Best pre workout for women

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Best pre workout for women

Today’s modern societies represent the peak of human social evolution. Despite the long and treacherous road we have been through so far, and despite becoming rational and having evolved intellectually and spiritually, we have remained animals in nature. And, as animals, we are being driven by instinct more than we would like to believe. A beautiful body will always attract our attention, which is why we have invented the notion of beauty to classify our preferences. At Built To Win, we are in the business of building the beauty.

And the best pre-workout for women is one of the most useful tools. Many people are annoyed with the pre-workout routine. They find it a waste of time, just as they believe resting periods to be a waste of time. But here is something to chew on: your muscles never grow during training; they only get temporarily pumped. The real muscular growth occurs during the resting time and ignoring this simple fact can lead to overtraining and muscle mass reduction as a consequence.

This is why not everybody grows at the same rate – some people are more active and knowledgeable than others. The same goes with regards to the pre-workout routine, where there are specific mechanisms you have to consider if your goal is to increase the safety and the efficiency of your fitness program. And there are several musts when talking about the best pre-workout for women:

  1. The proper warm-up

The majority of the beginners will consider warm-up not only a waste of time but a waste of energy as well; both being dangerous misconceptions with potentially dramatic results. In reality, warm-up sessions will increase your heart rate, rushing oxygen-filled blood through the body and fueling the muscles, and prepare the muscle mass for the effort-to-come. Without it, you will significantly increase the risk of accidents. Not to mention your performance will suffer.

  1. Stretching sessions

Stretching is probably even more critical than a warm-up. A thorough stretching session will prepare your joints and muscles for the upcoming training, lowering the risk of accidents and providing your muscles with a bit more flexibility as well. You might want to go for the dynamic stretching, rather than the static one.

  1. Pre-workout supplementation

What exactly do you need regarding pre-workout supplements? There are several effects you should be looking for: a proper electrolyte intake, ensuring the best hydration, explosive energy, preparing you for the effort, increased strength and faster muscular recovery. So long as you have these at optimal parameters, you are guaranteed to boost your performance significantly.

In essence, preparing for the training session, going through it and adopting a solid recovery plan are all equally important in the grander scheme of things. The best pre-workout for women brings together the best practices and supplements; the type of which have been designed for peak performance. At Built To Win, we are only interested in perfection. Everything else is unacceptable. And perfection can only come with the perfect supplementation for your body, one to boost physical performance to monstrous limits.

Best pre workout for women

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