I wrote to you about the importance of spring  cleaning on our thought patterns and working toward the elimination of negative thoughts. 

Today I want to touch on that again. 

Hopefully you recognize the necessity of making a conscious effort to check your mental space and toss out ideas and belief systems that no longer work for you

But how can you go about doing this?

You see if I have a negative belief about my health or fitness it might be a big jump to completely do a 180 degree change on my mindset. 

For example, if I currently think I’m “lazy, out of shape, am never going to hit my goals and I have terrible eating habits” it is too much for me to tell myself “I’m fit, healthy and I am great at meal planning”.  

Maybe I want to get there, but I need to be gradual in my shift in my mind. 

So instead of making a complete shift in what I’m telling myself, I might start off by telling myself, “I’m a work in progress. I’m starting to get better at this fitness thing.  I’m gradually improving my eating habits day by day.”

Or something like that. 

The same could be applied to any goal but I’ll use finances next (because health and money are the two biggest things I hear people concerned about). 

Maybe someone in your life told you were terrible at managing money and you might have some credit card bills or some other poor decisions you regret that are evidence that reinforces this belief you were told. 

​So you could try telling yourself, “I’ve made mistakes in the past. I’ve learned and grown from them and I’m doing better and better. I know that every situation can improve and I’m taking charge of xyz and I’m excited to have this part of my life improve”

Hopefully you are getting the idea… Any negative belief system can be gradually shifted toward one that is supportive and conducive to achieving your goals. 


We need to combine the improved statements we are making about ourselves with actions too 🙂

If you are feeling overwhelmed by doubt, worry, anxiety, insecurity about meeting your goal make those gradually more positive statements to yourself and then follow them up with actions. 

Look for the supporting actions you are already doing and have done ​and then take a little step right then and there (if you can) ​toward your goal. 

For example: If I were busy telling myself I’m getting fitter and healthier but I was in a moment of self doubt, I’d drop right down and do a push-up or some squats.  People who are not on a path of fitness and health are sure as heck not about to do squats to improve themselves,  right?  So voila. You’ve got action and evidence supporting your belief 30 seconds after you’ve thought it. If it isn’t practical to do something in that moment, at least try to move around physically in some way so that you can shake off that self doubt. 

Our most successful clients are the ones who believe they can. 

The reality is we ​know you can. 

​There is zero question about capability.  You are more than capable.  

​Do your beliefs support you?

If they don’t, will you try this? 

​At our team meeting on Wed night we were talking about how we believe the stories or lies we tell ourselves. Our hope is that you will ALWAYS believe you can.  

​Committed to your success, 

​Megan K and the team

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