Happy Monday-

I was recently chatting with a fellow athlete in one of my sports about her progress and my progress. 

I’ll admit, it had been a frustrating practice. 

I had seen great strides the last 3 times I had been developing skills and then there was some serious backpedaling. 

Guess what, I know it is going to happen and it still bummed me out. 

Which is why I wanted to email you and remind you that progress simply does not go in a straight line. 

You will have times (possibly even long periods of time) where you make great strides toward your goals and then you’ll have backpedaling, 1 step forward, 3 steps back etc. 

It is inevitable. 

Hang in there and put in the work. 

You can do it and we believe in you. 

Megan K and the team

PS if you’re really stuck, take a few extra days off, get some extra sleep and make sure your nutrition is on track.  Fueling yourself for all of life’s activities is critical 🙂

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