Happy Monday!

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve given two workshops to help the team and clients take themselves and their lives to “the next level” whether that be reaching their fitness and health goals faster or their personal goals.

One of the things that came up, albeit briefly, at both events was the importance of knowing why we want something. 

Both Tony Robbins and Rod Hairston (authors, speakers, coaches and educators in the self-help space) teach that as human beings we have 6 basic needs. 

Recently I read it explained concisely and eloquently by Hairston so I’m including it below: 

Recognition (Significance): The need to feel important and acknowledged for your abilities and unique individuality. How you feel is influenced by external sources — outside in.

Self-Esteem (Contribution): The need to feel good about yourself and your actions. The need to feel self-esteem from the inside out. To give and add value to your circle of influence or world.

Love (Connection): The need to connect with others.The need to belong, feel like a part of a group, family or activity. The need to be cared for and to care for others.

Creative Expression (Growth): The need to continue personal growth through challenging yourself, knowledge and learning. Expand.

Security (Certainty or Comfort): The need to feel certain and/or confident about things in your life, situations, actions, or plans. The need can be met from internal certainties or attempted to be met externally. Individuals who rely on external certainty are more susceptible to being in fear of losing their certainty since they are not in control of where it comes from.

New Experiences (Variety): The need to change up the “routine” of everyday habits, patterns, likes, or dislikes, have options and choices. Stimulation. Some examples include dressing differently, ordering different meals or driving a new route.”

According to Hairston and Robbins we need to have all 6 needs met but the order of importance for each of us varies AND the way that we will meet the needs varies too…

My guess, is that if you gave it some thought and tied your health and fitness goals to a few of your above basic human needs you’d find it easier and easier to prioritize yourself and your self care…

What do you think? 

Let’s make it another fabulous week. 

Megan K and the team

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