Happy Monday –

What a fabulous week of weather we have had. 

I was reading a great book about lasting change and I took some notes to share with you. 

If you are up for it I’d highly recommend the book Stick With It by Sean Young

Sean explains that to have lasting change we should follow the acronym: 


S- Stepladders

Baby Steps. 

We often set out to do too much too soon.

Instead of focusing solely on losing 20lbs instead focus on getting to the gym today. 

C- Community 

We benefit from the social support of those around us who are committed to accomplishing similar goals. Fit Family anyone? 🙂

I – Important 

Your goal needs to be important to you. 

Nobody is motivated all the time Having a goal that matters deeply to you will help you stay on track, even when you don’t feel like it. 

E- Easy

If it takes you two hours to complete your workout or 1 hour to get to your fitness studio this isn’t easy. 

The easier it is for you to get it done (ie: driving by on your way home from work) the better it will be for your long term willingness to stick with it. 

N- Neurohacks 

A little brain trickery anyone? 

Once we can identify ourselves as ” a person who exercises” we are more likely to stick with it. 

In the beginning this is going to involve action…even something as simple as smiling your way through the workout or on your way to the gym can help you convince your body that you like to exercise. 

C –Captivating 

How can we make this more fun? 

We are more likely to keep doing something if we find it fun or captivating. 

Games anyone? 🙂

E – Engrained 

We can help insure that things we care about become engrained in our lives by setting up and following a routine. As much as possible follow the pre-workout routine so that you can make this an habitual pattern. 

I hope you find all of this helpful.

See you soon! 

Megan K and the team

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