We are in one of the two main times of year when people really get serious about their fitness goals.

I know many of you have been pursuing your goals diligently all summer, but some of you relaxed a bit/ a lot. 🙂

It is normal…

In the fall (and spring) people seem to get really serious again. 

With this often comes a renewed commitment to 

  • ​getting in training sessions
  • watching how you eat
  • cutting back on treats and alcohol
  • holding yourself accountable with measurements and progress photos 

But what we don’t often talk about is our expectations and the process.

We want results RIGHT NOW.

In fact, most of us want results YESTERDAY. 

Damn it, why don’t my pants fit better right now and how come I haven’t lost weight yet? 

I get it.  

We’ve all been there. 

Most often when we gain body fat, or lose stamina/strength it is a gradual process of relaxing our productive behaviors that leads to the undesired outcome. 

We don’t take a few days off and lose all of our strength. 

Just like we don’t eat some desserts, go to a few weddings or take a vacation and “blow it” all…

It is the sum of actions, over time…

​So it follows that it is the sum of actions over time that will lead to the results you want as well. Right?

So how can you set yourself up to have patience with the process and see results?  

  1. ​Track your progress and only check in every two weeks MAX. Preferably monthly. If you check for results daily you will be disappointed. 
  2. Use multiple metrics for tracking: photos in swimwear are best, body fat testing, measurements and the scale. Again, do this twice a month MAX.
  3. Track other metrics: sleep, energy, mood, confidence.  Sure these can be harder to measure but they have a DRAMATIC impact on quality of life.  If you feel great, have great confidence and energy do you care what size your pants are? 
  4. Make gradual- sustainable changes- don’t eliminate all the fun and treats or you’ll feel sad and frustrated if you aren’t seeing changes as quickly as you’d like.  
  5. Make this as fun as possible.  Try to do something you love or at least can tolerate. It will make the journey more enjoyable. 

Have patience with yourself and trust the process. 

You can do it! 

Megan K and the team

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