Happy Monday!

We likely can all remember some defining moments in sporting/ schooling/ work related coaching situations. 

When either a boss or a coach gave us some feedback we didn’t necessarily want to hear. 

I have a few. 

Most of the big wake up calls for me came when I thought I should have been further along than I actually was. 

For whatever reason, I had gotten it into my head that the amount of work I had done would equate to a leaner physique and more bad assery. 

It was my missed expectations that was truly the let down. 

A Big Ah-ha moment happened early on in my martial arts training in South Korea. I wanted to do the cool stuff and yet anytime it seemed like it was time to progress to a seriously difficult move I was back working on the foundational kicks, throws and landings. 

Most recently this has happened a lot with tennis. I want to learn how to do a drop shot or to hit a backhand slice and apparently that comes at some future point down the road. To…Be…Determined 

It all clicked for me though when a coach said, “you’re all jacked up in your head about this. You are just looking at it the wrong way.  We practice the foundational moves not because you aren’t good enough for other stuff. We practice them because they never go away and you’re always refining them“. 

Of course, this makes sense right? I see it at MPower with all of you too…sometimes we want to try something really cool but we have to ask ourselves why? It isn’t that I’m saying don’t. In fact a lot of the times the answer is yes! Give it a try. 

But sometimes it is no, or not yet.  And there is absolutely zero wrong with sticking to the basics.  The basics are what gets everyone going and the bottom line, the thing that really matters more than anything else is just that: to stay going.  

To really master something it can take 10,000 hours. Most of us don’t have that amount of time under tension in any physical pursuit- yet. But we are headed there. 🙂

Remember your body will let you do a lot of things if you are good to it in the process. 

This means listening to it. 

Listening to your coaches and falling (back) in love with the basics. 

You can do it! We are here to help. 

Megan K and the team

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