Medical Technologist Degree Los Angeles

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Medical Technologist Degree Los Angeles


Medical technologist degree Los Angeles 

A lot of people are not aware that there are many numerous unheralded career paths in the health sector. Although to a lesser degree, these professions also promise a profoundly satisfying and rewarding career. More importantly, they do not have the high bar of entry that's usually associated with many of the professions in the sector. 

If you're thinking about exploring some of these career opportunities, Regan Career Institute's 3 in 1 bundle is precisely what you should start with. The comprehensive course bundle combines an Associate of Applied Sciences Degree in Medical Clinical Assisting, Phlebotomy, and EKG skills training into one course and, for one, low tuition cost eligible for Financial Aid. 

How is the program structured? 

The 3 in 1 bundle is specially designed to maximize our students' chances of being employed immediately after graduation. This special bundle ensures an individual can work as a Medical Assistant, Certified Phlebotomist, and/or an EKG/monitor technician. The students are adequately drilled on the theoretical knowledge needed to serve in any of those fields. 

Asides the theoretical knowledge, the participants also gain a considerable amount of practical experience in each of the fields. Because the courses are taken separately with flexible schedules, there is no danger of rushing students in a bid to complete the curriculum. Each specific program has its class times as well as clinical experience hours the student must complete before gaining the certification. 

Where else can I get this program? 

There is no other clinical and medical laboratory technician college in Los Angeles that offers this 3 in 1 bundle. The additional EKG technician and phlebotomist qualifications would make you function better as a medical assistant, and they'll give you an edge during job interviews. Little wonder the program is the top choice among students at Regan Career Institute. 

A lot of doctor's offices, clinics, hospitals, and healthcare institutions are in the market for MAs with a broad skillset. You'll be increasing your employability by taking the bundle. The students that take this bundle also have the option of including the state and nationally certified phlebotomy training course and a national electrocardiograph with Intro Holter Monitor training concurrently. Once you complete the 3 in 1 bundle, you'll be awarded all three state and nationally recognized certificates in medical assisting, phlebotomy, and EKG. 

Register for our medical assistant degree in Los Angeles

Are you thinking of becoming a state-certified medical assistant? This comprehensive medical assistant training program in Los Angeles is the perfect path to achieving your dreams. You'll also become a certified phlebotomist and EKG technician. Our institution has a track record of providing each student with the necessary individual attention to help them attain success in the program as well as the state certification exams, and yours won't be an exception. Visit or call us at 626-455-0312 to apply or learn more about the program.





Medical Technologist Degree Los Angeles

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