For those of you who are new to the blog, every Sunday I do a Sunday Pep Talk. My suggestion is that no matter how busy you are (and how many emails you get) aim to read the Sunday Pep Talk every week. 

I write it in real time (usually the day of) touching on things that are relevant to the journey of our clients right now

Lately I’ve been connecting with a lot of you about “doing what you can”, “aiming to do 1% better in times when things aren’t going well”.  We have touched on “finding joy in the journey” and “making the process as fun as possible”. 

These are important reminders and I’ll keep circling back to them as needed.

But today I want to talk about the cruddy stuff. 

  • ​Frustration
  • Despair
  • Fear
  • Longing 
  • Shame
  • Self-Doubt

These are the tough emotions that can come with seeing a goal ahead of us and not being there yet.  To pretend that these things don’t come with the journey would be neglecting a part of reality. 

Whenever we are working toward something we may be faced with self-doubt, fear that we can’t do it, fear of what things might look like if we do it, shame about any part of it (current/ past ‘failures’), frustration with a part of it etc. 

These tough emotions are a reality and we all go through these emotions from time to time. 

Why? Because we are human. 

Sometimes fear can be fuel. 

Sometimes frustration can be fuel.

Sometimes self-doubt can be fuel. 

Any of it can be turned into fuel…

We can get fed up with these things and decide that no matter what we are going forward to “best”/ “overcome” the emotions. 

Sometimes though,  these feelings can be paralyzing. 

All that I want to say about all of the negative feelings is that you’re not alone. 

Every person I’ve ever met has had these times of “darkness” on their journey. 

On the other side is something beautiful…

If you’re in the struggle right now, keep going. 

Always keep your eyes focused on what you want and trust that doing the work you’ll get there. 

We believe in you and we know you can do it! 

With much love and gratitude, 

Megan K and the team

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