Today I want to remind you to set intentions or goals that are framed positively.

A lot of times, when people first begin to work with us they set goals that surround not doing something or becoming more of something they think they are not already.

We can chase after a goal, but if we don’t believe we are already that thing – to some extent- we can end up self sabotaging. 
What do I mean by this?

If I tell you I want to be healthy. This assumes I’m currently not which may or may not be accurate.
If I want to be healthier that’s better because it acknowledges some health is currently present but if I aim to feel the best I can from day to day and moment to moment that’s even better. 
It isn’t that I abandon the goal to improve my cholesterol or drop my body fat but I focus on the daily actions that support getting me toward this goal. I begin from a place of assuming that I’m already to some extent the thing I want.

In Pep Talks of the past, I have written about how what we focus on we find. 

When you set goals write them as if they are already happening and as much as possible use language that acknowledges that the thing you want is already within you.

I’m getting leaner and leaner rather than I want to lose body fat. 
I’m increasing my savings 1% per month. 
At all costs avoid using any negative language: I’m not drinking wine every day is an example of what not to write. 
I honor my body by keeping alcohol to once a week is much better.

Hopefully this makes sense.

After you change up the language of your goals, then be sure to model the behavior of those doing and being what you want to have more of in your life.​ 

As you go forward these next few weeks, examine the language you are using around your goals.

Keep it positive. You can do it!

​Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team

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