This week I wanted to tell you a little story of perseverance…

We have a client named Cathy.

Cathy has been a client for a while and she has made great progress with us.

Recently she got a promotion at work and things got very busy and she put her health and fitness on the “back burner”…

When it came time for the Winter Body Transformation Challenge, she signed up and was ready to go.

She was recommitted and made the decision that no matter what she would finish this challenge better than when she started. 

You know how those decisions go, sometimes we commit, get serious and then we get tested.

Within week 1, she got offered ANOTHER promotion. 

Hot damn! Exciting stuff. Except that meant extra hours, extra meetings and no Boot Camp. 

Then her pet got really really ill…vet visits, stress, deep sadness and tough decisions ahead. 

Then she was at an event and made some choices to eat some foods that didn’t agree with her and she was feeling some physical side effects…nausea, achy joints, water retention etc.

Sounds like the perfect storm, right? 

  • Work Stress (albeit good)
  • Family stress (sad)
  • AND
  • Physical stress… (feeling pretty icky)

Oh did I mention she tweaked her knee doing something routine too? 

So she has pain on top of the other stuff…

It seems like it might be time to give up on the Winter Challenge, right?!

Of course you know I’m going to say “NO!”

And Cathy is saying “no, too”…

She told me the other day that it is time to persevere…and persevere is what she’s doing…

She is continuing to log her food. 

She is continuing to learn from what her body is telling her about food sensitivities and she is working through the work and home stress the best she can. 

Is she going to finish the Winter Challenge with “perfect attendance”?


She might not finish it with the 15lbs of body fat lost that she was aiming for either…but she WILL finish the challenge and she will finish better than she started.

And I hope that she is as proud of herself as I am because there is doing the best you can “in perfect conditions” and there is “doing the best you can when the s*** hits the fan”. 

Life rarely ever gives us a straight line to success…

When you want something you will be tested. 

It may not be now. 

It may not ever be in a way you can predict.

But it is inevitable, the test will come. 

We have your back. 

We hope you will always persevere, the best you can. 

Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team

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