Happy Monday!

This week’s pep talk is all about vacations. 

We get asked a lot about what to do to stay on track while on vacation. 

The truth is there are a lot of ways you can do this. 

1- Is this a rare and special vacation?

If so, don’t worry about it. Stay active. Drink plenty of water and just enjoy. ​Rare vacations are just that- rare. 

You can get right back on track when you return. 

2- Are you taking regular vacations?

If so, plan ahead. 

Figure out when and where you might workout and find a few health spots to eat. Better still, if you can stay at a Vacation Rental or a place with a fridge or the ability to meal prep you have full control over eating healthy. 

3- Use this as an opportunity to rest, recover OR try something totally new. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn to windsurf try Yoga on the beach or, stand up paddle board. Vacations can be a great time to try new things OR to let your body rest from your current activities. 

4- Whatever you do or don’t do, let go of guilt. 

Vacations aren’t every week. If you eat a lot, just relax and get back on plan when you return. 

As spring comes, and many head on spring break, reach out if you need help making a plan. 

We are here for you. 

Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team

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