Monday Motivation : Let’s not overthink it…

This week, I’m writing you a pep talk about “overthinking it”. 

This is a classic area of opportunity for many of us. 

We tend to wonder, analyze, reanalyze and end up in some analysis paralysis and then no action gets taken. 

  • Should I buy protein powder A? 
  • Do I go with a dairy free protein powder? 
  • Is this organic stuff worth the extra money? 
  • Where is the best place to buy A, B, C?

The reality is that for most things we are worrying too much about “getting it right”. 

Please understand there are some areas we want (and need) to execute precisely. 

If I’m teaching you how to do the kettlebell swing or kettlebell snatch I want you to execute as safely as possible so precision and technique matter. 

But if we are talking about adding in more healthy fats to your nutrition plan the exact foods, amounts etc. are going to be person specific, day specific and taste preference specific.  

We can make some general suggestions based on scientifically proven guidelines but then it is up to you to experiment to figure out what works. Getting bogged down in having to have it “just right” might be slowing you down. 

(**Carb Cyclers, Whole 30 plan followers and Macro Counters- you will need to execute precisely because that is a part of what these plans require**)

In general, you know whether what you are doing is productive or unproductive and if you aren’t sure that’s why you have access to coaches like us here at MPower.

Megan K and Team

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