This is an exciting time of year.  

Spring is definitely here and not just on the calendar. 

At MPower, we LOVE spring and summer because everyone comes out of hibernation. 

People have a bit more zest for life with the sun shining.  

This week, I want to talk to you about self-talk and body image. Get comfy, this is a long one. 

For a lot of people, regardless of gender, the struggle is real. 

The inner monologue and commentary is running a lot of time and a lot of the time it is a mean and nasty commentary: 




filled with self-doubt etc. 

There are comments about fat, appearance, attractiveness, worthiness in general etc. 

And it sucks. 

It breaks my heart. 

And I have some of it too. My inner critic can be a real jerk to me as well. 

Especially in this profession where there is so much pressure to look a certain way. People take a lot of liberty commenting on my body and the body of others in the profession (including the coaches at our studios).  Like somehow what we- as your coaches- can teach you and show you is more legitimate at a certain body fat percentage or with certain athletic feats under our belts.  

I bring this up because I desperately want to get a better conversation going about what we (as a fitness community) can do to change this inner commentary or to release it.  For Good. We know we can’t control what others are saying. That’s on them :p. But we can definitely improve our own inner voice. 

How much freer might we all feel if most of the time (almost all?) the inner commentary was things like, 

“I’m looking good today.”

“I feel great”

“I’m proud of what I’m doing”

“My health and fitness are getting better and better”

“I’m a remarkable and strong woman/ man regardless of how I look” etc. 

“I love my body and it is so good to me” 

“I’m so much more than how my body looks”

So what do you think? What is working for you? 

Friends, let’s be clear we want you to pursue your fitness and health goals, your physique change (appearance related) goals wholeheartedly, with enthusiasm and consistency.

AND we want you to pursue loving yourself, being kind to yourself and saying nice things to yourself with as much (if not more) enthusiasm and commitment. 


Because we cannot achieve something if we hold incompatible thoughts:

Thinking consistently “I look like s***. I’m fat. I have flabby thighs. My bat wings this or that”

CANNOT coincide with a desired result and attitude of “I look lean. I feel great. I’m toned. My arms are showing definition”. 

It is a real pickle.

If you consistently tell yourself horrible things you will self sabotage and see less results. 

But you can change it. 

Every day, I am pleading with you to please please say kind things to yourself. 

Tell yourself you are beautiful, handsome, find one (or as many) thing you like about yourself and say it aloud. And tell yourself wonderful things related to your body that are not just about how it looks. 

Tell other people (who are supportive of you) what is going well and how excited you are for things to continue getting better. 

Say it out loud to us at the studio. To each other.  

BE as kind to yourself as you would your child, puppy or best friend. 

And if you “slip up” have some patience with yourself.  Be kind about any slips and then recommit to your goals and the steps necessary to get to them. 

​As you are navigating your journey, we’d love to hear what else is working for you to finesse your inner commentary toward kindness.  

​Committed to your success, 

​Megan K and the team

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