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If you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while you’ve probably heard me mention (1 or 10 times :-p) that we are the product of our environment.

What I mean by that, is that we frequently end up similar to those with whom we spend the most time. 

  • Negativity breads more negativity
  • Disrespect of our bodies (whether with unproductive food or drink, lack of exercise, general lethargy etc.) breads more of that
  • Undisciplined management of our personal lives leads to more of this…


It turns out my mom was right when she told me that 

“birds of a feather flock together” …

That being said we can’t always immediately change our environment nor do we want to necessarily cut out our friends who are doing stuff that doesn’t align with our goals, so we instead need to consciously choose to be the positive influence, whenever and wherever we can. 

Lead by example…so to speak. 

Now there’s a difference between leading by example and alienating your friends by pushing your views about health, exercise and healthy eating on them…and you’ll need to find the balance for yourself, right? 

In the mean time, since this is a pep talk, I want to give you some tools of empowerment that you can use when you find yourself in tricky “peer pressure” situations. 

1-Ahead of a dinner party/family weekend or meal speak to your host/ family and ask if you can bring a few things to help yourself stay on track. Mention to the host that you don’t expect he or she to change the menu for you but that you are very committed to eating in a way that fits your goals and as such you’d like to help so you can stay on track and so that she feels no extra pressure. 

2-When you are heading out to happy hour or a party plan to be the sober driver or mention ahead of time that you’ll be leaving at xyz hour so that you have primed everyone for your choice to step out early and or drink less or nothing. If you receive any flack for your choices you can confidently assure your friends that your health and fitness are priorities to you right now and that you really appreciate their support and encouragement. IF they don’t support you feel free to pass their info to me so I can mail them dog poop. 

Just kidding. 

Sort of kidding. 

If they are unsupportive then that’s another thing you’ll need to figure out for yourself…

3-When you are in a situation where your “wine glass” magically keeps getting refilled, put it down somewhere and leave it. You don’t HAVE to drink the wine. 

Better still, ahead of time, mention that you are only having one drink and explain why. 

As hard as it may feel in the moment to stick to actions that align with your goals, the sense of personal satisfaction and pride you get from following through on the MOST IMPORTANT COMMITMENT YOU HAVE (TO YOURSELF and YOUR GOALS) will outweigh any of the immediate gratification of doing something that doesn’t fit your plan. 

You’ve got this. 

We believe in you. 

Megan K and the team

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