What a glorious weekend we have had!

Sunshine is good for the spirits 🙂

This week I’d love for you to consider ​how you are fueling your body and the time you take to do it.  

​A lot of our clients are under fueling. 

Our InBody system give us a very accurate baseline amount of food a person needs to intake and for some of our clients increasing their food intake is leading to faster results!

We frequently hear from clients, I can do the exercise piece but where I struggle is the food. 

Would we all agree? 

  • ​We need food to survive and thrive. 
  • The better quality food we eat, the better we feel. 
  • What we eat matters- we all have different nutrient needs and digestive system particularities.  
  • We digest better when we eat slowly, chew thoroughly and avoid consuming food in an unfocused way (while driving, facebooking, watching t.v. or working)
  • We feel better about the foods we are eating when we take time to enjoy them. ​

We must eat. Thankfully we are in a part of the world we get to eat- easily. 

AND if you don’t eat enough your results will slow down. Just like if you exercise too much and don’t have adequate recovery you’ll start gaining body fat or be more susceptible to injury. 

The what to eat can be tricky though…

Should I do South beach

try low carb

try high fat

try full out ketos

try paleo

do the whole 30

And it goes on and on…

The answer is, you could. 

Maybe you’ll feel great trying a or b. 

Maybe not though…​

Track it and see how you feel.

You need to be wiling to experiment to figure out how you feel 

and then you need to be willing to ADAPT and change

Low carb might work great for a while. 

But then you get close to your goals and have added in other activities and now you need to eat more carbs or you are out of gas and feel like dog doo.

You might eat high fat and feel great but look longingly at the berries as they come into season and wonder why you are sacrificing fruit.

You get to answer these things for yourself and we are here to help 🙂

But the most important thing is to experiment. 

Be flexible and adapt. 

What your body needs is constantly changing. 

Listen to it. 

And remember that we only get one body (some parts can be swapped out now with modern medicine) but if you are good to it and respectful of it, it will last longer. 

I hope you’ll consider taking more time to fuel yourself well and get your family and friends in on it 🙂

Megan K and the team

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