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I get asked frequently if it is beneficial to work out twice in one day or if more exercise can deliver faster results. 

This is a tricky topic for many people because we are a society that has been conditioned toward thinking that more of a good thing must be better. 

The reality is that just about anything can be bad for us if we have too much of it. 

  • Too much intensity in exercise (without adequate recovery) is associated with injury or overtraining side effects like body fat storage, elevated resting heart rate, trouble sleeping and even stress fractures.
  • Too much water intake can be associated with frequent urination and at worst hyponatremia.
  • Too much broccoli can be associated with gas
  • and we all know what happens with too much dessert :p

So the short answer is that for most people, most of the time two workouts in one day is NOT the answer. 


Boot Camp and some gentle Yoga- maybe

Boot Campo and a walk- Yes, quite likely ok. 

Boot Camp and a jog- MAYBE but better on different days. 

Boot Camp and xyz sport- Definitely better on different days. 

Boot Camp and Spin class- NO. Not on the same day. 

Boot Camp and Martial Arts- Not on the same day unless you know your Martial Arts master and it will be a gentle day. 

^^ You get the idea. 

In general, you need to listen to your body and rest, relaxation and recovery are critical. 

I recorded a podcast for you on this very topic:


To expedite fat loss spend more time preparing nutritious foods, grocery shopping, actively relaxing your mind (meditation, prayer, journal, bubble baths etc.) AND GET MORE SLEEP. 

Committed to your success, 

Megan K and the team

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