Online Yoga Videos
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Online Yoga Videos

Online Yoga Videos If you’re interested in practicing yoga but don’t have the time to get to a studio, you can enjoy all of the benefits without even leaving your home. YourBuddhi offers online yoga videos for members at an incredibly low price of just $14 per month.

Become a member and start practicing yoga today with unlimited access to all of the online yoga videos that include:

- Hamstrings and Lower Back Stretch
- Stability and Balance
- Inversion Flow
- Balance and Agility
- Chest and Shoulder Flexibility
- Sun Salutations
- Beginner Flow
- Advanced Hip Openers
- Stretch Everything
- And many, many more

Are you new to yoga? You may be feeling a bit intimidated by the poses, the language and the community, but don’t let that stop you- yoga is for everyone! Beginner Flow online yoga videos will encourage you and give you the confidence you need to get started. What’s great is that even students who are used to a more vigorous class can enjoy Beginner Flow, as we all have days when we want to move slowly, go back over the basics and settle longer into poses.

If you’re just starting out with yoga, Your Buddhi recommends that you create a space in your home that’s big enough for a mat and allows you to stretch with your arms wide apart. That’s typically plenty of space to get started with. Clear away all clutter in the immediate area so that you can better focus on your breathing with minimal distractions.

To get started, you’ll need a yoga mat, two yoga clocks and a strap. These are props that will help to make some of the yoga poses more comfortable. In time, as your flexibility increases, you may not require them any longer, however, in the beginning, they are invaluable tools.

For students who have a bit more experience but are looking for a slow pace and a deeper stretch, Slow Flow yoga online yoga videos allow relaxation while improving strength and flexibility. In comparison with the Beginner Flow classes which aim to create a solid and safe foundation for new students, Slow Flow classes are for those who wish to enjoy seamlessly flowing sequences and feel like they are in a moving meditation.

Slow Flow online yoga videos are also terrific for cross training. Your Buddhi knows that athletes aren’t always looking for another workout, since they get plenty of that in their daily routines. Slow Flow can help to increase flexibility in the very areas where athletes need it most: the hips, hamstrings, quads, spine, neck and shoulders.

Your Buddhi online yoga videos are for everyone, regardless of their level of practice; there is literally something for everyone. Founders Carolina Vivas and Amanda McCarroll believe yoga should be part of everyone’s lives and they believe in the power of yoga education.

Feel free to stop by, where you will find healthy recipes, meditation downloads and yoga tips for all levels of practice. Sign up today for membership and enjoy a free 30 day trial. You won’t be sorry!
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