Happy Monday!

Today I wanted to write you a quick note about injuries and injury prevention. 

The reality of any exercise program is that we can get hurt, anytime. Even doing something basic. 

Some key ways to prevent injury include:

1- Listening to your body 

2- Taking rest days 

3- Progressively loading – gradual increases 

4- Cross Training (ie: not only training the same movements or sports)

5- Getting chiropractic care, massage therapy etc 

6- Adequately fueling 

7- Getting professional guidance with your training

Even doing all of the above we can still get hurt. 

A lot of times injuries actually occur because we have been tight for a long time and a slight tweak or pull/ strain happens. It can feel very painful but fortunately it is minor and heals quickly. 

Other times, injuries happen outside of the gym. 

Every now and then it can be a total fluke accident like a trip, even over ones own feet. 

Nobody is immune to injury.  

But it is frustrating, painful and can be hard on Morale. Especially when recovery is taking longer than we had hoped. 

Have patience with yourself. 

Listen to the advice of your medical professional and do your best not to rush your recovery. 

Your body wants to heal- if it gets hurt. It may just take a bit longer than you hoped. 

Hang in there! We are here for you.

Megan K and Team

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